Love Is Blind (Episode 42)


Thank u to all my readers for loving my ff and encouraging me to continue. The comments for the last episode may have been my favorite comments yet. Thank u Shreya, Chiku (chehak),dreamer..arundhati, Angita, Rashiverma2199, Sidhantfan, Zakiyah, Priya_, Sidhanshi, Kruti, SIdvee, Shreya098, Srija, Shatakshi, Thanmy, Purnima.agrawal30, Peewango
Romaisha- aww I’m so glad u like it. I hope I didn’t make u get embarrassed in public…that happens to me also. It’s so hard to keep my emotions in in public when im reading these ff.
Ria- Yup especially for u because ur such a dear reader of mine and ur ff is awesome btw I love it!

Laddoo- Actually i will try to continue this ff. I don’t know if after this if I will write another one…
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Recap: Yuhi’s funny scene. Aarav is allergic to peanuts and Kunj feels guilty because it was his genetics that caused that. Aarav finds out that Anju is Kunj. Kunj makes him keep the secret and both father son reconcile.


(Twinkle’s Room…)

Aarav and Kunj walk into the room and sees Twinkle sleeping.
Aarav (whispers)- Papa…mumma is sleeping.
Kunj (whispers)- Shhhhh! Remember our little secret? Not papa, Anju.
Aarav- Oops! Anju.
Kunj- Let’s go wake up mumma.
He smirks. Kunj and Aarav take a pillow each. They look at each other.
Kunj- 1…2….3…GO!
Aarv and Kunj start hitting Twinkle with pillows. Twinkle wakes up and starts defending herself.

Twinkle- Ahhhhhh! Aarav! Stop! Anju! What are u doing?!
Aarav and Kunj stop hitting Twinkle and burst out laughing. Twinkle looks at them and acts to be angry.
Twinkle- U wait….
She runs after Aarav. Aarav quickly runs out the door. Twinkle slips and Kunj holds her. They fall on the bed with Anju on top of Twinkle. Kunj looks at Twinkle lovingly. Twinkle widens her eyes and looks at Anju weirdly. Kunj is not in his senses by now. He sees a strand of hair on Twinkle’s face and tucks it behind her ear. Twinkle makes a confused and scared face. Anju leans closer to Twinkle. Twinkle widens her eyes.
Twinkle- AHHHHH! Anju what are u doing???!!!
Kunj comes back to his senses and quickly gets up. Twinkle also gets up and nervously fixes her hair.
Twinkle- Anju…umm…what were u doing?
Anju- Voh umm…there was something in ur hair that’s y I was getting it.
Twinkle (relieved)- Oh…I thought…never mind.
Twinkle leaves the room. Kunj feels relieved.
Kunj- Bach gaya tu Kunj Sarna! Otherwise if u would have kissed Twinkle….anarth ho jati!

Next Scene…

Twinkle sees Aarav drawing a picture.
Twinkle- Aarv who is that?
Aarav points to the people in his drawing.
Aarav- That’s me and that’s mumma.
Twinkle (pointing to another character)- Who is that?
Aarav- That’s papa!
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- Aarav, papa is not here…
Aarav- Yes he….
Aarav looks up and sees Kunj signing him to be quiet. Aarav keeps quiet. Twinkle feels sad and walks away. Kunj goes to Aarav.
Kunj- Aarav, u almost told our secret yaar!
Aarav- Oh sorry papa.
Kunj smiles- It’s ok.
He opens his arms and Aarav goes and hugs him.
Uv walks in the room.
Uv- Bro..I mean Anju….Twinkle is calling u.
Anju- Me?
Uv- Yea I don’t know y. She’s waiting for u in the garden.


