Love Breakup Zindagi (sdch) One Shot

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There was a couple who were dating since 2 yrs. Boy was a middle class and Orphan. Girl was a like a big shot. She always dreamed high and boy usually fulfilled her dreams. Boy was madly in love with her.

Everything was perfect for them but it says happiness dnt last till long. One day girl shouts at the boy.

Girl -Kabir wat is this yaar. Always u wear same shirt atleast some. If you dnt care about ur standard care out my standard. I always to walk with u

Kabir – ria baby I’m sorry. Next time I’ll buy it.

Ria -ok Kabir I’m hungry let’s eat something.

Kabir takes his wallet and saw no money. He looked at ria. And said I’m sorry baby money has finished. I promise next week. Ria gets angry and said Kabir I’m fed of this .Eveytime u have no money. Kabir holds her hands and said ria u knw I’m studying. Money was with me but I paid my fees. U knw i want to become a successful businessman. I promised next week. Now let’s go and eat golgappa

Ria jerks his hands and told kabir that she needs a break from him and he should find someother girl in his standard who always eat golgappa. Kabir gets shocked. Ria starts to leave Kabir holds her hands. Kabir asked him to forgive me. I love u. I can’t leave without u.

Ria again jerks his hands and told kabir u r a loser and always will. She doesn’t care if he lives or die. Kabir gets shattered listening to this. Ria leaves and Kabir sits down cries.

Strong winds started and it rains it heavily. Kabir still there drenched in rain. He shouts looking at sky. Y did you did this. Y u gave me love. When I love her some much Y she left me. Y? Kabir stood up and decided to end his life.

He was going to jump from terace but he stopped and saw angel Kabir and devil Kabir appear. Devil Kabir asked Kabir to jump and end ur life. U cant stay away from her. U will always cry missing her day and night. Kabir nodded and about to jump but angel Kabir stopped him. Devil asked angel Kabir y u stopped him let him die .Angel Kabir asked him to shut up. He went near Kabir .He told kabir that y will he die for that shelfish girl. He asked him to fulfill his dream.

Kabir asked him how can he. He already died when she left me. Angel Kabir told kabir that ria left u becz u have no money. So Earn money. Be a sucessfull business and show her that u r not a loser.Kabir smiles and thanked him. He told angel Kabir i will fullfill my dream. Now only Kabir will live for his dream .I dnt want to fulfill my dream not becz i want to show her but becz from nowwards no one will able to point finger at me and say me loser .Angel kabir smiled and vanished. Kabir wipes his tears and went home and slept.

In the morning Kabir wokes up and this morning it will bring new sunrise for him. He went to freshen up and saw newspaper. He gets happy seeing a vacany in Oberoi Industries. He smiles and calls for an appointment. They asked her him to cum today. He gets happy and went for interview. He gets selected as a assistant manager post.

One week passed Kabir is studying and also working. Prem Oberoi Kabir boss started to like him.Prem always sees him as his son. He asked Kabir to pick her daughter from airport.She is cuming from USA. Kabir agreed and was leaving when he asked her daughter name. Prem told her name Sanchi Prem Oberoi. Kabir went to airport.

In airport he awaits for sanchi holding a board of sanchi name. He was searching for her. He thought how will sanchi look. He slaps himself and told y he cares. He saw a girl with mini skirt and top. She smiles seeing him. Kabir went near to her and whispered r u Sanchi. Girl said no and kabir thought where is sanchi just then he gets tapped on his shoulder and turned back and saw a girl wearing kameez. Kabir asked her r u Sanchi. Sanchi nodded and Kabir looks at her top to toe.

Sanchi asked him r u Kabir right. Kabir nodded. They shake hands. Many days passed kanchi became eachother best friends.

One day Kabir was supposed to go out with sanchi for business deal. They went but Kabir stopped in middle. Sanchi asked him wat happened. Sanchi saw kabir shirt was little torn near his shoulder . Kabir was leaving when sanchi holds his hands and stopped him. Kabir asked her to leave his hands. Sanchi left his hands.

