Love Is Blind (Episode 51)


Happy Birthday Ria! ?U are one of my closest friends that I made on TU. I would have never thought I would become such good friends with someone from across the world, without ever meeting them! Have a great birthday! Oh and mail me some cake ?
Recap: Kunj confronts Ankush and Jasmin. It is later revealed that Jasmin lost her memory six years ago and has yet to regain it. Kunj believes that Jasmin is Twinkle. Kunj goes snowboarding and has an accident with Jasmin. They both get lost in the woods in the cold and Jasmin uses her body heat to keep Kunj warm.


Jasmin feels Kunj’s fingers move. She removes her hand from Kunj’s hand and tries to get off of Kunj. Kunj puts his hand on her back and brings her closer to him.
Kunj- Please don’t go.
Jasmin looks into Kunj’s deep brown eyes and feels pity on him. She melts and rests her head on his chest. Kunj wraps his arms around her. Suddenly Jasmin comes back to reality and gets off of Kunj. She puts on her jacket.
Jasmin- Don’t get any misunderstandings. U were on the verge of getting hypothermia so I had to give u warmth. Now please put on ur jacket and next time put on more than one layer of clothing. It is cold season not fashion season.
Kunj smiles as he puts on his jacket.
Jasmin- And please don’t tell any of this to my husband. I don’t want him to know what I did for another man.
Kunj- But I’m not….
He stops talking.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle lost her memory. I can’t tell her the truth all of a sudden. I have to help her remember is gradually. But that Ankush…I have to find out the truth about him….
Jasmin snaps in front of Kunj’s face, bringing Kunj back into reality.
Jasmin- Where are u lost?
Kunj- No where. Thanks Twinkle.
Jasmin holds up her hand.
Jasmin- Let’s get one thing straight first. My name is Jasmin. Why do you keep calling me Twinkle? Who is this Twinkle?
Kunj- Look, I’m not going to call u Jasmin because that is not ur name…
Jasmin is shocked.
Kunj- And u don’t like when I call u Twinkle so I’ll call u……Siyappa Queen (echoes).
Some unclear flashes flash before Jasmin’s eyes. In her head, “siyappa queen” echoes.
Kunj- What happened?
Jasmin holds her head.
Jasmin- Uhh nothing.
She gets up and leaves. Kunj smiles.
Kunj- I know u didn’t forget me Twinkle.
Jasmin reaches home and sits on her bed and thinks about what just happened.
Jasmin thinks- What just happened? What did I do? I was never this close to Ankush in all these years but him?
Jasmin suddenly stands up.
Jasmin- Are! All this happened and I didn’t even ask him what his name was!
Ankush- Ask who?
Jasmin turns around to find Ankush.
Jasmin- Umm voh…no one just someone I met.
Ankush- Oh ok.
Kasmin- Did u want to tell me anything Ankush?
Ankush- Oh yea. Chotu is coming back from boarding school tomorrow.
Jasmin’s face lights up.
Jasmin- My baby is coming back tomorrow. Ankush did u really think I forgot? I’m going to make all his favorite foods. My baby is coming back to me! All these years, I stayed without him. I refused many times not to send him to boarding school but u still sent him. Now that he’s coming back, I won’t let him leave again.
Jasmin leaves. Ankush becomes tensed.
Ankush thinks- For a few years, I was out of tension, but now how will I hide the truth from Jasmin? I can only wish that he doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t tell anything to her.

The Next Day…

Someone knocked on the door. Jasmin, with a huge smile on her face, opened the door. She immediately hugged the little boy standing at the doorway and kissed his forehead.
Jasmin- Aarav….
The boy is revealed to be Aarav, now about 9 years old.
Aarav- Mom!
Jasmin- Did u forget ur mom at school?
Aarav- How can I forget u mom? Now please give me food. My stomach is talking to me and it doesn’t sound happy.
Jasmin laughs and goes to bring him food.
Ankush- Aarav…
Aarav looks at Ankush.
Aarav- Papa.
He goes and hugs Ankush. Ankush smiles.
Ankush thinks- Thank God he doesn’t remember anything.
Jasmin feeds Aarav and he tells her all the stories from school.
Aarav- Omg mom. I completely forgot!
Jasmin- What?
Aarav- Are! Today is my friend’s birthday! She is my senior at school and like a sister to me. It’s Ria di’s birthday! I have to call her!
Jasmin laughs. Aarav calls Ria.
Aarav- Ria di! Happy birthday!
Aarav puts the phone on speaker.
Jasmin- Ria, Happy birthday! Hope u have the best day ever!
Finally night time arrived and Aarav went to his room for bed. Ankush enters his room.
Ankush- Aarav, are u comfortable?
Aarav- Yes papa. Thank you.
Ankush- Ok good night. Remember papa always loves you!
Aarav smiles. Ankush leaves the room and closes the door. Aarav’s smile disappears.
Aarav- I know papa loves me…but u are not my papa.


