Love BLOSSOM (episode 2,3,4) Maha episode

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……………………………Here goes the Maha Episode ……………………………….

Shivaay and Neil take Anika and Avni to their rooms
( Guys sceen happens simultaneously)

Shivaay/Neil: ( nelt to the ground): I know we’re married but our marriage was kind of forced..

Anika: Shivaay ” kind of” seriously

Avni: Neil ” forced”

Shivaay/Neil( not paying attention to their wives):Before you came into my life I was just alive but now I’m living. My wifiye will u marry me again in front of the world without veil. U were crying during marriage but I wanna see u happy marring me. (Took a ring from pocket) WILL U MARRY ME AGAIN. Yaar plz say fast I nelt first time in front of anyone so knees are aching.

Anika/Avni: YYEESS

Shivika n Avneil hugged each other.

Shivaay/Neil: Anika/Avni I LOVE YOU

Anika/Avni: I LOVE YOU TOO Shivaay/Neil

Tumse hi milkar toh
Dil dhadakta hai
Tum saanson jaise ho
Aisa lagta hai

(ShivikAvneil remember their 1st meeting)

Pehli dafaa jo hone laga hai
Pehle huaa na kabhi
Mehsoos dil ne jo bhi kiya hai
Lafzon mein keh doon abhi

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi

Tum jo nahi thhe saath toh
Tanha sa tha dil ka safar
Be-khwab hi soti rahi
Jagti rahi meri nazar

(They remember the moments when they remember each other even though they r in different places)

Aa paas mere palkon pe rakh doon
Jitne sapne hain sabhi
Honthon pe mere khulne lagi
Khwahish thi dil mein dabi

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi

Tumpe ruke, tumse chale
Lamhe mere ab toh yahaan
Raahein meri tumpe thami
Ab hai mujhe jaana kahaan

(They remember their marriage and sweet moments after marriage)

Tum bin chalun toh kadmon se mere
Yeh rooth jaaye zameen
Ab zindagi mein kuch ho na par
Ikk baat hai laazmi

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi

Shivaay gets a phone call which breaks the moment. He immediately cuts the call. And tries to romance with Anika but fails

Anika: Shivaayyy stop it. If someone will see. First lift you’re call it may be important. Gooooooooooooo chepde kahike

Shivaay: hello. Very good u got to know about that place. Ok Children’s color orphanage thank you.
Anika I’ll surely try to know about your family and back ground.
So Children’s color orphanage I’m coming

Anika listens to his last words orphanage I’m coming

Anika (mind): Who is he going to meet in orphanage. I’d he trying to know about me?? No it can’t be. But he’s Shivaay he can. Is better I follow Shivaay.

Thinking this Anika follows Shivaay

In Ishkara’s room

Om(hugging Ishana): Ishu you don’t Know how much I missed you. I thought I lost u. My life was in incomplete without you. Y did u leave me. I felt to die without…….

Ishana didn’t allow him to complete

Ishana( hugging Om thightly as if grip is loose she may lose him): Omkara e se bate mat karo
[ Omkara plz don’t talk like that]

After saying this Ishana was getting away from Om as she realized that Om was not hers any more as he’s married
But Om caught her and pulled her into a embrace and in a warning yet with full of love

Om: Ishu mujse door janeki sochnabhi mat
[Ishu don’t even thing of going away from me ]
Yaar I loved you, I love you and I’ll always do then y do u wanna go away from me.

Ishu: Omkara cause ur married.(a lone tear escapes her eye)

On: Ishu I always loved u there can’t be another girl in my life. And about this marriage it’s a drama to kick out Swetlana. Ya I’m married to Gauri in reality but she can never be in my life she’s a no.1 characterless girl. I’ve seen her spoiling ppls life, a woman gave her life cause of her, shes a no1 con.

Ishu: O but she saved ur life also many times. (With concern in her voice)

Om: ho come on Ishu it’s her path to trap me and get the property.
But just leave cause ur here I wanna say something.