Sanchi asked him to cum with her. Kabir was hesitating and sanchi holds his hands and walks with him. Kabir asked her to leave his hands. He is doesn’t match her standard. Sanchi didn’t listen and didn’t leave his hands. Kabir was shocked to see her like this. He rembered ria words that he doesn’t match his standard when he was wearing same shirt always. He thought a girl was ria and a girl is sanchi. She not getting affected by his torn shirt. There business deal was sucessfull.

Sanchi fell in love with kabir. Kabir only sees her as his friend and boss. Sanchi decided she will tell Kabir that how much she loves him. She called kabir to her cabin. She was about to tell him just then sanchi recieved a call and she runs followed by Kabir.

Kanchi runs to hospital Sanchi cries seeing prem in bed. Doctor cums out and told that he got a heart attack. He may not live more. He wants to talk with you guys. Kanchi want to him. Prem takes out oxygen mask and looks at Kabir. He slowly tells Kabir pliz marry my sanchi. Kanchi gets shocked. Prem told kabir i have no time. My sanchi will be alone. Before dying I want to see her marriage. Pliz Kabir marry her.Sanchi cries seeing her dad. Prem requesting kabir again and again. Kabir saw a knife which was kept with the friuits and he cuts his finger and fills sanchi hairline with his blood. Sanchi looks on. Prem smiles and gives sanchi hands on Kabir hands. He breathes his last breath and died. Sanchi cries badly and Kabir consoles her. Prems last rites r done.

Kanchi lives in Kabir small house. Sanchi wanted to tell Kabir she loves him. She was about tell him when kabir cuts off and told about ria. He still loves her Sanchi tears flows as she was lonely no one was there for her. She wipes her tears .She thought to herself. I will never get Kabir love but I will not leave him at any cost. I will always stand by ur side as a friend.

Day after sanchi was going to make food. She gets shocked to see little rice and dhal left. She cooked food. She set the table and asked Kabir to eat. Kabir eats it and sanchi looks at him lovingly. Kabir saw sanchi not eating and she only drank water.

Kabir asked her y she is not eating it. Sanchi told him that she ate already. She was leaving when kabir holds her hands and make her sit. Kabir told her that u can’t lie. U dnt knw how to lie. He makes her eat and sanchi makes him eat.

Kabir saw sanchi struggling in the house. He called her and told her that u can go to ur house and u can also join ur business. Sanchi told him this is my house and I will not leave this house and about property i donated them to NGO. Kabir gets touched hearing her.

Few days passed Kabir started to like sanchi because she understands him. Sanchi asked for a treat. Kanchi was going near cafe. Kabir thought to check his wallet if he is money or not. He opens his wallet and saw only little money. Sanchi also saw him. Kabir was going tell her. When sanchi interrupted that let’s go to eat golgappa. Kabir feels guilty and told sanchi he couldn’t fulfilled ur first wish. He told her I again paid my fees. He gets teary eyed. He told that before u live like princess and now u living like maid. I’m sorry sanchi to destroy ur life.

Sanchi wipes his tears and told him that he already fulfilled her wish .Kabir gets confused. Sanchi told him she wanted to marry him and he married her. Kabir looks at her. Sanchi told him that she loves him. She told him if she has to live in road she will live becz u r with me.She told him that she knows he doesn’t love her but she will wait for him till her last breath. Just then kabir puts his finger on her lips. They have a eye lock.

Kabir huggs her and told her that he also loves her. Sanchi huggs him tightly. One year passed. Kanchi loves was blooming day by day.

One day Ria was sitting in a cafe. She saw a big black car came and stopped. A handsome tall hot boy gets down and he was wearing a black suit with glass. He entered the cafe. Ria was shocked to see him. She tries to recall his named. She calls him out as Kabir. He takes out his glass and saw ria.

Ria stood up and went near him. She tells Kabir she is married and her husband is general manager. Kabir didn’t react. He was leaving when ria husband came and stopped him. Ria looks on. Her husband calls Kabir as sir. Ria husband told ria Kabir is his boss. Ria gets shocked.

Ria husband asked Kabir wat is he doing here.Kabir looked at ria and told him I’m waiting for my wife. Ria gets double shock. Just then sanchi arrived and saw Kabir talking to them. Sanchi goes near Kabir.Ria was jealous to see sanchi.

