Love Is Blind (Episode 6)

Thank You guys for all the lovely comments. Like u can’t even imagine how much they can make a person’s day. Between all this stress in my life and on top of that the depressing track in TEI, ur positivity was much needed. I also wanted to stop watching TEI but I’m not going to stop. Just because Sidhant left, that doesn’t mean I still won’t support Jasmin. I will keep watching TEI for the rest of the cast and especially Twinkle…after all, It’s the best show ever! Also many of u have asked for the episode where Kunj says that dialogue. It is from the March 2nd episode where Kunj dresses as Sharukh from DDLJ. Now let’s get on with the episode.

Recap: Twinj get arrested. They both pretend to fight to escape. They escape and return home.


Twinj return home. Their clothes are all dirty from being in the jungle and behind the bars.
Pritam Uncle- Are Kunj and Twinkle u guys came finally.
Prya laughs seeing their condition.
Priya- What happened guys? Looks like u had too much fun.
She winks at them.
Kunj- Priya…teri toh mein. U wait.
Twinkle- It’s a long story.
Twinj narrate the whole story to the family. After they finish everyone starts laughing.
Priya’s mom- Ok ok guys now u go and rest. Tomorrow we are starting to decorate the house and we need ur help.
Everyone goes to their respected rooms.

The next morning…

Kunj- Bhaiya keep those flowers over there. No what r u doing I said to put it on the table not on the floor!
Twinkle takes a pillow and covers her ears, but she can still hear Kunj yelling at everyone. A frustrated Twinkle storms out of her room.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u….
She starts laughing after looking at Kunj. Kunj is entangled in a bunch of flowers and lights.
Twinkle- Kunj are u decorating the house or urself?
Kunj rolls his eyes. He starts looking at the decorations and walks backwards. Suddenly he trips over a flower basket and is about to fall but Twinkle catches him. They are in yet again another eyelock. Priya’s two little cousins come. (Chutki is 6 years old and Shaan is 7 years old. They are brother and sister).
Chutki- Bhai look at Twinkle Di and Kunj Bhaiya.
Shaan- Yeah Chutki. They are in the wrong places Kunj bhai should be holding Twinkle Di.
Chutki- Let’s go tell them.
Twinj are still in the same position. Chutki goes and tugs on Kunj’s sleeve. Kunj turn’s his head.
Shaan- Kunj bhai u r doing it wrong. Don’t u see in the movies? U have to hold Twinkle Di.
Twinj realize their situation and quickly compose themselves.
Twinkle- Well Chutki and Shaan, the truth is that ur Kunj Bhai is not strong at all. Look he has no muscles.
Kunj gives her a death glare and Chutki and Shaan run away.
Kunj- Yeh joke tha?
Twinkle- Ha tho.
Kunj- I don’t like jokes.
Twinkle- I don’t like u.
They both walk away in opposite directions.
The house is beautifully decorated. The Sangeet is in a few days and everyone is enjoying. Just then Chinki enters with her luggage.
Chinki- Twinkle, Priya I’m here.
Twinkle- Finally Chinki, u came. I thought that u would never come.
Kunj was standing there listening to their conversation. Twinkle sees Kunj standing there.
Twinkle- Chinki, this is Kunj, Priya’s cousin. And Kunj, this is Chinki, my best best and did i mention best friend.
Kunj- Hi Chinki.
Kunj thinks- Chinki….that name sounds familiar. OH MY GOD i remember now that day at the mall. That means Twinkle was that girl?
He smiles and goes to Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle come with me.
Twinkle- But where?
Kunj- Just come na.
He drags Twinkle to his room. And takes out the watch and hides it behind his back.
Kunj- Twinkle is ur birthday on June 28? (That’s Jasmin’s actual b-day and also Twinkle’s b-day in this ff).
Twinkle- Yes but Kunj, how do u know?
Kunj shows her the watch.
Twinkle- Omg Kunj where did u get this from. Wait, u were that guy i bumped into? Wow I can’t believe this.
Kunj- I know right Twinkle? This world is so small. That day I vowed to find the owner of this watch and look u r right in front of me. I also gave u the perfect name. U r such a Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle- By the way Kunj I also gave u a name because I thought u were a thief. Mr. Khadoos.
They both laugh. Kunj makes Twinkle wear the watch.
Twinkle- By the way Kunj u wern’t planning on keeping this watch right?
I mean what would u do with a heart shaped watch. U r not a girl right?
Kunj- R u serious Twinkle, y would I wear that watch?
They both laugh and come back downstairs. Kunj sees his best friend Rishi there.
Kunj- Hey Rishi what’s up. U are here?
Rishi- Hey Kunj. Actually aunty (Priya’s mom) called me early because she needed some help.
Kunj- Well good to see u man.
They hug. Kunj introduces Rishi to Twinkle.
Kunj- Rishi this is Twinkle and Twinkle this is Rishi.
Rishi- Hello Bhabi ji.
Twinkle looks on surprised.
Kunj- Shut up Rishi. Actually Twinkle, he has this habit of calling any girl he sees with me his bhabi don’t mind him.
Kunj turns to Rishi and jokingly says- Y do I need someone else when I got u.
Rishi also jokes- Aww Kunj u r soo romantic.
They laugh and walk away. Twinkle looks at them weirdly.
Twinkle thinks- These boys are so weird. Who talks to their friends like that. Leave it Twinkle u won’t understand. After all he’s Mr. Kunj Sarna. No one can understand him.