Ishu asked what through signs

In Rumvya’s room( guys cause that room is Sowmya, Bhavya, Rudy’s)

Rudy( hugs Sowmya): sumooooooooooooooooo u know how much I missed u

Sumo: U know what u r really cry baby Oberoi I too missed u and ur stupid talks.

Rudy: Sumo don’t call me that I said u many times.

Sumo( knowing what he’s saying about): About what cry baby

Rudy: about this

Sumo: ????????

Rudy: don’t call me cry baby

Sumo: ur. so I’ve to call u right

Rudy: sumo

Sumo: don’t call me that.

Rudy: suumoo

Sumo: cryy babyyyyyyy

This fight was going for a period of time and then both fell on bed and both burst out laughing. While laughing they had an eyelock.

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya (x2)

Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona o…

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona o…
Enna sona o…
Enna sona, enna sona…

(They remember their moments together)

Kol hove te sekh lagda ae
Door jaave te dil jalda ae
Kehdi agg naal Rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya, Rabb ne banaya

(They remember their marriage)

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan

Enna sona, enna sona…
Enna sona o…

Taap lagge na tatti chandni da
Saari raati main oss chidkavan
Kinne dardan naal Rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya, Rabb ne banaya

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya (x2)

Bhavya who witnessed this felt bad and left.

In Guest room

Ali: I guess we shouldn’t to this Riya

Riya: Ali ur saying this. You were the one obsessed for Avni, Ali.

Ali: Haaaa I WAS I’m not. Neil and Avni love each other. I just wanted Avni to be happy that’s it.
Avni is happy with Neil so I don’t have any problem now.

Riya: But I have , I can’t see them together

Ali: Ur doing all this for Swetha aunty right. Come on now ur getting obsessed for Neil. U were the one who ran from urs and Neil’s marriage right. Then???? Why??????? Why are u doing this Riya????

Riya: Ali just stop it. I’mnt obsessed for Neil. But if I don’t break relation between Avneil then Dadi will kill me.
(See this she shows her hand and neck which was full of marks.)
Dadi bets me like this cause I’m not able to break Avneil relation.
(Saying this she bursts out)

Ali consoled her. Riya thightly hugs Ali and starts crying.
Ali makes Riya slightly away from him. They have an eyelock.

Tum toh darasal khwaab ki baat ho
Chalti mere khayalon me tum sath sath ho
Milti hai jo achaanak woh saugaat ho

Tum toh darasal meethi si pyaas ho
Lagta hai ye hamesha ke tum aas paas ho
Thehra hai jo labon pe woh ehsaas ho..

Teri adaa, adaa pe marta main
Wafaa, wafaa si karta kyun
Hadon se hoon guzarta main
Zaraa zaraa zaraa…

Tum toh darasal saanson ka saaz ho
Dil mein mere chupa jo wohi raaz, raaz ho

Ali: Riya why are u keeping ur self respect at stake for Mrs. Dayavanti Mehta. She always harasses you and you are barring it.

Riya: But Ali she’s my Dadi

Àli: you don’t know complete truth. You are thinking that you know but you don’t

Ali tells Riya the side of Dayavanti Mehta which Riya don’t know

Riya: kya??? But Dadi told every thing was done by Avni. Means she told me and Amol lies

Ali: What Aman. U are kidding right. Aman is against Dayavanti Mehta right.

Riya: no. Aman is planning to kill Neil it seems I heard him speaking to Dadi.

Ali: What

Aman: Comes on guys. Can’t I play a double game??

AliRiya: What????

Aman: ha. I didn’t tell u guys as I heard you guys planning against Avneil. So I was evesdroppin you ppl. You know what you guys are cute together.

Riyali: Shut up

Suddenly Riya phone rings. And she leaves you attend the call.

Riya: Ok.
Yeah sure.
I’ll manage.
Don’t worry

Riya ( on mind): Sorry Ali have to do this for saving my Mom .

Ali: Guys come on let’s go party is not over yet

Riya: you guys make a move I’ll join you guys.

Ali and Aman leave. Riya takes a CD and goes behind.

