Love is blind (Part 2)


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Scene 1 – Arjun’s villa

Dadaji and the maid are waiting in the hall for Avantika to come. Suddenly a girl in her 20 s
rushed inside like a storm and came near dadaji. That’s our Avanti

Avanti: dadaji, why this arjun is like this? My
holiday is for a week but he called in just fourdays itself.
Dadaji:don’t wry beta.

He consoled her. Avanti saw the beautiful change in hall.

Avanti: dadaji, wow the hall is super.. Who did this?

Dadaji showed the maid and informed about her
problem. Avantika said that she will take care and asked dadaji for breakfast

Avantika: dadaji, I am very hungry.
Dadaji:it’s dosa beta.
Avantika: I want 4. ( Oh my god, I can’t eat 2 completely)

Suddenly arjun shouted from the upstairs.

Arjun: come upstairs. You have a lot of works to do
Avanti:boss I’ll eat and come.
Arjun:come now and tats my order
Avanti:ok boss(she said in her casual tune. It’s common in her life)

She went upstairs to his room.
Avanti: boss. (with a smile)
Arjun:enjoyed your holidays? (he said with a cruel smile)
Avanti:why boss? Why you called me? Just a week leave for me and you called me.
Arjun: I am not forcing you go.

Avanti is totally mind boggled. But suddenly she noticed the colour of his room

Avanti: wrong wrong wrong
Arjun:what’s wrong? (in little bit of confuse)
Avanti:I said blue colour. But your room is red.
Arjun:yeah. Why should my room should be in your fav colour.
Avnati:red like you face (she said in low voice)
Arjun:what? (he seriously didn’t listened)
Avanti:nothing boss
Arjun:ok take the files and go down.

Avanti took the files and rushed down. Dadaji was ready with his dosa and within Arjun’s arrival she finished her 4 dosas ?. Arjun is
really shocked but didn’t showed tat to her.

The maid looked at Avanti sadly
Avanti: dadaji who chanced the hall. It’s horrible
Dadaji pointed the maid. The maid was totally puzzled. Why she is saying oppositely?
Arjun intervened and said its good

Avanti: no boss.
Arjun:it is.
Avanti:boss I think you should fire her.
Arjun:why should I listen to a PA saying? I guarantee her a life time job. Now lets go.

Avanti winked at dadaji and maid and followed arjun.

Scene2 – near car.

Avanti: boss you changed a lot on not seeing me 4 days.
Arjun:what? (he shouted)
Avanti:now you are going to take me in care right?
Arjun:who said like that? (he smiled evily)

Arjun entered the car and started.
Avanti: boss my scooty is in hostel. It takes an hour to come to the office.

Arjun took his google and said casually , ” can you come to office before me?”
He said and went.

Avantika: I will. (she shouted so he can hear)
Omg how I am going to go?

Scene 3-alps construction office

Tara is totally happy. Now she is the assistant project manager. She searched Adithya to say the good news. Suddenly she saw him and pulled him inside her room.

Adithya was about to shout but she closed his mouth.

Tara:hey why yaar?
Adi: what happened? Why did you pulled me? It’s office.
Tara: stop your dreams. I’m hear to say a good news. Take the sweets.
Adi: good news. Sweets. Are you pregnant? (he said and laughed loudly)
Tara:idiot. (she yelled and slapped him softly)
First marriage.

Oh she made a mistake. She looked at him. Adi’s face is totally changed.

Tara realised what she said and said sorry and rushed out. ( as I said in intro adi hates marriage)

Adi to himself : Tara I’m really sorry. I want you to be always caring and understanding me like this.

Why Adi is like this? How Avanti will come to office before Arjun? Why Avanti is not leaving arjun?

Wait for next part and keep guessing. Waiting for your comments

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