Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 11)


rags.which plan????? cutipie tell na
swa.nothing billi we r just
rags.dont u dare to lie
luky.wo wo actually i thought to marry seea after u (teasing) dare u i will kill u no i will kill her she cant take my place got that
luky hmmm got it
rags.good if u get it now tell cutipie
swa.what luky has just told u na
rags.swara u think i am fool
san.i think so
rags.sanky u called me fool i called u phool flower yar u urself calldd u fool
rags.shut up sanky
swa.ok i will tell u all things anand plans
luky.noooo ye jangli billi hamein kha jae gi
san.mjhe ku khamkhwa marwa rha h tm dono ko khae gi b hai swara u dont tell iwill tell but first u have to tell how u realized ur love towards luky..
rags.ammmm i m not going to tell u
swa.perfect i will also not tell
rags.but cutipie means no

rags.ok fine actually i was feeling sooo much pain hearing that luky is getting married with seea i cant see him with her than..
rags.u hve once told me that u watched a movie in which u saw that the hero sees the face of heroine whdn he closes his eyes and realize his love so
san.stupid nonsense rubhish
swa.u shut up its not rubbish unripen apple
san.han han whatever
rags now will u listen to me???
luky.leave them i will listen
rags ok then i closed my eyes and saw luky face and then i realized i love him but i didnt believre it so i opened google and saw some syptoms of love which were jealousy overpossesiveness happiness with thatperson bl bla all these symptoms fit on me than i realized i m in love with my rabbit
luky.awwn my cute billi
san.he was just calling u jangli billi
luky.nno i was just joking
rags.han han
swa.see luky swara omm malik plans never fails if u have tolad me earlier u would got married by this time
luky.yeh u ri8 but this sanky always has no plans just anger he is angry bird
san.dont call me angry bird got that
luky.u r a angry bird
san.luky chup
swa.chup is ur favourite dialouge haina
san.u too started tjhe to m kha jaon ga
swa.kahya apple ko jata h hahahaha
san.chup ho jao tm dono
swa.han luky chup ho a wese b main dictor hn na maine hi ise kha ha not to put too much stress on his tiny little brain kunke khatam ho gaya to is ka kia ho ga hahaha
raglak laughs sanky fumes miss bak bak now ur turn to tell
swa.firstlly dont call me miss bak bak
rags.ok fine now tell
swa bta rae hn luky u stand away from billi she might kill u
luky u r right and goes towards swaraand stands with her
rags.swara kha nae jaon gi rabbit ko
swa.we have no trust on u and ya the plan was that luky loves u fromhis childhood
rags.seriously buddhu u could have told me earlier
swa.he is darpok in lift that day he toldme that then i promised him to help him then u told us about rohn luky was very up set then on that day i take him home othrwise he was just walking not knowing where to go ( yes that someone was swara) then v asked seea to help us
rags.wait hold on that means seea
luky.yes she was the part of our plan and u devil scoscolded her
rags.oh i m sorry i didnt know
swa.acha u ask her for sorry than one day v were discussing our plan sanky came and listned it like a chorr than v also have to told her than v arranged this fake enagemant and u know what happened next

rags.all of u played with my feeling i will not leave u
saying this she picks up the pillow and beat all of them with it
luky.ok ok sorry ahhh
swa.han han sorry
san.why r u beating me that all was swalak plan yar aaaa
rags .shut up u trio
after some time rags feel tired
swa.brng water for this wild billi
sanky goes and gives her water
rags.ok now tell me how many of u people knows all this
swa.only five
sanky.ya me cutipie rabbit seea and……
rags.andddd……. mom
rags shocked.whattttt manvi aunty oh no billi u r gonr
manvi .no y will i kill my d in law
rags.goes and take ashirwad
rags.soorry aunty wo.
manvi.its okkk u r my daughter onwards so call me mom
rags but……ok mom
seea.thank god u realized ur love
rags.i m really verysorry yar i m sorry
seaa.its okk yar laksh is my best friend yar anything for him
luky.awww soo sweet of u thank u yar
seea.ur always welcome
rags.thank u from my side also
seea my pleasure any ways i hv somework so bye
stunners.bye yar

san.ab us roooo ka kia hoga
luky.wo mere hathon se mare ga
rags.i dont care i will say him that i dont want to marry him thats it
swa.waooooo ragini u became so brave hannn
rags thanks yar
swa.ok now hug me
rgas goes and hugs swara sanky also goes and luky also goes and hug
manvi.uthey cant b changed
she smiles and leaves
scene splits on stunners happy face

precap.swasan love story will start with raglak cute nok jhok

hey guys thank u sooooooo much who prayed for me i m fine alhamdolilah now
plz remember me in ur prayrrs
always hope for the best all of u take care byeeeee

Credit to: ufaq

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    sorry sorry sorry…I am really very sorry sisi…Allhamdullila your fine…how is fasting…last epic was fantastic babes…today’s epic no words to say just mind blowing Masha allah…I was busying in fasting yaar…sorry…take care love you…mmmmhhhh…from now I am afa it self…today is ifthar party in my house…

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