Love after break up exists…. An OS

Hey guys here um with an os…! I have some time …I juz thought to post this …hope u all liked it…!!

This continues with yesterday’s episode..!
Dev locks sona inside the office and he left home…! U all knw wat hpnd next…!!
In office
Sona was irked by dev’s behaviour. She didn’t think that he will stoop so low. She juz thought of teaching a lesson to him. She made her way to dev’s cabin. She tried collecting all his waste document papers to set fire.. As she was busy in searching of aatch box , she didn’t notice her mobile ringing.

Sona was successful in finding a match box. She lits the fire from the stick while she saw a messed up things in dev’s cabin draw. She throws the match aside and started noticing the drawer keenly. She could find some documents, photos, and a small plastic opaque cover. She couldn’t see wat was it.
Sona: what is this..!? He was still the same obhodro. Haven’t changed yet. He still messes up his cabin. Ugh..! Wat was in the cover.!?
She tried to open the cover and was shocked to see wat was inside and she turns as she smells something weird. She smells smoke oozing out. She turns behind to find the reason, she juz noticed that pule of papers were burning. She couldn’t set the fire off. The fire alarm started beeping. The cover was still in her hands. She was holding it tightly. Sona couldn’t bat the smoke and was fainted. She felt unconscious due to heavy smoke. Soon it covers the whole office.
Dixit mansion
While dev was moving to his room he was stopped by Vicky. While Vicky tries to speak about some dealing which should be wind up the next day dev laughed sarcastically. Vicky couldn’t understand but juz gave a confused look.
Vicky: Bhai.! This deal is very imp and we can’t be so careless in handling deals. Its imp f our company’s profit.
Dev: I knw my brother. But I’m very happy today.
Vicky: Why..!? Bcas u threatened me today…is it..!?(in angry yet irked)
Dev: Haha..! Threatening….me…you….funny. No not fa that. But some thing very imp.
Vicky: what’s so imp than tomorrow’ deal.?
Dev: There is..! Don’t be so workaholic. Its our home and we should talk something other than office.
Vicky: Bhai pls don’t make me so curious. I couldn’t wait upon.
Dev: U know right how that Ms Sonakshi Bose is crucifying us. So I juz locked her in office.( smiling sarcastically all the while)
Vicky was shocked yet happy to let her……
Vicky: Bhai u juz made it today. Yes she juz made us go numb. But here after we will not face any problem. U r such lovely Bhai. U r really awesome.
Dev: I’m Vicky . I should.
Vicky: haha…!! She is juz not out of our office but also our life..(smiling wickedly)
Dev: Vicky.. Wat do u mean she is out of our life.!?
Vicky: I knw Bhai. After ur divorce with sonakshi u hate her. U hate her to the core that u would kill her by urself. And u juz made it today. Hahaha
Dev: (holds Vicky’s collar) Wat do u mean.!? Brief it.
Vicky: Bhai u knw na. That there will be no source of ventilation in our office if all were shut as out office was in 10th floor. Then obviously that sonakshi would go out our life, office, business everything. U really nailed it Bhai. We juz want this.( Hapoy mood)

