Love Blossoms-one shot by ufaq

suman singhania a very bubbly girl student of last year of engineering and a topper of the college very immature during mast I but when it comes to serious matter she is very mature believe in love favourite hobby is ragging a very beautiful girl having no bf
sharavan malhotara engineer and CEO of malhotra industrial studied from the same college everyone knows him as the brilliant toper of college very harsh rude no smiling a very mature person

suman enters the college
Sonia oh thank god Mani ur here(suman nick name Mani)
sumu y r u thanking god my father dropped me by car so go say thanks to him
tasha FM b na Mani bs
sumu bus nae larki hun main pagal
naira oh god Mani chup ho jao chalo class
sumu class no way an class bunk kren Ge
soni Ku???
sumu dekh kitne sare naae murghe r titliyan aae chain so let’s do ragging
tasha no pechle br b ham phans game the r tm Bach gae the
sumu hahahah bad luck tha tmhara
naira han sahi keh rae ho
aumu chal us ko bula
naira kise ????
sumu usse and she shouts hey u black t- shirt blue jeans
a boy turns and says akshat tu to gya
sumu oye idhar aao jaldi
boy goes to her
sumu han to WO dekho college ki building r WO dekho us ka top floor dikh raha h??
aki han g
sumu good jao us p charho r kaho…….( mute)
aki lekin mam principal mjhe restigate kr den ge
sumu nae Karen Ge keh dena seniors ragging kr rae hain PR mera nam aya to paka is dunia she restigate ho jao Ge samjhe
aki g
sumu gud chalo jao
akshat goes on the top of the building and shouts in that way that everyone can listen it
” attention ladies and gentlemen
ye college mere bap ka h main js teacher ko chahe rakhon chahe nikalon mera qanoon h mere marzi h r main kisi teacher she nae darta ”
principal arrives in garden aki gone he ask him. come down
aki comes
principal ye kia keh rae tm tmhare kn se bap ka college h ye
aki sorry sir wo seniors ragging or rae hain
principal ye ragging kn kr raha h
aki sir WO

sumu sighs her no no
aki sir WO abi yahen then ab pta nae kahan chalen gaen I don’t know
principal OK u go
sumu takes sigh of relief oh god bach gae Lekn maza but Maya haina
tasha han
sumu chalo dosre ko dhondo
like this they spend their whole day in ragging
Next day
suman was passing through the corridor when she collides with some boy she was about to fall when boy catches her suman gets lost in his eyes after some time boy makes her stand
boy agar do ankhon se nazar nae ata to char kar wa lo
sumu excuse me
boy what excuse dekh or nae chal skti meri shirt ki iron kharab kr di
sumu iron???
boy g iron
sumu oh sorry
boy whatever hato mere raste se
sumu han????
boy han nae g hato mere raste se
sumu stands still
boy oh god tmhare pass buy one get one free h kya
sumu mtlb???
boy mtlb ye k andhe hone k sath behre b ho
sumu nae
boy to Phr hato
sumu takes aside