Kunj and Prisha were taking a walk early in the morning. Prisha was bouncing a little ball, while Kunj was watching her lovingly. They stop at a little store on the street.
Prisha- Papa, I want hot chocolate!
Kunj laughs- Bhai saab one hot chocolate and one chai for me please.
Kunj gets a call and answers it. Prisha is playing with her ball when it rolls away. She follows it and catches it in the middle of a the street. A truck comes towards her but Prisha is unaware of it. She looks up and sees bright headlights coming towards her. She tightly holds the ball and stares at the light in shock. As the truck nears, Prisha closes her eyes. Suddenly someone pulls Prisha away to the other side of the street, away from the truck. Prisha opens her eyes to see boy, a few years older than her dressed in school uniform: dress pants, dress shoes, a white shirt, and a navy blue blazer.
Boy- Are u ok?
Prisha- Yes.
Boy- Why are u alone? Where are ur parents?
Prisha- I’m here with my papa. Thank you bhaiya. Can I call u bhaiya?
Boy- Sure! That means u are my sister. U know I had a sister.
Prisha- Really? Where is she?
Boy (sad)- She got lost….
Prisha- It’s ok bhaiya. My bhai also got lost. Now I will be ur lost sister and u be my lost bhai.
Boy smiles. Prisha looks at the bracelet on the boy’s hand.
Prisha- Wow bhaiya u have one too?
Boy- Too? Do u have one?
Prisha shows the boy her bracelet.
Prisha- Mine has my name on it. Papa gave it to me when I was a little baby. Now I’m a big girl so papa made it bigger.
Boy- Mine also has my name it…see…Aarav.
Prisha- Wow we have the same one!
Aarav thinks something.
Aarav- Wait, what is ur name?
Prisha- Papa calls me princess.
She giggles.
Prisha- But my name is Prisha.
Aarav is shocked. He tears up then smiles.
Aarav- Prisha! Prisha, where is papa?
Prisha points to Kunj who is still busy talking on his phone.
Aarav looks at Kunj and smiles.
Kunj- No Mr. Rathore the files are in the office…..
Aarav- Papa…
Kunj turns around and sees Aarav looking at him. He looks at Aarav confused.
Kunj- Mr. Rathore, I’ll call u back.
As soon as Kunj puts his phone away, Aarav gives Kunj a bone-crushing hug.
Kunj- Are! Ummm….
Aarav breaks the hug. Kunj wipes the tears off of Aarav’s cheek.
Kunj- Don’t cry. Who are u? Are u lost?
Aarav forwards his arm towards Kunj, revealing his bracelet. Kunj’s hand trembles as he softly touches the bracelet, then Aarav’s cheek.
Kunj (softly)- Aarav….
He bends down and hugs Aarav, as tears of happiness flows down both of their cheeks. Kunj kisses Aarav’s forehead. He cups Aarav’s face.
Kunj- My little boy. He’s so grown up now.
Prisha- Papa…
Kunj- Look princess, ur bhai has come back.
Prisha- Bhai? My real bhai? My lost bhai?
Aarav nods then hugs Prisha.
Aarav- Papa, where were u? Y didn’t u come back for me and mom?
Kunj- Believe me partner, I looked for u guys day and night, for days. But ur mumma….
Aarav- Mom lost her memory. She couldn’t even remember me. But she had the locket of my picture and mom’s picture together. That’s how she knew that I was her son.
Kunj- But Ankush?
Aarav gets mad.
Ankush- Papa please take us from there. That man wants to steal my mom from me and take ur place. He sent me to boarding school even though I didn’t want to. I was gone so I couldn’t protect mom. I don’t know what he did to her.
Kunj- Aarav, Twinkle is perfectly ok. Don’t worry, I will bring u guys back to me. Now go back home and pretend like u don’t remember anything from 6 years ago.


Aarav- Don’t worry mom, papa is coming to take us back.
He smiles then goes to sleep.

Precap: The person who tried to kill Twinkle…our dushman is….

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  1. Baby

    oh my god sara i am lyk mera muh khula hai
    machar ghus jayega band krti hun phele haaannn……..
    yr d episode oh my my u no i told u ki i m speechless abhi abhi bt yr
    wowwwwwwwwww i mean its fabulous aarav is bck i luv him sho mch
    he ish shoooooooooooo cute
    soo finally kunj knows dat his twinkle is alive
    he met aarav n now its gonnaa be bang bang
    n d killer of twinkle ohhhhh god gr8 suspense bt is it nisha yr i dont remember nhi nhi pta nhi bt muje bhi kuch unclear flashes arhe hain wid dat girls name hehehehe
    yr who was she jiske wajah se twinj sperate hoye the i thnk nisha only yr i dont no bt i thnk she is d killer oh god precap is wid gr8 suspense post nxt asap cnt w8 dear
    luv u lods
    osm yr mindblowing blockbaster

    1. Sara28

      Lol there’s no nisha in my ff ?Thank you so much for ur love! Yup, now that the two partners are together, bang bang is definitely coming!