Dev pov
Oh my god! I didn’t think of this. I juz closed the office bribing the security. I shouldn’t have done this. Sona would be suffering by now. I should immediately reach out there. Oh gosh..! What to do.!? What will I do if anything happens to sona. Nothing would happen to her.
He went downstairs in no minute and his car screeched to his office. He could see that some smoke is oozing out from the 10th floor. He couldn’t think of anything but juz to save her life.
He operated the lift to 10th floor. The lift clicked open there. He rushes out. He was shocked of the smoke. He couldn’t figure out the reason. He broke the lock and went inside the office juz to find smoke surrounded everywhere. He headed straight to sona’s room where he could only find her phone beeping. He took the phone and searched fa sona. He couldn’t find her anywhere. But he saw his cabin opened. He was confused as why the smoke was from his cabin. He moved to his cabin while coughing. He was shocked to see sona unconscious. He shouted, “sonakshi”. He rushed near her, took her in his embrace.
Dev: sona utto. Sona maaf kijiye na. Utto pls.
She was still without moving.
He was scared to the core. He first set off the fire and opened a only window in his room.
He carried sona in his arms and rushed down to his car leaving the office door open. He rushed to the city hospital. He again heated sona’s phone ringing. He read the caller, ”Baba”. He ignored the call and rushed inside the hospital carrying sona in his arms. He called fa the doctor.
Dev: Doctor! Doctor! Pls someone help me. She was unconscious. Pls help.
There comes a ward boy and guided him towards the ward. The doctor treated sona. She immediately asked the nurse to shift sona to ICU. Dev was startled. He couldn’t say anything but an unknown tear slips from his eyes all while. He couldn’t manage. But juz cry out loud. But he couldn’t. He just want sona to be cured but she was taken to the ICU. He cursed himself fa stooping so low to lock her in the office. She was suffocated. That’s all he knows. He wants his EX-WIFE to be cured completely. He wants her back to normal. He felt helpless. The doctor made her way out from ICU.
Dev: Doctor wat hpn …!? What happen to her.!?
Doctor: This is really a serious case. She was suffering from wheezing fa past years. And this is really critical.
D: Wheezing…!? Doctor no! Sonakshi is normal and she has no respiration prob.
Do: No Mr dixit. She has respiratory problem since her delivery.
Dev was shocked to hear the last word “delivery”. He couldn’t believe his ears. He was so numb.
D: Delivery!?
Do: yes. She had a huge complications during her last times of pregnancy. These complications ended up in a respiratory problem to her.
Dev who couldn’t hear all this juz stopped the doctor.
D: Stop it doctor. Sonakshi cannot conceive. Then how could her pregnancy complications end up in respiratory problem. No this can’t happen. She can never get pregnant and she even didn’t take any infertility treatment and I’m sure about that. But how could u say that…
Do: 1 mind Mr dixit. Who are you to the patient.
All this while dev could be seen with tears welled up in her eyes.
D: Her….ex….hus…band…(he stammers)
Do: Her ex husband. But what do u knw abt her in these 7 years. She was pregnant. As a doctor we knw that.
D: ( stammers) doctor …pls ca…can..I see Sonakshi.
Do: No Mr dixit she was under observation….
D: pls doctor.
Do: OK carry on.
D: thank you

Dev rushes to the ICU. He saw sona lying on a bed with some equipment around her. He goes towards sona and took her hand in his.
D: sona…!? Sona…!? Why did u do this to me.!? Why didn’t u inform me that u r pregnant. I’m sure u couldn’t remarry. I knw that. So obviously that’s my child. Who is my child. Whether a boy or a girl. Why did u do this. How could u separate a child and a father. I knw how would he/she felt without father in the childhood. Y couldn’t u understand ur …(corrects himself) our child’s feeling. He would really felt to meet me. But u didn’t. U didn’t allowed me to knw about our child. Who is our child.? Who is he.? I need to see him.
Juz then he hears a sound. A phone ringing.
Nurse in ICU: Sir please. Don’t disturb other patients. Pls move out. Don’t you knw to switch ur mobile to silent when u r entering the ICU.
Dev apologised and went out. His eyes was blood shot red. His hair was messed up. It was around 2 at night. He saw sona’s phone ringing and the caller revealed to be Bijoy . He was not surprised yet worries how to tell him that his daughter was admitted in hospital.
He answered the call gathering up all the courage.
B: Hello shona.! How much time will u take to come. I knw I’m the one who said u to be in the office until u finish the work but not till 2. Ur daughter is still waiting fa u..
This stopped him. The word, “daughter” stopped his whole world. He came to knw that he has a daughter.
Soha: Dadu I’ll talk to mumma.
B: Haan. Have.
So: Mumma pls come come fast. U knw na I can’t sleep without u. Pls come fast ma
Dev was startled. His face showed the expression of happy, sorrow, helpless, everything.
He couldn’t control his emotions. He finally heard his daughter’s voice. Her sweet sleepy yet cute voice hits his brain and said that he is talking to his daughter. Her curiosity to talk to her mother said that he was talking to his daughter. Her amazing cute silence told that he was hearing “his” daughter’s voice. He felt happy to utmost. His joy have no bounds.
So: Hello.! Mumma speak na..what happen.
Dadu mumma is not speaking.
B: Give it to me.
All the while dev was just admiring the voice of his cute daughter. He was smiling all through while but unnoticed that the phone was with is ex father in law now.
B: Hello shona.! Where are u? Y r u not speaking.!? Hello !? ( he shouts)
He haven’t changed yet. He was still the same angry yet caring father.
B: Hello …!!??
D: Hello..!
B: Dev…!??