In Ishkara’s room

Omkara: Ishu I wanna a say something today.

Ishu: Omkara from that time u r saying the same thing. Plz continue further.

Omkara: hushhush……..
Thank you for coming into my life Ishu
After u came there was no need of tissu
My life was colourless
Cause I was lifeless
U r my life, u r my heart beat
I do remember that time we met u were a cheat
But it doesn’t matter as the way u came into my life was so sweet
In a few days u became my jaan
All the evils between us were given ban
After a few days u r no more came a tweet
I had a fear
But felt u were near
Cause u.. were… always… h..e..a..r ( said pointing towards his heart)
I know u got bore
( Ishu was nodding her head negative)
Cause my speech was sour
But the feelings were from heart
Cause in me u r a part

Ishu had enough and she tightly hugged Om.

Tu aati hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharta hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarta hoon

Hawa ke jaisi chalti hai tu
Main ret jaisa udta hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karta hoon

Ishu started crying in his arms keeping her head near his heart ?


Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Om(with full of concern): Ishu are u k? Did I hurt you?

Meri nigaahein
Hain teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

Ishu: idiot these are happy tears. I love u 2. I understand ur way of expressing your heart and feelings out. U can’t say but I can see in ur eyes ur actions and ur poems.
And importantly Mr. OSO I love u r shayari and poems then how can I get boared. Haaa

Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhta hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karta hoon

Listening to this Omkara was on cloud nine he lift Ishu and turned her. After two turns he put her down on her insist and immidiately hugged her with was reciprocated by her.

This whole thing was witnessed by Gauri. She was heart broken as he’ll never be hers and what Omkara thinks about her that she’s a con hurt her more. Gauri left from there and went to the guest room closed the door and she burst out. She was asking her Shankar ji why he did like this with his chirayya.

In Avneil’s room

Both are seen on the bed. Avni is sleeping on Neil’s arm. And both of them are playing with each others fingers.

Neil: Avni promise me that you’ll never leave me.

Avni (smiling): Never. I’ll never leave you until my death.

Neil: Yaar why do you wanna take the word death in this happy an..d romantic… moment( he said this coming near)

Avni: Neil….

Neil: I know my name’s Neil

She gives giving an impossible look

Neil pulls Avni near to him. They have and eyelock

Aise lehra ke tu rubaroo aa gayi
Aise lehra ke tu rubaroo aa gayi
Dhadkane betahasha tadapane lagin
Dhadkane betahasha tadapane lagin
Teer aisa laga dard aisa jagaa
Teer aisa laga dard aisa jagaa
Chot dil pe wo khaayi mazaa aa gayaa!

Mere rashke qamar…
Mere rashke qamar tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milaai maza aagaya
Josh hi josh mein meri aagosh mein
Aake tu jo samaaai mazaa aa gayaa!

(Mere rashke qamar tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milaai maza aagaya
Jab nazar se milaai maza aagaya)

Ret hi ret thi mere dil mein bhari
Ret hi ret thi mere dil mein bhari
Pyaas hi pyaas thi zindagi ye meri
Pyaas hi pyaas thi zindagi ye meri

Aaj sehraao mein ishq ke gaaon mein
Aaj sehraao mein ishq ke gaaon mein
Baarishein ghir ke aayin mazaa aa gaya

Mere rashke qamar…

(Mere rashke qamar tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milaai maza aa gaya)

Ranjha ho gaye, hum Fana ho gaye
Aise tu muskuraai mazaa aa gaya

(Mere rashke qamar tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milaai maza aa gaya
Jab nazar se milaai maza aa gaya)

Barq si gir gayi kaam hi kar gayi
Barq si gir gayi kaam hi kar gayi
Aag aisi lagaai mazaa aa gaya

Neil was about to kiss Avni

Suddenly Neil’s phone rings

Neil: DD your dead today

Avni blushes and turns red. She goes away. And runs to the washroom

Neil: shit!DD….??
Haaa DD

DD: Sir ji sorry if I disturbed you. But Sir we got into about that drug dealer who’s selling drugs to children

Neil: Ok. I’m coming
Avni actually I’ve some work so I’ll have to leave

Avni: There is no need for you to tell all this. You can gooo.

