Love is Blind (Swaragini) Episode 1

Love is blind: Episode 1

The beautiful beach of Sydney, Australia is shown, then the scene shifts to a bank.

“What do you mean! The letter said we had 9 more months, you’re saying we only have 3!”

A man’s back is shown facing a bank manager.

“Sorry Mr Maheshwari but your father owes us over $8,000 and that bank notice was sent 6 months ago” the bank manager says looking annoyed.

The man is revealed to be Laksh Maheshwari.

“Look could you please give us another 3 months, we don’t have that kind of money!” Laksh shouts.

“Mr Maheshwari please leave now, or I will have to call security” The bank manager says calmly, standing up.

“No shut up!” Laksh shouts.

“You’re causing a scene, we don’t need people like you to mess up our reputation, it’s not my fault your drunkard father gambled away his money selfishly!” The bank manager lashes out on Laksh.

Laksh sees red and couldn’t help himself, before he knew it, his fist connected with the nose of the short, stubby bank manager. A loud crack and groans of pain were heard.

“Mr Maheshwari, you have permission to call 1 person for the night” the constable told Laksh before showing him his cell.

‘Oh god what have I done, dad can’t know about this, he can’t bail me and I have work tomorrow’ Laksh thinks as he lowers his head to look at the floor.

The bank manager-Martin- called the police on Laksh and he was being arrested for abuse and aggression.

Laksh sat down on the stone bed and leaned his head back.

“Mr Maheshwari you’re free, here are your belongings” An officer says handing Laksh a bag.

“What, how?” Laksh asks confused.

“You are being released on bail”

Laksh is confused but he sees a lady standing near the gates.

“Come to the parking lot in 5 mins I will explain” the lady says as she walks toward the parking lot.

‘What the hell, should I follow her? What if she tries to kill me’ Laksh is getting nervous thinking about the possible outcomes.

Despite his growing anxiety he decides to go.

He sees a sleek black limo parked in the front and he approaches it slowly. The Windows roll down as the older woman’s face is seen.

“Get in” she says in a soft voice.

Laksh hesitates before opening the door and sliding into the soft leather seats.

“Why’d you bail me” Laksh says as soon as he turns to face the woman.

“I heard that you needed money, I have a fairly simple Job for you” the woman says.

“What is it?” Laksh asks anticipating the answer.

“I need you to date my daughter for 3 months” she says calmly.

“What! Are you insane, that’s just cruel, you’re her mother and you’d pay me to date her?” Laksh angrily shouts.

“Calm down and listen to what I have to say, she is very lonely and needs somebody to love her for a few months.”

Laksh is about to refuse until she speaks again.

“I know you need $8,000 in 3 months, I have the money to give” she says.

“What’s wrong with her?” Laksh questions.

“What!” The woman shouts.

“You’re paying me to date your daughter, there must be something wrong with her, is she ugly?” Laksh questions.

“No! Absolutely not! She’s very beautiful, she just has slight weight issues” the woman says.

She lifts her sunglasses of her face and is revealed to be Sharmishta Bose.

“So she’s fat? I’m not really into fat girls” Laksh says awkwardly looking out of the window.

“She’s not ‘fat’ she’s just 10 pounds heavier than most girls” Sharmishta argues.

“Ok but I cant Guarantee that I will be able to do this properly, I can’t kiss her or anything though!” Laksh quickly says.

“You can’t! So don’t worry, strictly no intimacy. Only hand holding” Sharmishta says loudly.

Laksh wondered if he could even hold her hand.

“I’ll only do it because my father and little sister need the money…” Laksh agrees to date Sharmishta Bose’s only daughter and child.

“Wait! How old is she? Is she some young high school student?” Laksh asks curiously.

“No she’s turning 21 in 2 weeks, this is like an early birthday present”

Laksh sighs as he thought about his widowed father Durga Prasad Maheshwari and his 16 year old little sister Swara.

‘I need to do this for them’ Laksh thinks.

“Ok, I’ll do it”

“Good, here’s $3,000 to help pay for her expenses, the rest will be given to you after 3 months are over”
Sharmishta hands Laksh the $3,000 in a brown envelope and tells him where her daughter worked.

“Your daughter works? You guys are billionaires, why’s she working?”

“I don’t know why she does, she says it makes her feel ‘normal'” Sharmishta says, disgusted.

Laksh gets out of the Limo and heads home on his motorbike.



Hey guys, this is Hasina writing a new ff. My ff’s heroine is on the chubbier side and I would really appreciate it if you could not hate on her. This is a story with a HEA and the hero is kind of rude in the beginning.

Thank you for reading, please comment.
your comments would mean a lot!


Love you all!
Hasina Fatima Z Khan


  1. Fairy

    Loved it dear….bt who is heroin?? D episode ws fantastic…Laksh is superbbb…waitng for nxt part eagerly..keep rockng dear πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. Halima


    |Registered Member

    Amazing Hasina, loved it!
    Finally it got published, is Halina writing one too?

    Love you and keep smiling πŸ’«

    Halima Fatima Z N Khan ✨

  3. Nisha Malik

    Veryyy nice loved it 😍❀ its different but nice ❀😍😍❀ hope its Ragini/Tejasswi 😁❀❀ but please continue

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