By now it has become night time. The moon was the only source of light in the beautiful garden. Kunj walks to the garden and sees Twinkle looking at the stars.
Anju- What happened Twinkle? Y did u call me?
Twinkle still stares at the sky.
Twinkle- U know Anju my life has been such a big joke that it’s not even funny anymore.
Kunj is confused as to why Twinkle is saying these things.
Anju- Twinkle, what are u saying? What do u mean?
Twinkle- U know exactly what I mean Mr. Kunj Sarna (echoes).
Twinkle turns around and looks at Kunj. Kunj is shocked.
Twinkle- Right Kunj?
Anju- Ummm… I don’t know what ur talking about Twinkle…
Twinkle- Don’t start acting with me Kunj.
Anju- I don’t know what ur saying Twinkle. Who’s Kunj. I’m Anju.
Twinkle goes to Kunj and takes his wig off. She holds the wig in her hand and shows it to Kunj.
Twinkle- Now say ur Anju. I heard everything and I say everything when u were talking to Aarav.
Kunj is speechless. Twinkle throws the wig and angrily looks at Kunj.
Twinkle- Chi Kunj Sarna chi! So this is the real u! U weren’t satisfied enough by playing with my feelings two years ago that u came back for more?
Kunj- No Twinkle….

Twinkle raises her hand and stops Kunj.
Twinkle- Bas! I’ve heard enough from u. Now I will speak and u listen. These two years have been the hardest years of my life.
Twinkle’s voice cracks as she holds in her tears.
Twinkle- Do u know how hard it was to tell Aarav that his papa won’t ever come back? Every time people ask me where my husband is, what do I tell them?
Kunj looks at the floor with guilt. Twinkle wipes her tears away.
Twinkle- But it’s enough now. I’m not that old Twinkle who breaks with people’s words. Ever heard of the phrase, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. That’s my case. Now Aarav is my world. I don’t need any one else and what ever motive u came here for, will not be fulfilled.
She folds her hands like a praying manner in front of Kunj and looks away from him, avoiding eye contact.

Twinkle- So please, leave me and my son alone and go from here.
Kunj- No Twinkle please don’t misunderstand me. Please I realized my mistake. Twinkle I was an idiot. I don’t deserve such a beautiful and pure soul like u, but ur my life and I had to come back. Please Twinkle don’t do this to me.
He cries and Twinkle looks at him and melts for a second but then regains herself.
Twinkle- Please go.
Kunj- Twinkle I can’t live without u. I love you!
Kunj suddenly hugs Twinkle. Twinkle melts and raises her arms to hug Kunj back but then lowers her arms again. She pushes Kunj away.
Twinkle- Enough Kunj!
Kunj (angered)- Enough!

He holds Twinkle by the shoulders and pulls her closer to him. Twinkle is shocked.
Kunj- Twinkle, u are my life and I can do anything for u that’s y I even came to u as Anju, just to see u again. And look u even made me look gay not once, but twice!
(Funny tune plays). Kunj let’s go of Twinkle.
Kunj- Are yaar, mein voh nahi hoon. I’m very very very very very very straight. (Who remembers this dialogue?)
Twinkle- I know ur straight, otherwise, Aarav wouldn’t be here.
She stops and realizes what she said. Kunj smiles. Twinkle runs away.
Kunj- Where will u run my Siyappa Queen? I will lessen ur anger for sure and that’s my promise…Kunj Sarna’s promise.
Kunj goes to his house. Everyone is happy to see him. (Remember the Sarna family trusted Twinkle so they still kept in touch with her and Aarav). Usha and Bebe were happy that Kunj realized his mistake.
Bebe- I’m just glad that ur back puttar. Now quickly bring my bahu back to this house.
Kunj- Don’t worry bebe. I will bring Twinkle back.
Usha- Kunj, tomorrow is Aarav’s birthday.
Kunj- KYA??!!

Usha- Ha beta.
Kunj- What kind of father am I? I don’t even know my own son’s birthday!
Bebe- It’s ok puttar. Now ur back and everything will be back to normal.
Kunj thinks- It’s Aarav’s birthday tomorrow! And tomorrow I will bring my family back into this house.
He smiles then goes and makes a call.
Aarav- Hello?
Kunj-’s papa.
Aarav- Papa! Where did u go?
Kunj- Nowhere beta. I didn’t go anywhere. I will be back tomorrow. It’s my little prince’s birthday. Now u have to do a little favor for papa ok? Listen carefully and don’t tell anyone, not even mumma.
Aarav- Ok no tell mumma.
Kunj explains a plan to Aarav. He then tells it to Uv and Mahi.

Precap: Aarav’s birthday and his birthday wish…what did Kunj tell Aarav? And how will he bring Twinkle back in his house?

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