Love Is Blind (Episode 9)

Although I don’t celebrate it, Happy Ramadan to everyone who celebrates it :). Thank you for all ur comments. I feel like a bubble about to explode from happiness. OMG guys ur turning me into a bubble ?……..the confession is coming up soon with a MahaEpisode so stay tuned…….

Recap: The whole family go shopping and some bad guys misbehave with Twinkle. The leader’s name is Ranbir Malhotra. Kunj saves Twinkle and hits Ranbir. Twinj realize their love for each other.


It’s the night of the Sangeet….

All the guests have arrived and the groom is also there. Kunj and Rishi are with the groom. They are waiting for Priya’s arrival, but Kunj’s eyes are only searching for one person. Suddenly the lights go off and a spotlight falls on the top of the stairs.
Priya’s mom- Oh look Priya is coming.
Everyone turn their eyes to the spotlight. Twinkle and Chinki are bringing Priya down. Priya is wearing a beautiful tan lehenga with silver jewelry. Chinki is wearing a blue lehenga with matching jewelry. Kunj spots Twinkle. His eyes only follow her. Kunj is extremely happy that she is wearing the lehenga he chose for her. (Twinkle is dressed like how she was during their confession at Rajjo’s wedding).
Twinkle comes and makes Priya sit on the throne next to the groom. She then goes and stands behind them next to Kunj.
Kunj whispers- Wow Twinkle.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- What a nice choice I have right? I’m the best.
Twinkle looks at him with shock.
Twinkle- How mean Kunj! Instead of complimenting me u compliment yourself! Khadoos Sarna.
Kunj- What can I say Twinkle my choice is the best.
Twinkle- They are the worst choices.
She gets mad and leaves.
Kunj- But my choice is u Twinkle and that’s the best choice I ever made.
He smiles.
Twinkle is still angry and is walking around.
Twinkle- Babaji what kind of person is he? I wore the dress he chose to make him happy and he doesn’t even compliment me. What did I even see in Kunj that made me fall for him?
Suddenly someone pulls her hand and takes her to an empty hall. She is about to scream when she sees who it is.
Twinkle- You!
Kunj- Yeah me? Why, were u waiting for ur boyfriend?
Twinkle doesn’t talk to him and turns her face.
Kunj- Awww Siyappa Queen ur still mad at me?
Twinkle still doesn’t speak. Kunj turns her face towards him. He moves closer to her. Twinkle gets nervous and her heartbeat increases. Kunj goes closer and whispers in her ear.
Kunj- U look beautiful Twinkle.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj- Ok now go get ready. We have our performance coming up and we need make the bride’s side win. Do u remember that or did u forget?
Rishi is the host and he is introducing the upcoming performances.
Rishi- Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for our next performance. Coming up next is a performance from the bride’s side. Introducing the bride’s cousin and best friend Kunj and bhabhi ji….sorry sorry…I mean Kunj and Twinkle. A big round of applause for them.
Twinj come on stage. Twinj are dancing to the song Ghagra from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Just then the music stops. Twinj stop dancing and everyone is confused.
DJ- Sorry. Technical malfunctions.
Twinkle gets sad.
Twinkle- Oh no Kunj the bride’s side can’t lose.
Kunj thinks- I won’t let that happen Twinkle. I won’t let u lose.

Soniyo, o soniyo…

Everyone looks at the person who is singing. Twinkle looks over at Kunj who is singing. Kunj forwards his hand to Twinkle. Twinkle smiles and holds his hand. (Guys please listen to the song Soniyo from Raaz to get the full experience of Twinj’s dance).

Tumhe dekhta hu to sochta hu bas yahi
Tum jo mera saath do, saare gham bhulake
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi
Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de de mera saath
Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de de mera saath…

Kunj twirls Twinkle around. Twinkle puts one hand on Kunj’s shoulder and holds Kunjs hand with the other. Kunj puts his hand on Twinkle’s waist. Kunj is singing while they dance.

Raho me, tanha hu saath le chal yu
Sang tere safar poora karu
Raho me, tanha hu saath le chal yu
Sang tere safar poora karu
Kya kahu ae zindagi
Tu hai meri saans, rehna tu paas har ghadi…
Kunj turns Twinkle and her back is on his chest. He holds her hand and lifts her and spins around. He brings her down and dips her (Sidhant’s famous dip). He brings her back up and they look at each other. Kunj looks at her and sings.
Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat,
Tu bas de de mera saath,
Tu bas de de mera saath…

Kunj finishes singing and Twinj are in an eyelock. The audience is spellbound and they are all so amazed that they forgot to clap. Suddenly someone starts clapping and soon everyone gives them a standing ovation. Twinj come out of their eye-lock and bow.
Rishi- Wow guys what a mind blowing performance. A warning to the groom’s side family, u have a tough competition.
The rest of the performances end and it’s time to declare the winner.
Rishi- Now the moment u all have been waiting for. Time to see which family took home the prize. Now for the scores; the groom’s side gathered a total of 90 out of the possible 100 points. WOW!
Everyone claps.
Rishi- Now the bride’s side…..
Twinkle is nervous and starts biting her nails. Kunj looks at her. Twinkle closes her eyes.
Rishi- The bride’s side got 96 points…meaning THEY ARE OUR WINNERS!!!!!
Twinkle opens her eyes and screams. Kunj is next to her. Twinkle in excitement hugs Kunj. Kunj too hugs her back.
Rishi- Now the bride’s side got such a high score because of one performance and I think u all can guess which one. Yup let’s give it up for Twinkle and Kunj!
Everyone claps for Twinj and Twinkle and Kunj break their hug.

The Sangeet ends and everyone leaves. The whole family is enjoying together.
Pritam uncle- Wow Twinkle and Kunj u guys were amazing.
Priya- Yea Twinkle u were fantastic.
Twinkle- Mujhe chod and think about Kunj. Wow Kunj I didn’t know that u had such a nice voice.
Kunj lifts his collar.
Kunj- After all, I am THE Kunj Sarna. Age age dhek hota hai kya.
Everyone laughs.
Pritam Uncle- We have won so we should celebrate na?
Kunj does his famous one eyebrow raise.
Kunj- Idea!
Everyone looks at him.
Kunj- Let’s go on a picnic.
Everyone agrees on going on the picnic tomorrow. They all leave to pack their stuff.
Kunj thinks- Now this picnic will give me a reason to spend more time with Twinkle.

Next scene…..

A dark room is shown. The back of a guy is shown. Another man walks into the room.
Man- Boss, we found out who the girls is. Her name is Twinkle Taneja. Her friend Priya’s wedding is going on so she is staying at their house. Kunj Sarna is Priya’s cousin and he is also staying with them. The whole family has planned on going on a picnic tomorrow.
Guy- Ok go.
The man leaves. The guy standing turns around. It is none other than Ranbir Malhotra.
Ranbir- Twinkle Taneja, u did wrong by raising ur hand on me. Kunj Sarna because of u I had to be admitted to the hospital. Now I will teach u both that nobody messes with Ranbir Malhotra.
Ranbir picks up a glass and throws it. It breaks and glass scatters everywhere.

Precap- The whole family go on the picnic. Twinkle kisses Kunj…

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