i LovE yoU OR youR blOod(kkb) epi 1

Aliya.. just try it yaar..we have to adapt that..pls for myself.. pls try it once .
Aliya÷cheee… sorry bhai.i cant try for this.it makes me vomit only
Then a person shows with a dish made by vegitables..yes itz non other than our hndsm abhi
Abhi,so you are not going to try this hah? Listen carefully..now itz dengerous to hunt people bcoz security system is devoloped..now its not like past..so you have to try these foods.. and if you cant bear blood thirsty we can hunt an animal from this jungle.hope you got that
A,ok…i’ll try later bhai.. but i need your permission for one thing.. today night there’s carnival in city center..i want to go there.
A,haan purab also told me.but you have to promise that you wont harm any human.and you must go with purab
A,my sweet bhai.. i promise.
Aliya left there and abhi started to think.
What the hell life is this.i can face these things..but wht about my choti aliya and purab.they are suffering lot.why god this much punishment for us..
I swear mom..i ll make purab and aliya as humans.i ll teach them to love human ans hate their blood.i gave permission to them bcoz they cant enjoy daytime functions.. hope nothing wrong will happen.purab have full control.but choti.. lets see
Abhi looks at the dish and eat some vegitables..

Bulbul÷di.. pls get ready na..itz already late..you are still dreaming here.
A girl is standing near the window and looking out side..yep itz pragya..
Pra,arey ma.. i am not dreaming now.but last night i saw a dream.
A vampire came to and ask for my heart without sucking my blood..usually as legends they suck blood from neck na.. but that vampire asked for my heart.
B,oye pagali.itz just a dream na.vampires are only imagination.nothing like that.so get ready soon..

Precap pragya’s hand get hurts and bleed..aliya feels the smell of the taste of her blood..

Friends… i am going to reavel myself and continue this if i got good comments only..

Credit to: you'll know me


  1. Varsha

    Wowwoww…..super start for an vampire story…..superrrr…….cant control….pls update faster na

  2. lola

    Oooh like twilight superb but when humans cme near vampires they cant control but after a lot of trauning they control

  3. durga

    Superb yaar really a different one plzzzz continue it’s really interesting n awesome

  4. Rose

    Superbbbb uaar….vampire story….I m soooooo soooooo excited to this story…….plzz upload d next part soon yaar……..

  5. Aastha

    hi tina. nice n different story. u r the writer of love frm sky na? i didnt read it bcos when started to visit this page then many epi crossed. so now i read ur this ff frm first. waiting for nxt epi

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.