Love Is Blind (Episode 8)


Omg ur comments. Literally I have been smiling like a lunatic for the past hour. Pretty soon my face is going to start hurting. Thanks Zaku, Rashi, dreamer, Ria, Lama, ami, sonali, Krystal, fiona and many more. Sorry if I forgot ur name. And Sayeeda u r too funny. ? I don’t need a PHD to think of these scenes. I just think of past Twinj moments and they serve as inspiration. 🙂

Recap: Twinkle decides to get Kunj and Rishi married. They tell Twinkle the truth and she feels embarrassed. Kunj falls sick and Twinkle stays at home to take care of him. They are home alone and watch DDLJ. Twinkle tells Kunj her Mr. Perfect will fight off bad guys for her.


Kunj gets off the bed and looks for Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle where are u?
He goes downstairs and sees Twinkle hiding behind the couch with a rolling pin in her hand. Kunj goes and puts his hand on her shoulder. She screams.
Twinkle- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Kunj covers his ears.
Kunj- Twinkle what happened? Y r u shouting?
Twinkle- K…K…Kunj there’s a cockroach here?
Kunj gets scared.
Kunj- Where? Where?!
They see the cockroach on the floor and both scream. The jump on the couch and hug each other while screaming.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing. Go and kill it.
Kunj- Y should I go? U go.
Twinkle- Wow Kunj did u forget? Ur the man here.
Kunj- Ha toh tu bhi toh woman.
Twinkle- But this is ur job Kunj u have to save me go!
Kunj- Twinkle look, I’m not scared of anything but…..cockroaches? NO WAY!
They see the cockroach coming towards them. Twinj quickly run upstairs to Kunj’s room and lock the door.
Kunj- U have a weapon but I’m defenseless.
He picks up a pen.
Twinkle (sarcastically)- Yea Kunj u can totally save urself with that.
Kunj- Ur right I need something more powerful. After all, it’s a life-death situation here.
He drops the pen and picks up a broom. Twinj have their backs together and their weapons in their hands. They turns in a circle looking around the room. Pretty soon it is late at night and Twinj fall asleep. They both are sitting on the floor leaning against the side of the bed. Twinkle’s head is on Kunj’s shoulder and Kunj’s head is on Twinkle’s head. Their weapon’s are still in their hands.

The Next Morning…..

Priya’s family returns home.
Priya- Where is Kunj Bhai?
Chinki- Where is Twinkle?
Chinki goes to check for Twinkle while Priya goes to check for Kunj. Chinki doen’t find Twinkle in her room. Meanwhile, Priya walks into Kunj’s room.
Priya- Kunj Bhai where…..
She sees them both sleeping peacefully on the floor. Chinki also comes there.
Chinki- Priya? Are u seeing what I’m seeing?
Priya- Chinki, I hope u r seeing what I’m seeing.
They both rub their eyes.
Chinki- Let’s go wake them up.
Priya- Wait Chinki look what’s in their hands. I don’t want to wake them up and get killed.
Chinki- Ur right. Let’s wait until they wake up.
They wait for a while. Chinki and Priya get tired so they sit on the chairs and hold their cheeks with their hands. Finally Kunj decides to wake up. Kunj wakes up and doesn’t see Chinki and Priya there. He looks at Twinkle sleeping on his shoulder. (Sajna ve plays). Twinkle’s hair is on her face so Kunj lovingly tucks it behind her ear. Chinki’s and Priya’s mouth go wide open. Twinkle wakes up and looks at Kunj. They are in a deep eyelock. Chinki and Priya get up and stand in front of them. They cough.
Kunj- Twinkle, do u have a sore throat?
Twinkle- No Kunj. I thought u coughed.
Chinki and Priya cough again. This time Twinj turn to look at them. They quickly get up and look at the weapons in their hands. They drop the weapons (rolling pin and broom).
Twinkle- Chinki? When did u guys come?
Priya- Oh only like 10 minutes ago but u two were too busy in ur moment to notice us.
Kunj goes and holds Priya’s ear.
Priya- Ow Kunj bhai stop it hurts.
Kunj- Oh really now?
Twinkle- Kunj let her go.
Kunj let’s go.
Priya- Thanks Twinkle at least he listens to someone. By the way bhai, I’m a grown woman who is getting married don’t forget that.
Kunj- Oh really now?
He goes to chase Priya but she runs away. Priya’s mom comes there.
Priya’s mom- Sorry Twinkle and Kunj the road was blocked so we couldn’t leave until this morning. I hope u guys were ok.
Priya comes back.
Priya- Yea mom they were absolutely fine.
Twinkle and Kunj give her a death stare. Priya’s mom leaves.
Chinki- Tell me one thing Twinkle. What were u guys exactly doing with those weapons in ur hands.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and smiles. Kunj makes a “please don’t” face.
Twinkle- Chinki u know that I can’t stand cockroaches right? Well looks like Mr. Kunj Sarna is an even bigger scaredy-cat than me.
Kunj- What? No I’m not.
Twinkle- Hawww U little liar!
Kunj- I am Kunj Sarna The Great and Kunj Sarna isn’t scared of anything.
Twinkle- Kunj there’s a cockroach behind u.
Kunj screams- Where? Where? Twinkle save me!
Twinkle, Priya, and Chinki laugh.
Twinkle- Kunj Sarna The Great right?