boy thank god and he leaves
sumu oh god kitna harsh yha lekin cute tha r handsome b sumu agar tjhe esa koi mil gaya to Teri to life set h wait sumu the kya such rae hai tu pagal ho gae h pagal larki
in class teacher announced that today evening there will be freshers party in college
sumu oh god party aj to Maza aae ga
Evening Party
suman enters party dressed in black maxi with bunched hairs diamond jewellery and light make up and was looking stunning
tasha come Mani to ab aae h sir tjhe KB se dhondh rae hain
sumu Ku Maine un ka kuch nae churaya
tasha unhon ne tjhe kisi se milwana h
sumu bark Obama???
tasha shut up ja ab
sumu goes to principal
sumu good evening sir
sir good evening suman meet him he is the most famous business tycoon sharavan malhotra the previous topper of college and sharavan she is suman present topper
sumu oh helo
shr shakes hand with her hi
sir you guys talk I will be back
sumu OK sir
sir leaves
shr mjhe nae pata tha k andhe log b topper ho skte hain
sumu oh god main andhe nae hun ghalti she tmse takra gae the ( yes the boy was sharavan)
shr tmse nae apse
sumu ohk apse
shr sounds better anyways hato
sumu Ku???
shr kunke mjhe……. wait main tmhein Ku btaon tm hato mere raaste se
sumu nae haton Ge
shr main khud hta ln ga
saying this he moves her aside and goes to principal and leaves
suman yar kya banda h itna kharoos h lekin phr b attraction us main kamal ki h I think I m in love with him wait suman what u said love WO b usse r u sure??? yes I m sure I m in love with sharavan I love him oh god kharoos insan se pyar kra dia but its OK
Next day
suman enters principal office
sumu yes sir u called me
principal han WO m shravan k office ja raha that ye file dene lekin koi kam agya h to tm chali jao GI
sumu gets happy
sumu yes sir off course
principal OK ye h address
sumu OK sir
suman goes to sharavan office and knock his cabin
shr come in
suman goes in
shr tm yahan???
sumu han WO ye file principal ne bheje h
shr oh thanks he takes the file
sumu ur welcome
she stands there
shr kuch kehna that??
sumu nae to
shr ok then bye
sumu bye mtlb main jaon ???
shr han
sumu such main chali jaon
shr han jao plz
sumu but….
shr jao yar tang mt kro
sumu nae Jaon Ge saying this she sits on chair
shr OK as u wish mt jao
he gets busy in her work
after half hour
sumu main KB se yahan Bethe hn ……….
shr is main mera qasur h???
sumu han tmhein mjh se BT krni chahiye
shr sorry m busy hn
sumu OK one coffee
shr no way
sumu Ku???
shr meri marzi
sumu plzzzz
shr no means no ghalt larke se poch rae ho main tmhare puppy face PR tars nae khane wala
that’s it sumu gets angry and shouts
sae keh rae ho ghalat larke se poch rae hn r to r pyarr b ghalat larke se kr liya
shr pyar????
sumu han pyar ho gaya h mjhe tmse
shr dimagh kharab hogya h tmhara
sumu shayad
shr what shayad yaqinan
sumu hoskta h PR
shr get out
sumu what???
shr I said get out now
sumu but……
shr shouts high on his vocals get out I said
sumu gets teary eyed and leaves
After one year
it was the result day sharavan was also invited as usual suman was the topper but suman was totally changed she was doing no masti she became a very mature girl the charm of her face went off and all we saw is dullness
sharaven sees her and feels bad
sumu after result hug her friend and leaves the college
Parking area
shr shouts sumu RKO
suman stops there
shr goes to him mjhe tmse BT krni h
suman main sun rae hn
shr us din Jo b hoa us k liye sorry
sumu its OK koi BT nae
shr a cha coffee pene chalo Ge
sumu nae
shr plz
sumu no means no
shr plzz
sumu melts OK but only coffee
shr OK
they go to nearby coffee shop and order coffee suddenly its starts raining
shr baarish ache lagte h tmhein..????
sumu lagti thi
shravan feels bad
shr mjhe tmhein kuch kehna h
sumu hm bolo
shr main but kharoos hun r love r romance ke bare main kuch nae janta
sumu pta h mjhe
shr but…..
sumu but what???
shr kneels down
but agar tm mere Sath ho Ge to tm mjhe seekha do Ge so miss suman singhania I love u will u marry me????
sumu was on clouds nine
sumu sorry suna nae
shr I love u will u marry me
sumu nae
shr Ku ??
sumu meri marzi
shr plzzzzz I beg u
sumu get out
shr what???
sumu I said get out
shr pr
sumu get out now
shr feels bad and starts going but suman stops her and huga him tightly
sumu I love u too
shr gets happy and hugs her
after one month sharman get marry and live happily after

this is my first one shot hope u guys like it
and I have written it again only for u Anjou
sorry again yar
lots of love

Credit to: ufaq


    • ufaq

      I write one on swaragini when it will get finished I will write on sharman anyway thnxx sweetu

  1. sona

    U wrote nice dear..acha fact badiya tha..but..exclamatory marks..bhi hotey thoda..air aasaan..hota padney..mey..agli baar is baath ka khyaal rakna..OK?☺☺
    But..its really good..

  2. maria

    Yr kya mast os thaaaaa in love wid u AP!!!!! awesome great!!!! 😀 ets etc……!!! Plzzz write an othr…!!

  3. ufaq

    So sorrrrrryyyy for the exclamation marks pakka next time Han Ge paka sorry again
    I m happy u like it

  4. Naina

    Hi ufaq i m naina i just read ur reply on my comment i m replying to ur comment actually i could not reply there so i m replying here i m fine my age is 18 i m in 12 grade my homeland is Pakistan but right now i m living in USA and yes I’ll be ur frnd ❤❤❤❤?????

  5. Affaa

    |Registered Member

    Chull bulli yesterday it self I posted my comment till now it’s posted…telly walle what is this….sorry chul bulli…
    And who give you right to write this o’s amazingly haa…wonderful yaar…hats off to….A huge round of applause to my sweet little sis…awesome work…really I’m proved of you….

  6. ufaq

    Its OK
    Sorry paka I will ask u to write r not hahahaha
    Thank u sooooo much Api
    Take care Api love u

  7. Angel_pari

    |Registered Member

    Ufaqqqqq this is kya kahon yar i loved it so muchhhh tmhari writing style esi h koi jitni bar b prhe bor nh hoga i loved it

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