Neil: Then you’ll not miss me.

Ani noods her head in negative.

Neil keeps a shocked face

Avni ( kisses him on his cheek): Now gooooo

Neil leaves while leaving Neil tells Kareena about this but couldn’t tell Shivaay as he isn’t at home and phone want reachable.

On the other hand Bhavya was taking too much stress and forcefully doing too much excesice. And finally sits in corner and she to breaks out. Now she realizes that she loves Rudy and regrets for not realizing earlier.

(Song for both Gauri and Bhavya)


Kuch pal to thehar jaao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mud jaao idhar aao na

Tumhe dhoondein meri aankhen
Tumhe khoje meri baahein

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

Kitne the waade kiye
Ik pal mein tod diye
Jhootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai
Bas thoda rootha sa hai

Tu roothe main manaau
Par tum bin kahan jaaun

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

Both Gauri and Bhavya are shown crying

Janvi who witnessed Gauri and Bhavya’s condition, brought both of them together and told them about Rumya’s story ( same as in serial i.e collage classmates and sumo staying in their house, Rudy Sumo marriage, marriage exposed, break up, re union and how sumo left for Australia for her further studies) and Ishkara’s luv story

Janvi: un dono ki mulakaat(both of their meeting was)…………
(Guys starting same as in serial Rudy buys car from Ishu. Ishu and O’s meet, their love starting, Omkara realizing that Ishu is a con girl.)
Then after a few days O went out for some stuff for his gallery where he met Ishu again some goons were behind her while running she bumped into Omkara. Omkara was gonna shout at her but Ishu said sorry and ran. He saw her falling she sprained her ankle but she stood and tried to run. Omkara realized she was trying to hide from the goons and pulled her to corner. Ishu didn’t even notice who it was after the goons left she without even seeing she said thank you and left. Seeing this a small smile crept on Oms face. Immidiately he pushed the thoughts and left. While leaving he saw crowd near a building. He got out of the car and enquired the ppl their about the matter. He came to know a girl went to do suside when he saw the person he was shocked as he saw Ishu. He ran to the top of the building and pulled Ishu down n asked her to stop her stupidity

Omkara: Ishana WTH are u doing. Why do you wanna give up ur life.

Ishu: Omkara aap

Om: haaa WTH do you wanna give your life.

Ishu: What’s the use of this life. They killed my Dad , my sister…….
( Saying this she burst out crying)

Om: Ishana………(full of concern)

Ishu: Omkara Thank you cause u met me before my death as I wanted to say sorry the reason I did all this is my dad lost 4 cores in gambling. Those goons started demanding money, I started my own dance academy but it takes time right. They were coming to my home every one and then for money. They were saying that they would kill my dad and molest my sister. I was scared. It was my dad’s idea to do con cause to can earn more money in less time. I advised him that he’s wrong but he didn’t listen to me. U were the only one I coned cause I felt it’s bad thing to do so. I couldn’t sleep for a week cause I broke ur trust. I sold my academy but of no use. He killed my Dad and he molested my sis. Wats the use of this life when near and dear are no more. And don’t know when they try to molest and kill me.

( Saying so Ishu climbed the wall immidiately Om pulled her back due to sudden action Ishu fell in Om’s arms and both fell on land. They have an eyelock)

Tujhko main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin hai mera yaqeen

Main jo tera naa huaa
Kisi ka nahin
Kisi ka nahin

(Om remembers all the good moments spend with Ishana)

Le jaaye jaane kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye tujhe kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein

Suddenly Ishu faints in Om’s arms. Omkara gets tensed and lifts her in arms ad takes her to the hospital.

After some time doc comes out

Om: Doctor Ishana

Doctor: Excuse me her relatives

Om: Doctor her family died in an accident. I’m her boyfriend
(Last line was heard by ShiRu)

Doctor: Ok. She fainted due to head injury. If she doesn’t get concious in an hour or 2 she may slip into coma.