Asha and soha stare at eo and asha immediately took soha to the room.
D: Oh u still remember my voice.(sad)
B: How dare are you to take my daughter’s phone.!? Give it to her.
D: sona…..sona…
B: say what happen to sona..!? ( angry)
D: “Dev narrates everything.” And pls com here fast with my daughter.
B: what..!? Ur daughter..
D: yes …I want her here immediately. I’m not pleading u I’m juz informing u to bring her here. Come to city hospital.
After disconnecting the call he goes to doctor and says something and rushes to dixit mansion. He finds the house empty. He goes to the room and returns to the hospital within 15 min. Dev goes to the hospital and finds that still Bijoy have not come. He was waiting miserably to see his daughter.
Finally, Bijoy comes. He stood up seeing asha and Bijoy. He was gesturing Bijoy asking where was his daughter. A small little, cute girl hid behind her dadu peeps out.
Dev’s lips curved into a smile. He sat on his knees and asks soha to come. She goes.
Dev: Aap ka naam kya hai.!?
Soha: Mumma kahan..!?
Dev: Mere mumma kithar hain me baath she bolna abhi tum se bolna app ko naam kya hai.! While asking ng his own daughter her name a the at escapes from his eyes which he couldn’t control.
So: Suhana(feeble voice) Abhi bol na uncle mumma kahan hai..!
Dev was just taken back by soha calling him uncle.
Dev: uncle nahi..! Main.. ..
Bijoy interrupts
B: Dev where is sona.!? I want to see my daughter. Say where is she.!
Asha: Pls say where is sona.
By that time nurse came and informed.
N: sir, patient came to conscious. U may go and see her.

Soha who heard this rushed to sonakshi along with the nurse. Bijoy and asha also went yo see sona.
Dev who thinks how to face sona..made his way to the ward as slow as he could.
Soha was sitting next to sona in her bed.
Soha: Mumma ! Kya hua aap ko.!? Why are u in hospital.!? Ma bol. Do u feel better now.
Sona: Baby! Mein theek hoon.
Soha: Mumma pls don’t leave me so ne at night. You knw na I can’t sleep without u. Y u were in ur office at so late. Of that uncle was not there then what would happened to u. Mumma pls don’t go anywhere leaving us.(crying)
Sona: (pacifying soha) khed apne mere galti. Sorry dear.
Soha: Love u mumma.
Soha hugs sona that she would never leave her. Sona who got very emotional hugged her back.
Sona: love u too soha.!
After few seconds they broke the hug.
Sona: Ma baba! Who informed u both about me.!?
Bijoy and asha gave a confused look what to answer sona.
Asha: Shona! WO…
A voice came from the door step saying, “main”
All look towards the door while sonakshi stood shocked. She was startled to see Mr Dev Dixit standing there. Sona was shocked twice. She saw soha. Tears welled up in her eyes. She don’t knw how she would explain to dev. She juz didn’t think that dev would meet soha so soon. She juz wanted to skip this moment in her life but she couldn’t. Dev was walking towards sona with dejected eyes. She thought that she couldn’t manage. She thought that she is going to miss her daughter who was the reason fa her life fa those seven long years. She thought that dev would surely file a custody case is soha fa himself. She thought that fa the second time she is going to miss her loved one. She couldn’t control. Tears rolled down her cheeks silently.
Just then…
Dev: I want to talk to sonakshi so can u both…
B: I’m not going to allow u to talk to my daughter.
Sona: Baba! Let him. Pls.
D: So pls.
Soha: Mumma take care.
Asha and bijoy left the room and soha was about to leave..
D: Suhana…!
Sona was shocked yet again. She don’t know what is going to happen.
Su: Yes uncle.!
D: Uncle.!?? Again dev’s heart was piercing as his own daughter is calling him “uncle”. He couldn’t take it anymore. So he broke down.
D: Have u listened sonakshi. Have u listened to her, what she said a minute ago. She called me “uncle”. (He stressed the word uncle). Am I an uncle to her. Am I a stranger to her. Am I not connected to her. Is she not my dau….
He stopped while when sona’s stare shifts to soha.

