Love Is Blind (Episode 54) ~ A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY


Recap: Kunj tells Twinkle he’s is leaving. On his way out, he accidently drops Twinkle’s locket. Twinkle picks up the locket and regains all her memories. She stops Kunj and they, along with Aarav and Prisha head back to Amritsar.


Twinj and their little children are finally going home. Aarav and Prisha are busy looking out the window at the mountains. Twinkle is also looking out the window. Kunj is staring at Twinkle lovingly. He sees Twinkle’s hand on the seat and holds it. Twinkle moves her hand away.
Kunj (whispers)- What happened? Itna tashan kyun?
Twinkle (attitude)- Why are u holding my hand, if ur going to let it go again?
Kunj smiles and tightly holds on to Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj- Ok fine. Now that I held it, I will never let it go. I will glue our hands together. Feviquick zindabaad!
Twinkle laughs and puts her head on Kunj’s shoulder as Kunj wraps his arm around Twinkle’s shoulder.
Prisha- We’re here!
They get out of the car and stand in front of Sarna Mansion. Aarav and Twinkle look up at Sarna Mansion emotionally. They walk up to the gate. Suddenly a little girl stops them from entering.
Girl- Stop!
Everyone is shocked. Suddenly Prisha goes and hugs the little girl, who is about the same age as her. Twinkle looks at Kunj confused. Kunj smiles.
Girl- I’m not talking to you Prisha. U left without even telling me.
Prisha- Sorry Kajal. Next time, I will take you with me.
They laugh. Twinkle looks at Kunj as her eyes ask many questions.
Kunj- Kajal, bro and di’s daughter.
Twinkle’s face lights up and a huge smile lands on her face. Suddenly all the family members come out to greet them. Usha does their aarti with tears of happiness in her eyes. Twinkle comes in and hugs everyone.
Leela- Mera puttar! Where did u go? Not once did u think of this mother of urs? Without u, do u know how hard it was for me to live, to eat, to sleep?
Twinkle wipes away her tears.
Twinkle- Maa….u know there’s only room for one drama queen in the family, and that’s me!
Leela laughs. Twinkle goes to Uv and the rest of the family members. Aarav stands silently in the back of the room. Everyone looks at him and smiles.
Everyone- Aarav…..
At the same time, everyone opens their arms. Aarav smiles and runs to them as they all share a group hug.
Prisha- Are, wait for me.
Prisha also joins them and everyone laughs.
Usha- Ok Twinkle puttar, u must be tired. Go have some rest. We have arranged a party for u tonight, so be ready and come out to the garden.
Twinkle- Mummy ji, what was the need for all that?
Usha- My bahu and grandson came back after so many years, a party was the least I could do.

(Twinj’s Room…)

Twinkle walks into the room and looks around. She slowly walks and touches the things in the room. Kunj walks in and closes the door.
Twinkle- Kunj, why did u lock the door?
Kunj holds Twinkle by her waist as Twinkle rest her arms around Kunj’s neck.
Kunj- Why? Do u want to display our romance to the whole world so the audience can give us PDA warnings all night?
Twinkle- Romance? What romance?
Twinkle pushes Kunj.
Kunj- Kamal hai. Ek toh I’ve got my wife back after 6 years, and on top of that, she doesn’t want to romance with me. Hai Vaiguru what kind of wife did u give me?
Twinkle holds Kunj’s ear.
Twinkle- Ok drama queen, it’s enough now.
She laughs. Kunj stares at her lovingly. Twinkle gives him the “what” look. Kunj smirks and advances towards Twinkle. He closes his eyes and leans in towards Twinkle. Twinkle smiles a little and covers Kunj’s lips. Kunj pouts. Twinkle goes to the wardrobe and takes out Kunj’s suit. She hands it to him and pushes him out of the room.
Twinkle- Now go get ready quickly. Kunj stands outside the room with a sad face. Twinkle opens the door and Kunj turns around. Twinkle quickly gives a peck on Kunj’s cheek and closes the door again. Kunj touches his cheek and smiles.

Next Scene…

Kunj gets ready and waits for Twinkle outside the room. He was looking dashing and super hot. He was wearing a black suit with a red shirt and black tie. Kunj fixes the silver Calvin Klein watch on his wrist and looks at the time.
Kunj- How much longer will this Twinkle take?
Kunj knocks on the door.
Kunj- Twinkle, are you ready?
He gets no reply so he slowly opens the door and sticks his head inside the room. He walks in the room and sees Twinkle sitting in front of the mirror. Kunj becomes mesmerized as Twinkle’s hair slowly flutters in the air. She was wearing a red saree with a black low back, sleeveless blouse. She was putting on her silver hoop earrings on one of her ears when she noticed Kunj standing behind her. Kunj walked up to her and picked up one of her earrings. He put the earring on Twinkle’s ear as she closed her eyes. Kunj moved Twinkle’s hair from her shoulder and kissed her shoulder. Twinkle stands up and Kunj back hugs her. He rubs his cheek with her cheek. Kunj kisses her neck then starts to give her a little love bite. Twinkle opens her eyes and pushes Kunj back a little. Kunj looks at her shocked. Twinkle blushes and fixes her hair.
Kunj- Kya?
Twinkle- Remember what happened the last time u did that?
Kunj- What happened?
Twinkle- Last time u gave me a love bite, I had to hide it with a scarf and still people found out. How embarrassed was I? And I had to say that a mosquito bit me! (Who remembers this?)
Kunj laughs quietly.
Twinkle- I’m not wearing a scarf tonight.
Kunj- Ok then I don’t mind if I get one, I’ll cover it up with my collar.
He winks and Twinkle blushes. She starts leaving but Kunj holds her waist and pulls her towards him.
Kunj- U are looking beautiful today.
Twinkle- Wow Mr. Sarna, u are extra sweet today. What do u want?
Kunj- U know what I want Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle blushes. She leans in and gives a small peck on Kunj’s lips all of a sudden, leaving Kunj startled. Twinkle shies and runs out of the room. Kunj yells out to her.
Twinkle yells back.
Twinkle- I LOVE YOU TOO!
Kunj smiles.