Ria husband introduces sanchi to ria. Sanchi gets shocked to hear ria name. She directly saw Kabir and he nodded. Kanchi were going to sit another table. Ria husband asked them to seat with them. Kanchi and they sit together.

Ria husband told ria u knw wat sir loved someother girl before but she left him becz he had no money. Then sanchi mam entered in sir life. U kw wat sir is now a successful businessman. He was studying and fulfilled his dreams. He didn’t borrowed any money from others. He worked hard and now he is a business.

Sanchi looks at ria and tells ria husband that she is feeling pity for that girl. But I should thank her becz if she does didn’t leave Kabir so how can I get Kabir. Kabir Is not a loser. He was a champion and he still is. U knw guys THE MOST POWERFUL THINGS ABOUT TIME IS IT CHANGES. The best revenge ever is sucess. She left Kabir and due to her Kabir made his success.

They finished there talks and kanchi left holding hands. They went to their bunglow. Which Kabir earned by his success. Kabir was reading a book when sanchi cums and wishpered him that she is pregnant. Kabir gets happy and huggs her.

Scene sifted to their happy faces.




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  1. Swethaa

    loved it dear
    And the most powerful thing about time is IT CHANGES awesome line yaar
    and best revenge is success
    best lines

  2. Ashnita456

    Guys remember I told you guys I’m going for break. So From today
    My break starts. This is my last os and other ff after 3 months. Till then have to break from me and my boring ff and os. Love you and wait for me till ill be back.

  3. RuCh23

    Ashu….whats with you??? You’re making me cry with these one shots of yours ??? not fair ???. But no probs ??? I loved them so much!!! And today’s one is one of the BEST os I ever read!! ??? I’ll miss you dear come back when possible!! Love you loads ???

  4. Niyaaa

    Ohhhh ashi super duper yaar kabir loves ria
    ??? haha… but last me kanchi united so i m happy??totally loved it.. kya kahun m kya nahi ye kaisi muskil haaye… ??? just outstanding os… pyaar karo to kisi ki sirat se karoo… chehre or paisa to her kisi ke pass hota h… chahe bhulo usse jisse tum pyaar karte ho… per kbhi naa bhulo Usse jo tumse kara ho…. haha.. bye lovv u tc nd u r really going for a very lill break???sachchi itna chotta break.. ?? kyun kiya tumne m to sambhal hi nhi paungi khud ko ek do saal bolna tha na?? okay bye.. ab kya kahun.. Lovvv u sisy??? kam se kam Fiji to pura ghuma deti?? bye tc

  5. Riyarocks

    Ashu……….this was a stupendo fantabulous fantastic magical OS……….dear, u took away my heart with this amazing masterpiece OS……….& Ashu, Let me make this easier than saying goodbye…Let me tell u hello in advance for the nxt time I get to see u………..return back soon sweetieeeeee………luv u a lot Shona……..bye…………….

  6. It is the best os of your all writing…….I can’t express my feelings yaar………..iss ke liae jitna comment karo sab kam lagta hae yaar . ……… is one of my most favorite os yaar…………kabir and sanchi ka bonding,their’s understanding is superb yaar……….I love it so so much yaar……….love u ashu……..lots of hug and kiss for you ashu darling……

  7. Dhruti

    ashu now i dont wanna talk with you always why you say that your story is boring????
    btw i’m still not talking with you just praise you because of your story………………i just love it this story……..and i just wanna say that you stole my heart and love you for wrote beautiful stories……………….
    true what you said in os……………………post next story soon till then bye………………

  8. Khamoshi

    Ashnita dear .. amazing OS yaar .. i just loved it. Amazing …. fabulous… no wlrds left to praise ulive u so much..and lots of huggs and kisses to u

  9. Aafiya

    Mind blowing os.. Beautiful message you gave…

  10. So amazing….. I am speechless

  11. Oh,,really amazing os.. Ashu dear plz dn’t go anywhr will miiiiiiiiiss u a loooot..

  12. Abhilasha

    Ashi its superbbbbbb……really I loved it a lot!!!! Ur story is tooooooo good so is ur lines!!!! Luv uh yr!!! U won my heart…… I m lacking words in ur praise!!!

  13. Anee

    Soryyy ashu so muchh late just than now read it…and you completed like my wish to write this….I’m speechless after reading it…hat of u dear.

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