Love is blind (Intro)


Hey guys…. This is my first ff….. Hope you ll love dis… If you guys don’t like it….. I won’t continue yaar.

Avantika :
25 yr fun loving girl. Who always
makes others happy. But she can’t make one smile. The one is the person who she thinks as her life. She is working as PA in alps construction

28 yr. Our cold hearted hero. He is always there to make avantika’s life hell. There is a flash back for his coldness I’ll reveal it later.

Tara: avantika’s best friend and her roommate. Always she feel that Avantika is hiding something. But never ask her. She is Damn sure she ll say someday.

Adithya: Tara’s luver. He is always smiling and makes others smile wid his jokes. But when tara say about marriage his smile fade. Why? W8 4 some days guys.

Hope you love dis…

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  1. Nice …make it lil thrilling and romcom?

    1. Hmmm k dr….. I’ll

  2. Yup sure

    1. I’ll continue yaar….

  3. Heyy DK…First of all nice name… And story introduction is also good… Keep writing…

    1. Thanks dor d complement yaar…

    2. Thanks for d complement yaar…

  4. Graceson dharmaraj

    Nice story… 🙂

  5. Nice story… I like this…keep continue story like this…I appreciate who written this story…I love to read this story

  6. Nice story… I love to read this story…I appreciate you mind…..write many stories like this….I love it pappa

  7. Nice story..I love it

  8. hi DK.
    very nice story…
    continue yaa….

    1. K yaar i’ll continue…

  9. Graceson dharmaraj

    Nice story I love it very much

  10. Nice intro…I love it

  11. How to wrote fan fiction can any one tell me …
    And bye the way go a head on this line its sounds interesting ?

    1. Chakor… select submit your article from the menu and write ur ff… N tq?

  12. Eagrly waitng for the stry 🙂

  13. Hey superb ya…..
    Nice introduction

  14. anisha kannan

    Nyc intro dear

  15. Tq all frnds….. I’ll continue d stry….. W8 till 2mrw

  16. Nice intro dk…seems interesting …..update your story waiting for it…

  17. Nice intro

  18. Looking forward for remaining

  19. Very nice intro, plzzzz continue dear, the plot seems interesting DK…eagerly waiting for the first episode

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