Next Scene…

Twinkle and Kunj come down to the garden to see it beautifully decorated with lights and lanterns, the moonlight adding a magical touch to the setting. The guests greet them as they come.
“Did u forget about us?”
Twinkle turns around and sees Chinki and Rishi holding a little boy’s hand.
Twinkle- Chinki!!!
Twinkle goes and hugs Chinki. She pulls the little boy’s cheek.
Twinkle- And who is this handsome little boy?
Kunj- That’s Prem, Chinki and Rishi’s son.
Prem runs off to play with Aarav, Prisha, and Kajal.
Twinkle looks around the whole garden.
Kunj- Twinkle, what happened?
Twinkle- No, nothing. I’m just looking.
Twinkle and Kunj look around…they see the little kids running around and playing.
Kunj- Look at those two love birds.
They see Mahi and Uv holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes.
Twinkle- Aww how cute! Look at them!
They see Chinki playfully slapping Rishi’s chest as Rishi holds his ears.
Twinj laugh. Twinkle looks at Kunj laughing.
Twinkle- I love you Kunj.
(Sajna Ve plays).
Kunj- I love you too.
Twinkle- Thank you Kunj…for everything. Tumhe paa kar mujhe apni zindigi ki saari khushiya mil gayi.
Kunj- It’s funny when we think about our journey so far. Our love had something different, a different style.
Twinkle- Yea! All these obstacles and adventures gave meaning and definition to our style of love….this tashan wali ishq of ours.
Kunj- Yea….our tashan e ishq story.
Twinj smile at each other. Kunj side hugs Twinkle and kisses her forehead as fireworks light up the night sky and our beautiful couple look up to see the beautiful celebration of their love.


So guys, please if anything, answer these two points:

1. What has been ur favorite scene/episode/dialogue?

If u were a silent reader, please comment “I’m a silent reader”. I just want to know how many of u are out there ?
Our journey has been a wonderful one. I never thought that this ff would get so much love and support. It’s amazing to think that I could meet such talented people and make such wonderful friends at a random website put together by a huge fan base. TEI fans have such power, with which we all are able to connect. I will forever be grateful to TU and of course to Tashan E Ishq which made this all happen. Sorry if my speech sounds like I won some kind of Oscar but to me, the feeling is like I won an Oscar. I will always love Sidhant, Zain and Jasmin. I will miss their friendship offscreen and Twinj chemistry onscreen. Sidmin was the definition of friendship and Twinj was the definition of love. Every time Twinj hugged on screen, it was as if two puzzle pieces fit together. This show as a whole was extraordinary and will always be my top favorite, unless they do a TEI Season 2. Anyways, One last thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who read this ff and gave me the strength and motivation to continue.
Laddoooooooo, I will miss ur one of a kind comments ?
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U guys were commented on almost all of my episodes. I will miss all of ur comments. And one last thank you to everyone who read and loved this little ff of mine. I hope I have, at least a little, entertained you.
And Ria, u were one of the first friends I made on TU. Don’t stop talking! Love you!
Ok now it’s time for me to say alvida…lekin hum zaroor milenge…ek bar phirse…

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  1. Everything was my favorite all the dialogues were amazing now plzzzzzzzzz dont end the ff or atleast bring a season 2 plzzzzzzzzz I love ur ff alot and Im a silent reader but sometimes u right sooooo good that main majboor ho ja thi ho comment karne main ?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?

    1. Sara28

      Aww u don’t know how powerful this comment is. Ur one comment made me jump up to cloud 9. Thank you!!!!

      1. I’m happy I made u smile ☺ ur welcome beautiful ❤

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    This epi was just sooooooo outstanding ..loved it to the core….um just speechles…apne meri bolti hi band kardi yaar…

    I will miss u sooooooo much se bhi zyada…plzz come back soon wid another ff or os…mmmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhh..kayakaru Emojis hi nahi show karti mere phone me so kiss isss tarah se deni padti he…*wink*…love u… 🙂

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      Lol Thank you! Muuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!…Doing it in ur style. ??

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    really so sorry yaar i was not able to cmmnt on ur previous episodes…ur an amazing writer…n this ff was one of my favorite ff…loved it to the core..plz do come soon with another beautiful ff… love u…

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