Dev stood there numb. Sona gathered up all her courage and called soha to her. Before sona could utter a word…
Soha: Mumma.! What happen ..why is he shouting at you. Don’t worry mumma I knw u wouldn’t do any mistake. Un…
Soha was about to call Dev, uncle..but
Sona: soha stop… He is no more uncle to u…
Soha: Mumma..
Sona: Yes soha….he is not ur uncle…he is….he is…ur papa…!!( tears flow from her eyes )
Soha: Mumma…! Papa…!!?( shocking) but u said that papa left us. He did not knw that I exist. But how….
Sona: yes baby..! He left us..! His left me ….7yrs ago. He don’t knw that u exist but he is ur papa…no one could change that ..(bit hesitantly)
Soha: Mumma..!
Soha gets down the bed and runs to dev and hugs him tightly with her cute little hands. He was immensely pleasure by his own daughter’s cute expression. Soha gestured dev to bend down. He does.
Soha: why did u left us papa.!? Mumma said that u love to be with me but u don’t knw I exist. I really missed u papa. My frnds would say abt their father but I would only see them.(she couldn’t help but weep)
Sona who heard cried silently and felt shame to separate a daughter and father.
Dev who was listening to soha all while has tears in his eyes
Soha continues
Soha: And papa not only we…u also missed many things in these years.

Dev angrily looked at sona who was crying miserably.
Soha: Papa don’t worry ..I’ll explain u everything what had happened in these years. I don’t remember everything but something I could remember.
Dev: (hugs soha tightly to which she reciprocates) I’m sorry soha…its my fault to leave u…its my fault fa not taking any step to knw abt u.I’m sorry my Princess. I’m really sorry. I don’t want to miss the days with u hereafter. Will u with me..will u forgive this papa.!
Soha: (breaks the hug) Haan papa….sure y won’t I…bcas I will be very happy to be with u.
Dev: I’m surprised that my little princess is so matured…so sweet. Now u wait outside ..I’ll talk to mumma OK..!?
Soha hugs dev tightly and pecke him on his cheeks. Dev kissed her forehead. Soha went out.
Dev stood and went towards sona who was lying on the bed.
Sona: Dev..! Pls dev ….I really…
Dev sits next to sona and keeps his hand on her mouth.
Dev: pls sona..! Let me talk.! Sona..! I knw ..I’m at fault. I’m really sorry sona. I should not listened to Mami and Vicky. They have really made myself turned against u. Because of them I was been separated from my wife and my daughter for these 7 long years. Sona believe me I still love you sonakshi. I was still longing to be urs.
Sona: (crying) (hugged dev tightly as if there is no tomorrow) I knw dev…I knw u still love. I always see the love in ur eyes when u confront me. I knw dev….not only that.
She shows her hand. Dev was shocked.
Dev: Where did u get this.
Sona shows her mangalsutra to dev which she took from dev’s cabin.
Sona narrated the whole incident which turned against her.
Dev who was sad all while laughed at sona’s antics.
Dev: Sona …!!
Sona: I understood dev ….I could ….I knw that u loved me all the years which passed. I’m the one who misunderstood u. Dev…
Dev: hmm??
Sona: Ma…!??
Dev was quiet fa sometime and said
Dev: Sona…it was seven years I spoke to her. I just had my normal talks with her. Our mother – son bond was broken when our relationship broke the years ago.
Sona was shocked to hear this
Sona: Dev why did u do this ..!?? This is not fair.! How could u do this dev…!? She is ur..
Dev: I knw sona …..I really….
Sona: talk to ma dev…
Dev: I will sona bcas hereafter no will separate us…I won’t allow to….
Sona: dev!!!!(shouts)
Dev: what..!?
Sona: ur dress…!! U changed into ur formals…my fav shirt…she smiles.

(Yes, dev went to his home just to change in his formals which he was wearing before 7 yes.)
Dev smiles and hugs sona tightly.
Dev: I love u sona.
Sona: I love you dev.
Soha runs inside the room..
Soha: Mumma papa…!! U both left me…!
Dev spreads his arms fa soha. Soha runs towards dev and hugs both of them .
The screen freezes

Hey guys …! Hope I didn’t bored u all…!
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And yeah I’ll post next epi of my ff by 10 Feb…

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