Love is blind (Part 3)


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Scene 1- Arjun’s villa

Avanti immediately went inside and asked dadaji his cycle. Dadaji gave his cycle keys with a puzzled look. She ignored the looks and rushed inside. She went through the Shortcut route. As there was big traffic in main road. Avanti reached office before him.

She stood near gate and chatted with watchman.
WM : how are you? We all missed you for three days.
Avanti:I’m great. Yesterday I saw your dp and status. Congratulations as you daughter is married.
WM: thank you madam sry Avanti

Avanti doesn’t like anyone calling her madam. Especially someone who is older than her.

Avanti took and phone and said that I’ll like her photos in fb. Suddenly there was a horn sound behind. It was Arjun’s car. Avanti without removing her eyes from phone said, “wait a second ya….”

Before she could complete her sentence the car came a step forward and she fell down losing her balance

Avanti: aaaaaaa….
The whole office came down. They came and took her inside.
Every one fumed on seeing Arjun. All looked him with a complaining look. Avanti just had a bruise that too a very small one. But for all it appeared big. It showed their love and care for her.

Arjun who can’t bear the drama anymore went inside his cabin. Avanti calmed everyone and went inside Arjun’s cabin.

Avanti : boss, it’s hurting a lot.
Arjun :don’t act too much. I know about you.
Avanti hid her sorrow and smiled.
Avanti: boss wait a sec.
She went outside and came with a coffee.
Avanti: boss, here’s the coffee. Bread and jam will come soon.

Arjun for a second was fully mesmerised by her love. He looked her with care. She too saw that and said to herself, ” Mr. Arjun khanna, I know you love me and I’ll make you realise that.”

They both had eye lock for few seconds but it was disturbed by phone call.
Arjun balanced himself and answered the call.

Avanti looked him with care. When he finished the call, he looked at her and realised her eyes are seeing him.

Arjun: what? (he didn’t want this to continue)
Avanti :nothing boss. Now eat everything.
Arjun:I know when to eat.

He concentrated on his files. Avanti pulled the files and said, “Ajju, please eat dr”

Arjun: I said to you not to call like that.
Avanti: I won’t if you eat everything… (she ordered him softly)
Arjun:first you….
Avanti : get out….. Am I right? (she said with a smile)
Arjun: get out (he yelled at her)

But she went before he completed his sentence.

Scene 2- Adi’s cabin.

Adi received a call from someone.

??? :she is serious now.
Adi: i’ll be there in a minute.

He took his car key and went outside. He went to Arjun’s cabin.

Scene 3 – Arjun’s cabin

Adi: excuse me sir.
Arjun: come in
Adi: sir I’m really sorry sir….. I want to go now sir…. Its really urgent sir. ( he was about to cry)

Arjun realized something wrong and allowed him to leave.

Avanti while coming to room saw Adi rushing out.

Avanti to herself: I should find what’s wrong with him. But not now.

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  1. Awww how caring this avanthi…

    1. Yeah she is…. ?

  2. Sure we ll support you

  3. Oh avanti is so much caring..

  4. sweet avanti and arjun…adi char is still to revealed clearly…but its so humble avnti..

  5. Is arjun n avanti havng some kind of challng or bet. Dey r behavng as if dere is smthng btw dem. . .

  6. it’s really cute when Avanti teases Arjun….I just luv the way they fight with each other which is the beautiful part in love…;-)

  7. Hi DK dear, it’s superb episode, loved Avanti n arjun pair and the convo…Avanti very caring an down to earth. ..loving this story, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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