Shivaay (comes near Om ): O wats all this. U r saving that con and telling urself as her boyfriend?????? Wats happening O??? U never say lies and now???

Om( smiling): Shivaay Rudra I’ guess I’m in love with her

Rudra: Wat?????

Om narrators Ishu’s whole story.

Shivaay: r u sure she didn’t lie to you.

Om: yaaaa pretty good

Shivaay:( smiling): then I will not stop you

Om: Shivaay Rudra thank you for supporting me

Rudra: O u 2 became others property

ShiOm: Shut up Rudra

ShiOmRu hug each other
( Lovjonka ye Rishta…….. Song plays)

Shivaay: Go and wake her up or else she can’t be urs go

Rudra: Haaa go fast O

Om goes near Ishu and Shivaay and Rudra left

Om: Ishana I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I think I’m in love with u please wake up. Cause I think I can’t live without u now after knowing the truth I really regret wat I said that day.

Ishu moves her head and eyes left and right. Suddenly she comes to concious and shouts nooooooooooo. Then she sees the surroundings closes her eyes and catches her head. When she comes to concious Om wasn’t present there as he went to call the doc seeing that she is coming to concious.

After doctor examines Ishu and left Om tells hers the happenings in the hospital

Ishu: Omkara why did you save me it was better if I would be dead.

Om: Ishana I think I’m in love with you

Ishu: Omkara even though
(Realizing what he said) WHAT

Om nod his head in positive

Badla nahi hain kuch bhi
Yunhi khamakha
Koi toh hai wajah suno
Thehri hoon main toh
Chalta jaaye rasta
Jaadu hai har jagah suno

Tu jo mere saath hai
Pal pal nayi baat hai
Khwabon mein hai tu mere
Ya sach mein hai saamne chehra tera

Jise kehte pyar hai
Hua tumse yaar hai
Hmm.. jise kehte pyaar hai
Hua tumse yaar hai

Slowly they started hanging out with each other and deeply fell in love with each other and became Ishkara

Kyun mere sar pe
Lag pada udne
Ye patangon sa aasmaan
Inn hawaaon mein
Hai ishq tera
Mehsoos maine kar liya

Aane se tere
Dhadke hai dil yeh mere
Saath hoon main bhi, saans hai*
Haan aisi thi zindagi pehle kahan

Jisey kehte pyaar hai
Huaa tumse yaar hai
Ho.. jise kehte pyaar hai
Hua tumse yaar hai

Yeh sabhi mausam ho rahe apne
Kal talak thhe jo ajnabi
Yeh safar yunhi le chala aage
Piche ab raahein na rahi

Saari khwahishein
Dil ki yeh farmaishein
Tune suni iss tarah
Koi duaa jis tarah sunle Khuda

Jise kehte pyaar hain
Hua tumse yaar hai
Hmm.. jise kehte pyar hai
Huaa tumse yaar hai
Wo.. jise kehte pyar hai
Hua tumse yaar hai

We too accepted Ishu whole heatedly

We even planned Ishkara’s marriage.
But just one week before the marriage a news came that Ishu died in an accident. Om was shattered and at the same time Swetlana started troublling Om.
At that time he married u Gauri. And the rest u know

Gauri: Maaji I think Ishkara is the right pair. If she would be dead and if I know the truth na then I would do the same thing wat I’m gonna do now.
Maaji I was trying to mend my relationship with Omkara ji. But now this chirayya will cancel RiKara from Omkara’s life.
And Ishkara’s looks and sounds cool than RiKara.

Bhavya: and Rumya better than Ruvya I guess aunty

Janvi: nahi Bhavya I can’t say about Om but Rudra loves you. It was clearly visible in his eyes. Rumya is the name of 2 BFFs that’s it I guess cause they to tell the same.

Gauri and Bhavya: hmm

In Hall

Swetha asks Riya about the CD

Swetha: Riya what’s in the CD. Is it way I asked( last sentence she asked in a whisper)

Riya: Aunty( says yes through signs) surprise.

