Love Is Blind (Episode 45)


I forgot to mention that u can imagine Ishaan from Tashan e Ishq as Aarav.

Recap: Twinj romance in the bathroom. Later, they get into a huge fight in public and Kunj becomes angry. Kunj drinks and doesn’t go home. Twinkle finds him and brings him home. To keep him quiet to prevent anyone from waking up, she kisses him.


Twinj are engrossed in a deep and passionate kiss. Twinkle forgets about the fight as her hands move up to Kunj’s hair. Kunj takes his hand and puts it on her waist. He deepens the kiss. Twinkle pulls herself apart from Kunj and takes a breath. She sees Usha going back upstairs. Kunj again pulls her in and locks his lips with hers. This time Twinkle makes the kiss short and pushes him back.
Twinkle- Kunj now be quiet and let’s go upstairs.
Kunj puts his finger on his lips and goes with Twinkle.

(Twinj’s Room…)

Twinkle makes Kunj sit on the bed. She starts to go when Kunj holds her hand.
Kunj- Twinkle please. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t leave me and go away. I need u.
Twinkle doesn’t reply.
Kunj- Please.
Twinkle- Kunj lay down and go to sleep.
She makes Kunj lay on the bed. Twinkle takes off his tie and opens the buttons on his shirt. Then she takes off his shoes. Kunj lays on the bed and opens his arms and stretches them out towards Twinkle. Twinkle looks at him confused.
Kunj- U know I can’t sleep without u in my arms.
He pouts. Twinkle sighs.
Twinkle- This Sadu Sarna had to go and drink this much? But Kunj never drinks. Did I hurt him too much?
Kunj still stares at Twinkle with his arms stretched out.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj stares at her.
Twinkle- Fine.
She turns off the light and goes into Kunj’s arms. Kunj wraps his arms tightly around Twinkle. They sleep in a back hug position.

Next Morning…

Kunj wakes up and stretches his arms. Due to his movement, Twinkle wakes up. Kunj holds his head.
Kunj- Ahh. Y is my head paining so much?
Twinkle- I’ll get u some lemon water.
She leaves.
Kunj- What happened last night? Why can’t I remember anything? Last thing I remember was going to a bar angry and upset then something happened…like a car came….ahhhh I don’t remember.
He rubs his face and stops when he feels his lips. He looks at his finger and sees lipstick on it. He touches his lips again.
Kunj- Why is there lipstick on my lips?
Twinkle comes in with the lemon water.
Kunj- Twinkle, what happened last night?
Twinkle doesn’t talk to him.
Kunj- Twinkle please talk to me. Why is there lipstick on my lips? Twinkle avoids eye contact with Kunj.
Kunj- Oh no. I was drunk last night. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong. No no I can’t. I love only Twinkle. I can’t do this to her.
Twinkle hears this and smiles.
Kunj tears up- Twinkle I’m so sorry. I didn’t have control over myself. I was drunk. And now there’s lipstick on my lips. I swear I never even looked towards another girl in that way. Please trust me. I messed up. I kissed another girl.
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Yea look there’s lipstick on my lips.
Twinkle- Are buddhu that’s my lipstick!
She stops and realizes what she said.
Kunj- What? But how?
Twinkle- U were being so loud and I didn’t want to wake the whole house up to show them that their son was coming home at midnight drunk. So to shut u up…
Kunj- Sorry.
Kunj suddenly remembers their fight in public. He becomes angered again and goes to the bathroom.

Next Scene…

Kunj and Twinkle comes down for breakfast and see Mahi and Uv there.
Kunj- Are bro, di aap dono?
Mahi- Good morning Kunj.
Everyone has breakfast together. Throughout the scene, their was a silent tension between Twinkle and Kunj, as Twinkle slowly started feeling guilty for her deeds and Kunj remained angered and hurt. After breakfast, Yuhi go to Twinj’s room.
Twinkle- Bhai, bhabhi, when did u two come?
Mahi- We actually came yesterday night. But u two weren’t home.
Kunj- Oh ummm…..we had some work.
Uv- I’m just glad that u two solved out all ur issues.
Twinj- What!
Kunj- No issues were sorted out.
Uv- How can that be? Last night….
Mahi elbows Uv in the stomach and Uv stops talking.
Twinkle- What last night?
Uv- Last night, Me and Mahi got up to…
Mahi gives Uv a death glare.
Mahi thinks- Yuvraj better not say that we were romancing on the terrace. Otherwise I’ll kill him!
Uv- To…drink water.
Mahi lets out a sigh of relief.
Uv- And when we came down to drink water we saw u two enter the house. Then Usha ma came down and u guys hid somewhere. But we saw where u hid and what u were doing….
Kunj starts coughing and Twinkle looks around embarrassed.
Kunj- It’s nothing like that..I was drunk.
Mahi- But Kunj u hate drinking. U never drink.
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj- U know di, sometimes drinking is the only option to get relief from all the pain and to stop urself from falling apart.
Twinkle avoids eye contact with Kunj.
Mahi thinks- Babaji y are u doing this to these two lovers. Please unite them again.
Later Kunj sits thinking about these past few days.
Kunj thinks- Does Twinkle have no feelings for me anymore? Is everything finished just like that? No this can’t happen. I have to do something. Just one last try.
He stands up and thinks.
Kunj- Kya karu…kya karu…think Kunj think. What is the prime side effect of love?
He suddenly gets an idea.
Kunj- Thats it! Jealousy. If Twinkle has a problem with me being with another girl, then she still loves me. Otherwise….

Next Scene…

Kunj is on the phone talking while Twinkle is in the same room doing her work on a laptop.
Kunj- Yes I missed u too!
Twinkle listens.
Kunj- No no I didn’t forget u. How can I forget about u?
Twinkle thinks- Who is Kunj talking to?
Kunj- Yea we should meet up. When do u want to meet? No no I’m not busy. No no no one’s more important than u.
He laughs.
Kunj- Stop. Ur too funny. Ok bye talk to u later.
Twinkle looks at Kunj. Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle quickly looks away.
Kunj thinks- Come on Twinkle. At least give a reaction.
Twinkle continues to do her work. Kunj leaves the room with a sad heart. As soon as Kunj leaves, Twinkle slams her laptop shut and stands up with her hands on er hips and paces back and forth furiously. She mimics Kunj.
Twinkle- Awww I missed u! Missed u my foot! Who was Kunj talking to like that? Mana ki I’m mad at him, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t love him. How dare he forget me and find someone else! Ok I’ll show u now Mr. Kunj Sarna!
Kunj comes back in the room. Twinkle picks up her phone and pretends to talk to someone.
Kunj- Twinkle, I’m….
Twinkle- Yea yea thank u so much. I love u!
She hangs up the call and looks at Kunj.
Kunj thinks- I love u? Saale! If I find u, then ur dead!
Twinkle- Do u want something?
Kunj- U.
Twinkle- Excuse me?
Kunj- I wanted to tell u that I’m going out to dinner with my friend Soniya.
Twinkle- Then go! Why are u asking me?
Kunj- So u don’t care if I go with another girl?
Twinkle- Y would I care?
Kunj is hurt.
Kunj- Twinkle, do u care about me anymore? Does this not affect u?
Twinkle- Kunj I told u once, and I’m telling u again…
Kunj- Fine, then I’ll leave u alone…..forever.
Kunj leaves the room and Twinkle is shocked.

Precap: Sorry, didn’t get to show Kunj’s decision yet….so u will find out next episode….

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  9. Thanmy

    Awwww I am waiting I loved today’s episode it was awesome to get twinkle back on track its the correct way awesome diii

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