Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 10)


Taneja Mansion
swara enters mansion dressed in black lehnga and white choli and was looking stunning she goes towards manvi greets her and starts helping her in works
sanskar enter mansion dressed in white sherwani and black dupatta and was looking sooo much handsome swara sees him and gets mesmerized he goes towards swara and swara unknowingly.waoooooooow soooooo handsome
sanky.excuse me
sanky shakes him
swa.wooooo kia h???
sanky.exactly kia ha????
swa.kuch nae sham h
sanky.r ek r chez b h
sanky.tmhara dimagh kharab h
swa.dekho tm
san.shut up pagal
swa.u to shut up
san.swara chup ek dam
swa.hmm ki bache
after sometime
luky comes downstairs dressed in white sherwani and red dupatta and was looking amazing but his eyes are completely filled with tears he was out of this world he has only sadness and tears
seea comes aftersometime dressed in purple choli and skin lehnglehnga and was looking sooo sweet and cute lets start the enagement
san.ya we should
luky was continuously staring at door but no use
seea.laksh wait everything will b fine
luky i hope so
swa.okk now start
luky was about to put the ring when someone shouts from the behind
lakshhhhhh noooooooo stoooopp laksh nooooooo
laksh becomes happy after listening the voice and turns happily.raginiiiiiiii…..
yes ragini swasan give hifi to eachother
ragini comes inside
rags.what the hell r u doing
luky starts drama.enagement is there anything wrong in it but the person ur doing enagement with is wrong
luky.seea???? no she is right person see she is beautiful
rags.what???? ok look at me i m not beautiful
luky actingly sees her from up to down beautiful ammm thk thak ho
rags.thk thak???? no i m beautiful than herso apple???
san.amm han she is very beautiful
swa.wait wait hold on everybody is watching both of u
rags.i dont care
luky.but i care i cant delay my enagement anymore
rags.enagement will not b dine evrybody leave
rags shout and everybody leaves even seea goes with manvi now in the hall tjere r only stunners tell what happened
rags.swara plz say him not to marry her
swa.ok but u have to give a reason
luky.ya reason other than she is not good for me
swa.yehyeh ok tel
rags fumbles wo wo actually
san.dont tell me u wawanna marry him
rags.may b
luky.what do u mean by may b
swa.yah if u wanna marry him say directly
rags.ok fine
rags very fastly.yes i wanna marry him i want to b mrs rafini laksh taneja i cant see any girl other than me with him because i love him now both of u have any problem???
swasan shocked and shake their head no no
rags.and u???
luky smiles and says no but sudden confession???
rags oh so u have probkem in that
luky. no no but
rags.yeh i realize suddanly so confession is also sudden
luky.oh but yar seea is also
rags.seea is nothing ok
luky.ok i love u
luky i love u
luky.noo april fool
ragz in month of june
luky tmhen yakeen jo nae a raha
rags.ok one more time
luky.i loveeeee uuuuu happy???
rags very happy i love u too
saying this she hugs him very tightly and luky reciprocates it
swasan were gery happy
swa.ahm ahm
they break hug
rags now what is wrong with u
swa nothing i also want huhug
luky so come na saying this trio hug later snaky also join
all become very happyhappy
after sometime
luky.i am the lukiest person today than u swara need to b formal i told u the plan worksworks
luky yah my love guru i love u yar
swa.well thanks
san.i never thought that her plan will work shut up
rags.wait which plan
swalak bite their tongue oh nooo
san.u both r gone today
rags but tell meyar
scene splits on sanky happy swalak tensed and rags questioned face
episode ends
Ramzan mubarak to all of u guys remember me in ur prayers and ya api afa suits u more than bachi so plz use afa plzzzz
and di take care of urself and happy ramzan to u
love u all guys

Credit to: ufaq

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    Hw r u feeling now????
    I hope u havnt forgotten me…….
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