Riya plays the CD. The CD has Avni’s pics with Ashish and Aisha, Ashish and Aisha’s wedding pics, Neela and Ashish’s wedding pics. Ani Anand Ali’s some close pics ( pics taken when Ali was consoling Avni, etc)

Riya: wats this. In this there were Uncle and aunts pics.

Ali and Aman understood wat was happening. But didn’t speak any thing

On xyz road Anika stops in front of Shivaay car.

Shivaay: Anika wat are you doing here

Anika: Shivaay you can never change na. Really Shivaay you say something and do something. Shivaay you said that you don’t care about my NKK but truth is you do believe.

Shivaay: Anika

Anika: ✋ Shivaay plz don’t bluff your self. Today, here at this very moment (takes a deep breath) I break our relation


Swetha: Avni you are an illigimate child of Ashish Mehta. And you told us lie that you are Ananya Varma.

Bebe: Avni I believed in you. I trusted you. You literally broke my trust.

Avni: Bebe Aunty Neil knows about this and he said he even told you this.

Bebe opens her phone and reads a message

Bebe your bahu’s name is not Ananya but Avni Mehta. She always tried to tell the truth to you. She wanted to tell from the 1 day onesies she met you but I stopped her cause we had to fight against Mrs. Dayavanti Mehta.

After reading this Bebe leaves from there.

As bebe left Swetha humiliated Avni to the core. After all this Avni decided to leave The Khanna family.

On xyz road

Anika: Shivaay I trusted you but you broke my trust. Bye Shivaay ( she said with a heavy throat)

Shivaay is seen crying.

Anika who was leaving her face is shown crying

In OM Kareena calls Neil and informs all this.

Neil immidiately starts calling Avni. But of no use.

Avni and Anika are shown walking on the road with luggage. Both of them board a taxi

In cab

Avni: Hello keep it ready I’m coming. Bhayya airport

Anika: good I’m coming. Bhai saib airport.


Ali/Aman: why did you do this Riya.

Riya (crying): I’m sorry

Ali: Ho plz stop it.

Riya: I did this cause Dadi threatened me that if I don’t she’ll kill Mom.
I know in all this there is no mistake of Avni but I had to do to save Mom.
And Swetha aunty was forcing me to do so
So I’m really sorry guys

Bebe overhead the conversation

Bebe was shocked to know that Swetha did all this.

Just then Neil entered and he enquired about Avni and he comes to know that she left. He conforts everyone for their doings.
He goes to his room falls on his knees and starts crying for Avni

On the other hand

Shivaay falls on his knees on the road and starts crying

And in cabs Anika and Shivaay start crying

Kise poochu
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai

They think about the morning when they made the proposal

Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

They remember their Happy moments

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

Shivika are shown crying

Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

Avneil are shown crying

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Neil: Avni……….
Shivaay: Anika…….

Anika (mind): Pinky aunty I don’t know how you became a Mom. Sorry you never did right ( she remembers the conversation of hers and Pinky’s)

Pinky: Shivaay is not my son he is Shakti and Kamini’s illigimate child
If you don’t leave Shivaay I’ll tell this truth to him and you know his weakness is NKK. I don’t know what you will do but I want you to get out of Shivaay’s life as early as possible.

Saanson ne kahaan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein naa aaye

Anika: Shivaay in wanna come back but….

Dhadkan ne kahaan dil chhod diya
Kahaan chhode in jismon ne saaye

Avni: Mamma, Papa. Neil……….

Yehi baar baar sochta hoon tanha main yahaan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

Shivaay: kyun Anika. Why?

Neil: why did u leave me Avni.?? U promised me that you won’t leave me and goo

Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Shivaay: Anika………

Anika: Shivaay…..

Neil: Avni…………

Avni: Neil………..


In Pinky’s room

Pinky: Thank God that fatechar Anika left

Swetha: and that manhoos Avni also

Dadi and Bebe heard this they come inside and slap Pinky and Swetha left and right

Dadi: Don’t you have shame to say that you’re not Shivaay Mom.

