Hi shivika fans. How you guys are doing… I am new to this fan fiction zone.. not to tu. And definitely not to ishqbaaaz. I almost read all the articles related to ishqbaaaz and I love them. Especially the ffs from VHM, Diyaa. These two are my favorite writers here. Inspired by them I do want to write a ff of ishqbaaaz. So here I am… Pls read this and do leave a comment… ok thanku u for bearing my bakbaks…and pls ignore typos and grammatical errors….

This is purely a shivika’s love story…. Its my imaginary story and its nothing to do with original.

Mr.Raj Goel the manager of ROYAL ORGANISERS says to office boy to call his PA to his cabin. Peon goes to the table which is other end of the office and stands infront of a table that shines a name board “MRS.SHIKA”
Peon: Shika mam, Goel sir is looking for you.
Shika nods and goes to the manager cabin. Excuse me sir. May I come in.
MR GOEL: yes Mrs Shika.. I have important and happy news for you.
Shika: yes sir,pls go ahead.
MR GOEL: you knew, last month we organised the annual party for Mac. Industries. They were very much happy with our services. Now they want us to organize their partners company’s party too…. and guess what they are one of the biggest names in India. If we arranged theirs, we will get bigger.. and better offers all over the nation.
Shika: wow sir. Congratulations.
MR GOEL: thx, the manager from S.A.computers Mr.Ananth will be coming tomorrow for initial arrangements. You are the best organiser in our company.. so I want you to be with him and do the work perfectly.
Shika: Of course sir, I will give my best.
Shika comes to her table where pooja waiting for her. “Lets go”.
(A small recap of shika and pooja)

Shika and pooja are roommates. They are back to their hostel. Shika immediately goes to bed. Pooja always wonder “why is shika wants to be all alone. She never shares about anything or anyone,even though she is friendly with pooja.
Next Week was a busy day for shika after Ananth came to shika’s office to see the preparation.
Ananth informs Mr.Goel, “My boss is very much impressed with your preparation. He wants to appreciate you and your staff personally… he will meet you tomorrow evening here in your office….”
MR.Goel says”its my pleasure….. I will wait for him”…. he informs shika about the same…..
(Shika pov.)….at night looking at her husband’s photo…..,
“I love you baby…. and I don’t know why… I’m missing you very much these days….”
Next day at office…
Everyone going crazy with preparation for welcoming S.A. computer’s. Boss. don’t know why…shika’s heart beat running fastly…. Even she didn’t eat properly since the morning….
Pooja is excitedly tells shika that” you know what shika…. he is one of the most eligible bachelor in India… I googled about him on net… wow he is so handsome yaar… I’m excited to meet him. His name is ……”
Shika is least interested.. “no, pooja … I am not interested in anyone…e en I don’t want to know his name….” whatever….says pooja….

Finally he came…. Everyone rushed to welcome him… apart from shika… Shika is working at her place.
MR Goel’s voice is clearly heard to shika…
“I am very happy to have you here MR SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI……”
Shika’sheart,world,eyes,everything comes to a standstill for sometime after hearing the name…. (of course, it’s our anika…. I know you guys would have been recognized her in the first paragraph…)
Shika’s heart beat rises when Goel and Shivay approached her table…. Goel said” Mr. Shivay, she is your party’s main organiser Mrs. Shika….
Shivaay said,”hello Mrs. Shika, he extends his hand with his trademark smile… “”thuttt”””… Shika is fainted. Everyone shocked…
What’s happened to anika?. How is she connected to shivaay. Why she changed her name to shika… did shivay recognized shika…?… I will reveal in the next episode.
That’s all for today guys… How is the episode. Pls comment and share your views with me. After reading the comments I will post the next one…. if you guys are not interested…I will end it here…..

Revealing the flashback of shika….

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