Next scene…

The whole family go to the mall to shop. The Sangeet is tomorrow and everyone is busy buying dresses.
Kunj sees Twinkle looking at dresses by herself. He goes to her.
Kunj- No not that one. Not that one either.
Twinkle- Kunj, did I ask for ur opinion?
Kunj- But I’m ur friend na? So if u can make such a big decision about getting me married then I can take a small decision of picking ur dress right?
Twinkle- Stop Kunj, don’t remind me. I messed up that day.
Kunj- ok ok I’ll stop.
Kunj starts to walk away but then stops. He turns towards Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle?
Twinkle looks at him. Kunj points to a green and pink lehenga. Twinkle picks it up.
Kunj- Perfect.
He walks away and Twinkle smiles. Twinkle pays for the dress and walks out of the store. Suddenly some guys come on motorcycles and start circling around Twinkle.
Guy- Hey baby.
He tries to touch Twinkle but Twinkle moves his hand away.
Guy- What’s wrong? Wow u look hotter with that attitude.
He looks at the shopping bag in her hand.
Guy- Oh so u want new dresses? U should have just told me and I would have bought u all the dresses u want. Y would u wear this boring old dress when I can buy u new miniskirts.
Twinkle slaps the guy. The guy gets furious.
Guy- Hey u don’t who ur messing with. My name is Ranbir Malhotra and Ranbir Malhotra gets whatever he wants.
He takes the bag out of her hand and throws it. But someone catches the bag then kicks Ranbir off his bike. Guess who? Yup, Mr. Kunj Sarna. All the bad guys go to hit Kunj but Kunj fights them off with ease. Twinkle sees Kunj fighting and remembers what she said.
Twinkle- When a guy fights off 100 bad guys then I will know that my true love exists.
Back to present…
Twinkle thinks- Does that mean…….? Kunj?
Just then Ranbir hits the back of Kunj’s head with a stick.
Twinkle- KUNJ NOOOO!!!!!!!
Kunj falls down and Ranbir keeps hitting him. Twinkle tries to run to Kunj but the other guys hold her back.
Twinkle (crying)- Kunj please get up. For me please!
Kunj is on the floor but he looks at Twinkle and gets up and starts hitting Ranbir. Kunj hits and hits until Ranbir falls unconscious. The bad guys let go of Twinkle and run to their boss. They take Ranbir away. Kunj is bleeding all over and is weak. He is about to fall but Twinkle holds him. Kunj looks at Twinkle and cups her face.
Kunj- Twinkle, are u ok?
Twinkle is still crying. She nods her head yes. The rest of the family come there and is shocked. They quickly take Kunj home and do his first aid.

Kunj’s Room…

Kunj is laying in bed thinking about the fight.
Kunj thinks- What happened to me? Why was I so angry when that guy talked bad with Twinkle? Y did I feel like killing him on the spot? Y did I feel the need to protect Twinkle with all my strength? What is this feeling?
Kunj reminisces about all the times he spent with Twinkle. (Bolna plays in bg). Kunj remembers Twinkle laughing and her smile.
Kunj- Omg all this while I was waiting for my Simran to enter my life. I didn’t even know she had entered a long time ago.

Twinkle is also thinking about Kunj in her room. 
Twinkle- Is he the one? Is it Kunj?
Twinkle thinks in her room and Kunj thinks in his room.
Twinkle- Is this why I feel peace when I’m with him?
Kunj- Is this why her smile reduces all my worries?
Twinkle- Omg.
Kunj- Is this…
Twinj- Love?
They both smile.
Twinj- I love you Twinkle/Kunj.

Precap: Sangeet ceremony and Twinj dance……Ranbir returns…….

Credit to: Sara

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