i LovE yoU OR youR blOod(kkb) epi 2


Hey friends… you guess me correctly..its me tina(suha)..so hope you like the plot.then letz start..

Purab,bhai are you ready..letz leave na.
A,no purab.you both go.i have some works here.go and enjoy urself
Aliya,okey bhai.take care.
A,purab..pls always be with your sis.and help her to control her self .
Purab,sure bhai.
Purab and aliya went to the carnival

Bulbul,ma we are leaving.have your dinner and medicines..
Pragya,haan ma.pls sleep dont wait for us..
Sarala ma,okey meri bachcho but try to come early.tommorow you have to go collague too..

Bulbul and pragya hugged sarala ma and left to the carnivel..

Aliya and purab enjoyed lot and aliya totaly frogot about her blood thirsty.
Bulbul and pragya came to the same place where purab and aliya playing some games..
Bul,di.. look at that boy.he is dull.isnt it..but very handsome na.
P,haa just like he is suffering from lack of blood.but really handsome.may be that girl is his wife or girl friend.so stop thinking about him
Bul,di itz just attraction yaar..lets go and play that game with him..
Bulbul holds pragya’s hand and ran..suddnly pragya fallen down..
P,bulbul see what you have done..my both knees are injured and bleeding too.
B,sorry di.i am really sorry..come get up.lets go home.

Aliya is watching pragya and saw her bleeding knees.she smell the taste of her blood..purab is playing and his attention is on that..unknownly aliya get attracted to pragya(slow motion)

Aliya in mind(mmm…pure blood smell.after a long
Time.this human na.. if i got chance i’ll breed them to take blood.)

When aliya bends towards the pragya like she going to help her..one man came ther and took pragya to his arms
Both of then shared a eyelock and sanam re plays in bg..
After few mins pragya come to sense becoz her pain
P,hey who are you.how dare you to lift me.
(Yes itz abhi)
A,arey miss dont over act.i came to help you.your legs are injured na.and i saw you tried to stand up with the help of this girl.you failed na.thatz why i came to help you.
B,thanx Mr…
A,Abhishek prem mehera.
B,oh thank Mr.Abhishek.
A,no need to thank.take care about your friend.
P,actually she is my sis..and thanx for the help abhishek.keep me here.we have to go home now.
A,call me as abhi.. shall i drop you?
P,no abhi.your kindness is more than enough.bye..
A,only bye?? Very bad..
P,what else then..
A,your name..
P,oh i am pragya.itz already late.we are leaving
A,ok bye!!!
In mind..
Hey man..whatz wrong with you.you helped her for the sake of aliya.if you didnt reach there at that time i am damn sure she will do something wrong.now go and check aliya without thinking of pragya.but why i cant take my mind out of her.she is the most beutifull girl that i ever seen.
Enough now i must find alu and purab.
(Abhi can observe any place in mind and he can appear in that place too.)
He looks for aliya in his mind and he saw she is with purab.then abhi went to there.
A,itz enough alu.now lets go.

Alu,sorry bhayya.you came there at perfect timE.i lost my control with her blood smell..
A,just froget it now.purab i asked you to keep eye on her.what have you done.just playing like a kid.
Now lets go..
Trio left to home.but abhi’s mind only works on pragya’s eyes.
Alu,bhai ,romance hey na.
Abhi,what? Chup yaar.no romance for vampires.
Pu,dont lie to her bhai.you know na.she can read minds.even yours.
Alu.haan.but you saw that girl only once na
A,yes alu.. itz just only attraction.i cant froget her eyes.thatz it.

Pragya also on the way to home.she also thinkin about abhi.
Bul,di.. you are thinking about abhi.right? He is very sweet na
P,are you mad.i am just thinking about collegue.new class new friends.i dont know why we shift to this city.
B,whatz wrong here.itz really nice di.you will get used to here.


Old woman,open the door beti.have your dinner now.i know you are angry with me.. but see today is full moon day.if you went to that carnival you’ll turn to werewolf.how can you escape from human.you are my good girl na.open the door abd have your meal.dont let me to repeat this again tanu.and one more thing.get ready to go to school tommo.. but if there is moon in tommo too you wont be able to go.. keep in mind that..

(Guys this school begins at evening and end at night)

Precap pragya,packet of blood?but who took this to the collague.may be for a test.whats up to me..

Credit to: tina(suha)

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