Love blossoms (a shraman ff) episode 1


Hey guys kashish here with first episode of my shraman ff! Hope you guys like it too….

Episode 1
We see a girl sleeping peacefully…holding someone pics…. her dad says get up beta don’t u want to go to college… the girl gets up her face is shown she is sumo tiwari !…. she gets ready and leaves for the college… there she meets shravan….. Her best friend her lover but she did not confess her feelings till now for him…. shravan says hi sumo let’s go to the canteen…….they both were talking with each other when a group of boys enter there they say get up from here…. Sumo gets up and says we will not leave from here what u will do they laugh on her…. they say listen to us and leave from here… shravan gets angry and beats up all of them ! They then leave from there…. shravan and sumo come out of the college as soon as the classes are finished… they both go on a ride on shravan bike…. they first have pani puri competition…. they both shout 1 2 3 go…

Sumo and shravan have 10 plates…

Now they both were not able to eat finally sumo eats the 11th plate… and she shouts hurray I won the competition and dances there in happiness… rain starts coming…. sumo dances on the song cham cham shravan gets mesmerised seeing her like that after sometime they both leave from there… sumo was shivering and she was sneezing shravan scolds her for being careless then he gives his coat to sumo… they both share a cute eye lock edkv plays in bg music…

The next day
It was a holiday sumo decided to go on a shopping then to watch a movie she calls shravan and tells him the plan shravan agrees… they both go on a shopping sumo bought many dresses… shravan was carrying 10 bags he was fully tired… then they both watched a horror comedy movie ! they enjoyed a lot….

No Precap

So guys how was the episode… hope you guys like it too… so it’s a bye from kashish…love u all…. take care !

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi kashish di! The episode was sweet and cute. Pls post soon. Keep writing dear. Lots of love. Keep updating.???

  2. Very nice,but pls post a little longer

  3. Ariana

    Aww such a cute epi. Loved it. Post next part soon

  4. Nandini aka Nandu

    So di, when is the next update coming??? Post soon

  5. Nikita

    Aww.. very cute.. but make it longer please!
    kashish, amazing one !!
    loved it.
    Post asap..
    nikita <33

  6. Marie

    It was a great ep….!! Post ASAP !!

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep kashu api !!!
    Post soon ..

  8. Neeti

    super epi Kashish di, Sumo luvs Shravu..fantastic….
    plssss pst soon
    pani puri competition…Sumo ate 11 plates Omg….
    Shravu beat the boys, yeah…
    bt why so short, plsss make it more longer, plssss plssss plssss
    by by – Neeti

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