Love is blind (Part 1)


Hey friends…… Actually I posted my ff in mrg itself but it’s not uploaded so I’m posting again…. I’m really upset with dis…. I have been waiting a lot to see my post but it didn’t came?

OK lets go to d story?
Scene 1- Arjun’s villa

The sun is shining through the window of kitchen. Everyone in the villa is doing their job. But one can’t. The one is the new maid of Villa. She shouted and called dadaji the main cook of the villa. Dadaji looked her with a smile and asked what happened

Maid:I’m going to get fired.
Maid:what hmmmm? (we can’t bear a hmmm while chatting think about her condition)
Dadaji: ok first calm down n say what happened.
Maid:I just answered a phone is that a mistake
Dadaji: ok say properly what happened

Scene 2: 1 hr before in Arjun’s room

I was sweeping in arjun sir’s room. Suddenly the phone started to ring. I don’t know what to do? Should I answer? I asked myself. It’s better if I don’t answer. The phone stopped and started to ring again. What will I do now? What if this is an important call? It can’t be personal as he don’t have family? Ok let me answer. When I went near it stoped

I continued to sweep. When I was about to leave. The phone ringed. I shouldn’t have attended but I answered

Maid: hello(she said in low voice)
??? :who the hell you are? (it’s really loud)
It was a mysterious lady’s voice (ML)
Maid:I work in arjun sir’s home.
ML:so what? Give the damn phone to Arjun.
Maid:ok madam.

I rushed to upstairs and called arjun sir. I don’t know what that lady said but he immediately disconnected the phone and saw me with angry in his eyes

Arjun: get out of the place(he shouted like her)

Scene3 : present kitchen

Maid: what is my mistake?
Dadaji:ok don’t worry.
Maid:how can I be? I am going to get fired. What will I do for food?
Dadaji:she can save you
Maid:can she save my job
Dadaji: only she can.
Maid:when will she come?
Dadaji:may be in few minutes.
Maid:actually who s she?
Dadaji:avantika(he said with a small smile)

How can Avantika save the maid? Who is the mysterious lady? Keep guessing…

If you have any suggestions. Plz comment

Guys I really waited alot for the update to be posted. But It didn’t so I posted again

Sry if I have any mistakes ?

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  1. Nice yaar ! Keep going !!

    Want to c Avantika !!!

    1. Tq yaar…. N just w8 till 2mrw?

  2. Waiting eagerly …nyc job continue tis

    1. Tq yaar….

  3. Again suspense god

    1. It makes the story interesting right? ?

  4. Is she arjun lvr..

  5. Very interesting episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up buddyyy

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