Love of the blood chapter 1

Hey guys it’s tanya sis of shanti…..I am new to the telly updates …
I am using my sis account

Anyways so here is the story

I love the twilight series ..I am a great fan of the books …

So this story of mine is inspired from the books …but some I have altered to give a new story

Hope u all enjoy it and shower ur comment

So here is the first chapter ….
No proof read ,

Hmm…..I have caught in this blo*dy funeral ….what to do ..
I looked at the people around …all were looking unsatisfied and terrifled with this funeral .
Actually it is terrifying …I mean this funeral of the so called follower or in respect a student of our school is a mystery
Yep , he is one of my admire who used to follow me ….
He was sort of obessed with me though …I didn’t pay any attention
Suddenly yesterday after my school ……when we came out of the school campus
We saw his dead in the front yard ….it looked scary …

Blood was all over … wasnt like a stab of a knife or something …
But something has bitten his neck …that’s a mystery ……
Who the he’ll bites …but I am happy that he is sort of cleared up
As a student it’s our responsibility to attend this funeral …
I am waiting for it to get over ……

“Swara Swara ” my step father called me from back ..he was the commissioner of police ..
“Yes dad ” I replied looking back at him
“Let’s leave it’s late and u have ue school tomorrow ….” he said with a unpleasant expression in his face
Of course all the police are horrified with this incident ….
“Sure dad” I said not hesitating …I actually needed to get out of here asap

He drove the car silently was usual …me and my step father didn’t have that father-daughter bond
I just came to stay with him in forks …just to take a break from my crazy mom ….

We were at home …..I quickly ran up to the room aND changed into my sweat pants …
It was freezing cold outside ..this i’s usual in forks …
There is no sun here …I have ever saw .

I sat near the window ..looking out …..the rain was flowing harsh …..
Suddenly the boy”s face came in my mind….
Who could have bitten him ….
I mean seriously …this is insane ….

I seriously wanted to talk about this to someone …
Wait up ….what about my step father ..or dad

I hurries to the living hall …as usual he was with his documents

“Dad” I called out slowly …
“Yes Swara ” he said without looking away for the documents ..
“What do you think about the accident of my school mate” I said questioninly
He looked straight up to me
“Hmm….it’s just sort of a animal which killed him” he said in a go ….
I frowned
“Seriously animal ” I said it in a boring tune .

“Swara it’s better don’t get involbed in this matter …it’s just been 3months u r attending this school …don’t make it complicated” he said in a careful manner
I nodded
“Get back to sleep Swara” he said again going to his documents ..
I stamped and went ….I knew he chuckled at my back …

The next day ,
I got out of my truck …and was arranging my books
Someone tapped my shoulder….
It was laksh as expected …my childhood friends …I mean when I was somewhat 5 years ..I was around here Witt my mom after that my mom got separated. …
“Hey Swara …looking beautiful” he said smiling ND showing his 24 teeth’s
“HI laksh….thanks …anyways can we go to the class ” I said with a smile …
“Sure” he said and headed the way for me
We used to hang out a lot ….he wrapped a arm around me and walked
Suddenly the clouds began to rain ….the water drops fell on my face …
“Holy crap come Swara let’s leave” he said rushing

But suddenly someone hit my shoulder or rather say bumped
I felt something ………..
I turned to look at him and the one bumped also looked at me
I was memersied ……he looked like an Greek god
His eyes were golden in Colour and his hair was done in a spike …
He looked at me for a minute with a angrier look
And then to the side of Me
I looked at laksh ….he had a red eyes ..
“I will meet u in class Swara bye ” he said quickly and hurried to class ..
I was confused ..then I again turned forward …I couldn’t find ..he was gone
What just happened ? .
I couldn’t figure out ….I saw two girls and two boys looking same as the one who bumped me …just a minute ago
The girls breath takingly beautiful …..their blond stylish hair …..waving in the hair …

I was totally numb seeing them …I never taught such people exist …
I collected my book’s and went to the class …
I couldn’t find laksh ….what happened to him ..he is behaving weird …
I looked around the class and then I noticed the same Greek god sitting at laksh and my place …
His eyes locked at mine …
I was shocked seeing his eyes colour in green now

So guys ….did u like the first part ..if so plz comment …don’t worry it will be total different from the story but same concept …

Plz comment
Bye take care

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  1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Not a Twihard, but your story is fabulous!
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  2. awesome I too is a big twilight fan and loved it a lot
    eagerly waiting for next chapy

  3. Rabia

    awesome 🙂

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    Loved it… twilight one of ma fvrt movies
    Continue soon

  5. I love vampire stories…nice chappy

  6. Kakali

    Woooowwww !!! Tanya… it’s different
    .. i love it dear … plzz continue soon … thnk u… 🙂

  7. Mica

    tanyaaaa! it’s so mindblowing dear! i love the pic you choose, but uugh! somehow we can’t recognize that it’s was swaragini ff.. hehehe

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