Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 12)


next morning
rags wakes up and unknowingly smile spreads on her face
she picks up the mobile and sees message it was of luky
luky.good morning sweety
rags smiles and replies good morning love
luky love??????
rags.ya from now u r love
luky.rabbit kam tha
rags when in stunners rabbit and when with me u r my love ok???
luky oki dokidoki now go and get freshen up
rgs ok take care
luky i m not going on war
rags.whatever bye
luky.bye sweety
scene ends
sanky wakes up and gets into thinking sanskar seriousky yar pyar ese hota h how foolish thing it is yar i mean ache khase bande ko barbad kr deta h u should stay away from itragini r laksh to dono kam se gae now they will become romeo and juliet sanky just stay away from girls just focus on ur work focus yar focus dont talk to any girl girl makes person go mad ufffff bach sanky beta bach
sujata enters room sanky uth gae ho my dear
sanky.lagta to h b na do u want breakfast
sabky.ya but u hv to feed me ok????
suj.sanky r u a kid?? dont u think i am
suj ok fine khilla dn gi jaldi fresh ho jao
sanky.han bs aa raha hn
sujata goes and sanksanky says focus sanky bach larkiyon se bach his phobia aboit girls start
scene ends
swara in her room wakes up and she also gets into thinking waoo yar dekho to sae ragini ko she was very happy by getting his love of life i also want to feel that feeling let me also close my eyes
saying this she closes eyes and sees anky face she opens her eyes
swara nooooooo sanky nooooo yar i m in love with sanky no i dont love him agar use pata chala he is going to kill me agar use pata chala to swara noo u dont love him and u should stay away from him and listen u dont love him u dont love him fot that now lrprave all this go and getbfreshen up
saying this she stand up and goes to washroom
scene ends
swara enters her hospital fully tensed
swara talking to herself
swara.noooo listen u dont love him stop thinking all this nonsense this is just ur imagination and if u love him keep in mind he dont love u he is just ur crush not love got that u should got that
nurse to swara mam all the preparations r done u should start operation
swa in imagination.nooooooo
nurse get tensed doctor what happened r u fine
swa noooooo
nurse mam is there anything serious
swa nooo im not serious about that how i could if 8 get serious he will kill me
nurse nooo mam if u dont get serious abiut the patient he will die
swa.nooo noo and noo
nurse shakes swara hardly swa comes in senses
nuse.mam r u fine what happened
swa.what happened
nurse.what happened with u nothing u go to Ot i will come
nurseok mam but u please take care
swa.ya ya ok u goo
nurse goes swara hits her head hard with her hand
swa.dont think dont think just focus on ur work
swara goes to her cabbin ragini calls swa picks up
swa.hi billi
rags.busy ho???
swa.han bht pr tm bolo
rags.han wo actually luky k gahr wale sham ko arae hain y dont u come
swa.ok fine i will come in evening
rags acha cutipie
rags pareshan hoo???
swa.han hn
rags gets tensed
rags.what happened everything is fine
rags then y r u tensed
swa.i will tell u in theevening
swa. i m getting late for my operation i will talk with u later bye
rags ok bye take care
swa u too take care bye
swara cuts the calls and went to OT
scene ends
sanky comes to office and sits on his chair in his cabin and again thinks about raglak
sanky.nooo sanky nae u should not love someone love is a headache bach sanky bach
sania comes sanskars pa
sania .sir today there is a meeting
sanky not listening just thinking about love .naeee nae sanky bach is bla se ye tjhe kha jae ge bach sanky bach ap ko kha jae gi meeting
sanky yessssss
sania.sir but
sanky comes to senses
sanky.ya what were u talki g
sania.sir about meeting
sanky.ok u go i m coming
sania goes phobia agin starts sanky bach bach is bla se sanky stay away from it stay away
scene ends

precap gododia villa and stunners

sorry for late update guys i was lil busy
take care guys byeeee

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. hahahaaha i love sanky phobia hahahaha so cute

    over all epi was nyc 🙂

  2. awesome……….update soon

  3. oh god sanky pagal ho gya hai hahahaha bala to uske saath hi hai usse kese bachega sanky baby nice episode

  4. Zzzzz (Charming)....


  5. Superb episode

  6. LovelyLady

    awsm epi… jst loved the phobia of sanky…..
    hw r u nw????
    plz keep postng soonnn….
    Love u :0

    1. I m good

  7. Ohhh always I am late…chul buli I am sorry…as usual episode was outstanding…I loved it…
    how is your mom…Say asalamu alikum to her ok…and big salute for bearing you…hahaha….love you chul buli…take care…Haa I want to ask one thing when your breaking rouza what you us to eat…

    1. My mom is Alhamdolilah gud and I m her one and only daughter so she has to bear me hahahahaha iftar time there r many things the table is full mom prepares alot of thing API what u eat????

  8. in our house many items are served in dining table…All items are prepared by myself….I will say names of items…samoosa, roll, cutlet, vada, chandanvada, suji, birni, semiya, Briyani, fried rice, custard, pizza, bargarr etc…..I love cooking…chul buli if you need any Respi….ask me ok…and say thank you to your mom….
    For giving such cute and sweet chul bulli sis

  9. My mom also cooks all these things and meeee no way actually Ihhave no intErst in cooking and mom also don’tforces but if iI everneed iI will surely ask u recepies and welcome

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    1. LovelyLady

      i jst read it n fnd it mnd blowing
      i wll miss u too

  11. I miss you babes take care…do well in exam…convince your as much can…he will agree bcoz your only one daughter na…love you..

  12. I thought to post it from my lappy and it has been posted api u can check it out but I will post rarely

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