Hii, guys….anniya back with os . Thanks 4 loving my previous os. Sry 4 such late I become busy in ff. Again sry.,. Hope u like this also…
Well today I am really exited , waiting for 10:00 pm. Today is finally Saturday come. Just waiting for seeing helly in jdj…..
Now coming to os….
In corridor someone is fighting with each other……
All boys and girls are seeing them…..
Swara; Sanskar why u always try to flirt with girls.

Sanskar: arre swara I never flirt with anyone. These girls are only behind me. U know I am an innocent soul. Like god rama only love his wife. I also only love my one and one girlfriend.But my bad luck my gf don’t trust me. Oh god plz take me with u. I don’t wanna live more.
Swara; Sanskar stop ur drama. I know how u r a innocent soul. Yesterday wat r u saying to nidhi. Baby u too hot.
Sanskar: if I don’t compliment her, then how could she complete my assignment. And u don’t act when rahul praising u .instead of scolding him u r enjoying.
Swara; I am not enjoying it, just I don’t get some points in physics.he was helping me.

Sanskar: I know diff. between helping and flirting.
Swara; are how will u don’t know u r born fliter.
Sanskar; swara, I will kill u. If u say one more words.
Swara: omg, Mr sanskar will kill me. Before u touch me I will punch enough I can’t tolerate u.i want beak up,even for single second I can’t bear u.
Sanskar; Not u , I want break up
Swara; wat do u mean by not me
Sanskar; I mean in this state, even in this world, arre in this universe also. No one can bear u
Swara; who can even bear u ? U r only a jerk. Let me remind u 3 months before u only proposed me. I don’t come behind u
Sanskar; I remember , this is my biggest mistake. Even god do some mistake I am only a common human.

Swara; not ur my biggest mistake to accept ur proposal. U r not any human. U r monkey…
Sanskar; If I am monkey then u chimpanzee. In this 3 months I come to know ur true colors. Whenever I talk to any boy. Next day same come to me and say sry sister
Swara; what do u do ? Whenever I talk any girl next day she come with rakhi. And say me bhai plz give me ur hand . we want tie rakhi to ur wrist.
Swara; I am giving u challenge find better girl than me. I will become ur lifetime servant.
Sanskar: even u, if u win I will become ur servant..
Swara;challenge accepted….
Sanskar ; Me 2

They both went in opp. Direction. By giving look to each other…
Sanskar: kavita, u r looking very hot. U will be my girlfriend.
Kavita; sorry sanskar , rajat already proposed me.
Sanskar; but one week before u proposed me.
Kavita; vo Sanskar only tomorrow he proposed me.
Sanskar; kk kavita( sadly went from there)
Swara; Sahil , one week before u proposed me na. That day I had said no 2 u. Sry sahil but now I reliase u r best 4 me.
Sahil; sry swara, vo u r late only tmrw kavya proposed me and I said yes to her.
Swara; its kk….( sadly went from there)
Kavhil POV.,.
Thank god we r safe. No one can handle them. When I proposed swasan , next day sanskar/ swara beat me with hockey stick. Swasan already have given us warning.
Swasan POV…

Now how will I win challenge . oh god me idea, I don’t want to be her/ his servant. Whoever I proposed they all denying us giving some silly excuse. This is all due to sanskar/ swara. Whenever anyone used to proposed me, he/ she used to in from their parents. That there son/daughter are not concentrating on studies. Instead of studying they are making bf/ gf. Not only this sometimes swara/sanskar used to mix some powder in their cream, so that their face can turn red. swara/sanskar I will kill u. Now only one idea matrimony sites. Now I will find better partner for me.
Next day…..
Third person POV..
Both register their name on that sites. Unknown to each other plan.
Swara monologue…

Yes,Now I will win. Oh god so many boys are there whom I choose. (Started to check many profile) yippee finally I find it. Okay , so varun be ready for my bf.
Sanskar monologue….
Yes,now I will win.swara be ready for my servant.
What a sweet name’ shona’
Both started to interact each other .
Now they use to talk till late night. Also exchange their no.
Now they are really falling for each other . All forgetting each other challenge.They decided to meet each other.
Swara POV…..
I know I started conversation with intension of only proving my self. But I really started to love him. I don’t want to loose him. But if he misunderstood me then. Oh god help me. Today me and varun decided to meet at park. I don’t know he will accept me or not but I really love him. I love u varun….

Sanky POV…
All this started after challenging swara. But after talking to shona I really fall for her. How she use to talk. Her voice, all thing are really making me crazy. I really love u shona. But if she misunderstood me then. No I can’t loose her. Today we have decided to meet at park. I don’t know she will accept my proposal or not. But I always love shona.
At park
Both reached park at 5:00 pm. Started to find each other.
Swara POV…
Oh god where is he. I am dying to see him. Wait I should call him.
Sanky POV….
Arre why girls never reach at time. I really want to see her. I should call her.
Both started to call each other.
Swasan: why her/his no is coming to busy.
In frustration they started to walk backward. Both dashes to some one.
Swara; what r u doing here. Oh god are u following me.
Sanky; I should ask it. What r u doing here. I think u r following me.
Swara; only in ur dream. I came here to meet my bf.He is more handsome then u. And I really love him.

Sanskar; Even me, I came here to meet my gf. She is far better then u. She easily understand me.
Swara; oh, really so tell me where is she. I think she run away after knowing ur reality.
Sanky; even ur bf is not present here. Where is he? Let me guess, he must run away. Because how anyone can handle ur tantrum.
Swara; you…….
Let me call him. He will show u ur right place.
Sanky; I will also call my gf. She will show u ur real place.
Both started to calling their respective gf/ bf.
From each side answer is same…
The no u r trying is busy on other call . plz try after sometime.

Swasan POV…

Oh god wat is happening. Where is varun/shona. If he/she not come fast then Sanskar/ swara kill by taunt…..plz come fast…
Sanky; wat happen, where is ur bf.
Swara; even ur gf is not here.
Sanky; she will reach here in 10 minutes. U r not believing me na let me call her. U itself listen her.
Sanky started to call shona no. This time call connected.
Swara monologue…
Finally varun call me. I should pick up fast.
Swara: where r u?
Meanwhile sanky phone is on speaker.
Sanky; shona, where r u? Swara will u talk slow u r disturbing me.
Swara; oh god, instead of listening varun voice. Why I am hearing this idiot. Varun one minute….
Swara; listen Sanskar I am talking to varun. So don’t disturb me.
Sanky; even I am talking to shona.
Swara; varun wait….
Sanskar ; shona wait…
Swasan; what u said.
Swasan; varun/shona

Swara; it means we both r only talking to each other.
Sanky: yes, shona….
But shona I really love u . I am sry.
Swara; no I am sry, even I love u varun.
Sanky; it means I am right .
Swara; wat?
Sanky; no one can tolerate u.
Swara: u( she started to hit him on chest)
Sanky; Arre listen me first. In this state , in this world,even in this universe . only sanskar can tolerate swara.

Swara; even only swara can tolerate sanskar because….
Swasan; both are made for each other.
Both hug each other tightly to ensure now in every situation both will always remain inseparable.
Swara; Sanskar now we have love but after our break up.
Sanky; yes because it’s love after breakup.
Still they are in same position…..
Now they know in this entire universe only both can tolerate each other. They are only made for each other…..
They have a unique love y because this is…..

Waiting for ur response.
Bye take care and love u all….

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