(Rishi’s Room…)

Rishi- I’m so nervous Kunj. She’s the first girl I’m serious about.
Kunj- Relax Rishi. This is ur first date. Man up, u can’t be so nervous. Remember first impressions are the ones that last. Come on I’ll help u get ready to look perfect for ur date.
Rishi- Thanks man ur the best.
Rishi and Kunj take out about 20 shirts and lay them on the bed. They scratch their heads thinking which one to pick. Finally they decide on a royal blue button up. Rishi starts taking off the shirt he has on but it gets stuck. Kunj goes to help him. Suddenly Twinkle enters the room and sees Kunj taking off Rishi’s shirt.
Twinkle- Rishi, do u want…….ahhhh
(Funny music plays). She screams then closes her eyes and turns around. Rishi quickly wears the shirt.
Rishi- Are Bhabi ji…i mean Twinkle u here.
Twinkle- Actually I came to ask if u would like anything to eat but if u are busy then i’ll come later. She runs away.
Rishi looks at Kunj.
Rishi- What happened to her?
Kunj shrugs.
Twinkle- Hai Babaji y are these boys so weird? What were they even doing?

At night…

Twinkle passes by Rishi’s room on her way to her room when she hears voices coming from inside. She peaks inside and sees Kunj kneeling in front of Rishi.
Kunj takes Rishi’s hand and kisses it.
Kunj- I love you.
Twinkle sees this and is shocked. (Maa Da Laadla from Dostana plays). Twinkle faints.
Here’s what actually happened…FLASHBACK…
Rishi- Kunj yaar the date was so awesome and I think she likes me. I like her also but I don’t know how to tell her. Give me some tips please.
Kunj- Ok let me show u how to do it. First u look into her eyes then take her hand and say I love you. Watch like this.
Kunj kneels on one knee and takes Rishi’s hand and kisses it. He says I love u.
Now back to present….
Rishi- Omg Kunj ur amazing. Thanks buddy.
Chinki walks by and sees Twinkle unconscious. She quickly sprinkles water on her and Twinkle wakes up. Twinkle quickly takes Chinki’s hand and drags her into her room. Twinkle starts walking back and forth while biting her nails.
Chinki- Twinkle what happened? R u alright? Y r u so stressed?
Twinkle is still walking back and forth. Chinki grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her.
Chinki- Hosh mein aah Twinkle. What happened to u.
Twinkle comes to her senses.
Twinkle- Woh Chinki…he….he…
Chinki- Who?
Twinkle- Kunj…. he…. he is…he likes….he is…
Chinki- What happened to Kunj?
Twinkle- Chinki….
Chinki- Twinkle what happened?!!!
Twinkle says in one breath- KUNJ LIKES BOYS!
Chinki- What?!!

Precap: Twinkle decides to get Kunj and Rishi married. (Twinkle what r u doing girl??)

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