      1. Baby

        hmmm sry voh toh hai bt i dont remember dat girls name i ll c n tell

      2. Baby

        yesssssssssss bria said ryt its SIA oh godness how cn i frget her name dat sia yr i thnk she is d 1 hehehe sry really yr u rck luv u nailed it

      3. Sara28

        Let’s see….

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sara episode was amazing…. U r becoming a writer day by day….all the best????????

  3. Ria

    Sara, thank you so much. I’ve been thanking everyone from 12.. haha 50 mins.. anyways, thank you for getting me a wish from Jasmin and my darling Aarav too. Aww..I love you!?
    The episode was amazing. I’m legit happy that Aarav remembers everything and now, these two partners are gonna make things fine. The Dushman I guess is Sia. Hope you get to post soon.
    Anyways, I would ask you for something today. Please if you end this ff please come up with another. Please?
    Loads of love.? Also, I’ll send you the cake. Mail id??

    1. Sara28

      Can’t give u my address, so this time I’ll let u go. u can eat my piece of cake also. But next year, I’m coming to take both pieces of cake. ?

      1. Ria

        Ofcourse. Shall I save it this year and give it to you??

  4. Kruti

    Amazing epi sara…….loved it

  5. woh!!! Bomb phoota…..mind blasting epi it was,Sara…

  6. Wow superb epi.. it was mind blowing.. really loved it.. wow arav remembers everything.. loved kunj-prisha-arav meeting and their talks.. it was awesome.. and this dushman.. hmm.. maybe it’s sia.. can’t wait for the next.. do cont soon ?

  7. Romaisha

    Saraaa diii!!!!! Kya episode tha yaar!!! no about this … Ankush ?
    Also this is the second time im mentioning i want Aarav but u never replied me *pouts* first time was in my ff .. Don’t know if u read it :3
    Aarav is awesome i love u !!! Haa.more than Sara di ??? kidding!!

    Hmm precap us interesting yaar!
    Pleash post soon nah!!
    Love you ??

    1. Sara28

      Hey Romaisha dear! I am SOOOO SORRY! I have been busy and so couldn’t read many of the ff i usually read. When I have time, I catch up. Would u mind telling me which episode of ur ff u asked me the question? I will surely read it and reply to you! For sure! Sorry once again. U are like the biggest fan of Aarav! It’s too cute ?

      1. Romaisha

        Actually episode 20&21 were comedy episodes (according to my readers though i still think u r the best comedian) so i Gave u all the credit since i was inspired by ur anju track ?

      2. Sara28

        Omg how can I be so stupid????? Romaisha, I read that episode and I was dying of laughter. I totally lost it when Chinki woke up and was like “Jaan” ?. I was so excited for the episode that I went straight to the episode and forgot to read the intro to the episode…looks like I have short term memory loss. I don’t know how I missed ur credit to me ? So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ur too funny! And u may have Aarav! I grant him to you ?

  8. Fan

    Awesome epi sara!!!..loved it..loved the part whr aarav meets kunj..

  9. Awww! Sooo sweetie cutie pie!!! Loved it to the core!!! The father-son reunion was soooo beautiful!!!! N prisha-aarav meet was damn cute!! It is soooo amazing!!!!

  10. Sara…it was such a nice one…
    my eyes got teary furing aarav n kunj convo n tht bone crushing waala hug…wow…n u wished ria through twinkle n aarav was so sweet…may b tht vilian maybe sia…post nxt asap…love u…

  11. Priya_

    Loved it…
    Such an awesome part
    Waiting for the next episode

  12. Shreya098

    Superb epi saara..

    Their reunion was soo beautiful..

    Now the partners are back..I am sure they will set everything. alright……I just love their bond

    Loooved the epi

  13. Superb

  14. Superb……..

  15. Sara di Sara di Sara di
    I love u shooooooooooooo much???
    My prince charming has grown up! Aww…I can bet he is still the same cute…m spking of Aarav…not Kunj….
    Finally u brought him back….how happy I am
    And perfect b’day treat for Ria di
    I can bet on it
    Love uh?

  16. SIDMIN-Daamini

    SARA YAAR Amazing U just rocked
    U know what I’m soooo happy that finally r partners r together
    Just wish to get back r twinj soon unit n n n n n why ankush is interfaring in twinkle life
    U must have planned something BIG………????
    LOVED IT ????
    LOVE U ??

  17. dreamer..arundhati

    Sara bang on episode

  18. Shatakshi

    Aab aaya na maza
    Utt pahad ke neeche aa he gaya

    After reading this I have started loving Aarav.
    Okay….fine!!…ek chota sa crush to ho he gaya h on this intelligent cute guy??

    I know I sound hilarious but kya karu…..u wrote it so well….n ur ideas r Mindblowing
    Love u Sara

  19. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Waiting for the next episode hope Twinj unite soon and the suspense I am Loving it 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi….loved it….

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