Bebe: can’t you see Shivaay and Neil’s happiness

Swetha: but we did it for them.

Pinky: cause of that fatecher Anika my Shivaay had to face many problems. I can’t keep my son’s life in risk

Bebe: See them without them ur sons are dying. Can’t you see

Dadi: Shivaay and Neil became Ishqbaaz then you do you wanna kill them keeping them alive with out their loves.

Pinky and Swetha realize their mistake and they regret for their doings

At airport

Both Avni and Anika show a card and leave. They don’t have any checking.

They both go and sit in different CHOPPERS and think about Shivaay and Neil.



Only luv story of Riyali, Kareena and aman, Ishkara and Rumya

character sketch of the new characters


Guys seriously sorry for not posting actually yesterday my exams started so I thought to give a lengthy episode so that you’ll remember the whole week.
Guys I’ll only post after 19th of this month. So plz mind me.

——–luv u guys

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  1. its boring becoz.. u have added ishqbaaz in naamkara… ishqbaaz is uselesss.. please write separately both ff…

    1. pls don’t say ishqbaaz useless

    2. LuvIBN

      I’ve written like that cause IB and N have slightly a similar track. So when I thought of a few separately at a certain point both stories came at a similar point so I’ve written it together

  2. It is nice one dear

    1. LuvIBN

      Thank you dear Nikita

    Dear LuvIBN
    ShivIka AvNeil Proposal??IshKara Scene?I Don’t Have Any Problem Agar IshKara Ko Ek Karungi Tho.But OmRi Ki MU Clear Karke Unhe BF Banalo OmRi Couple Nahi But BF Banke Tho Rahengi?RuMya Scene?RiYali Scene?IshKara Proposal Scene??AvNeil Scene?IshKara FB Story???ShivIka AvNeil??Ponky Shweth??Good Dadi And Bebe Slap Them???The Eposode Is Awwwesome And Mind Blowing???Precap Is Little Confuse So I Want Clear That.RuMya Love Story Hogina Iss FF Pe.RuMya Hogina Couple

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. LuvIBN

      Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooo much. I’m glad that you liked it

    2. LuvIBN

      Thanks a lot for the comment dear as these types of comments give me a boost to write more. Plz keep reading.

      And precap is actually love story of Rumya, Ishkara, Riyali, kaman.

      Plus I’m even gonna give a CS of new characters

  4. Omggg? very lengthy one but still it’s nycccc? loved it…..?plzzz add ishqbaaz a little bit ….?

    1. LuvIBN

      Sorry dear. But gave a lengthy one as I won’t be available for a week. Yaaa sure I’ll add more Ishqbaaz sceens. Thanks a lot for your comment dear. These types of comments give me a boost

  5. Sweetgirl7

    Hi siya.
    LOved so much so much emotional masti fun drama love. But i think u added ishqbaaz a little more. I wanted avneil and isqbaaz both equal. Coz then the story suspense would not be there. Also whenever u wrote a precap, write a question instead. Like will avneil and shivika reunite once agian?

    1. LuvIBN

      Thanks for the comment
      Actually I’m gonna give a leap in the story so just wanna wind up the thing so as Ishqbaaz has a lot of stuff ( I prepared a lot of stuff) so I just posted it a bit more to wrap up the past soon to take a leap.
      And mainly thanks for the suggestion to give precap in form of a Q. actually ur right it creates interest and suspense. Thanks dear Sami.

      1. Sweetgirl7

        welcome siya. and u again gave me another hint to guess what’s next in ur story

    2. LuvIBN

      I guess I did

      1. Sweetgirl7

        yup exactly. but what is the fun in revealing..

  6. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. LuvIBN

      Thankyou very much dear

  7. haaaayeee thank God u made ishkara n rumya only I love both of them ur story is so nice I loved it

    1. LuvIBN

      Thankyou very much dear. I’m glad u liked the pair

  8. Very good. Nice episode . Best of luck for your exams

    1. LuvIBN

      Thank you so much Dear

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