Love Is Blind (Episode 4)

Thank You for all the wonderful comments. Writing this ff reduces my stress and im sure I will do well on my finals. U guys just wish me luck.
Chandra- No I’m not bengali.
Shreya- Congrats! U got it right. Actually when i was thinking of how twinj should meet that scene came to my head and what better way of twinj’s first meeting than this?

Recap: Priya brings Twinkle to her house for her wedding. Kunj also goes there as Priya is his cousin. He mistakes Twinkle as Priya and carries her leaving Twinkle annoyed with Kunj.


Kunj comes downstairs and sits at the breakfast table with the rest of the family.
Kunj- Good morning everyone. Ahh smells nice. What’s for breakfast?
Twinkle and Priya is serving everyone.
Kunj- Wow aloo ka paratha my favorite.
Twinkle thinks- How much does he eat. Looks like he’ll eat the table also. But where does it all go? He looks so muscular and handsome.
Twinkle keeps staring at Kunj.
Kunj- If u keep staring at me then mujhe nazar lag jayega.
Twinkle blinks and look away.
Kunj laughs. Then he starts to cough. He reaches for the water and at the same time Twinkle also reaches for the water. Kunj’s hand hold’s Twinkle’s hand. They have their first eyelock. (Sajna Ve plays in Bg) Twinkle pours him water and Kunj drinks it.
But he is still coughing.
Pritam Uncle- Twinkle can u please tap Kunj’s back as you are right next to him?
Twinkle looks in shock but hesitantly taps his back. Kunj stops coughing.
Kunj whispers- Thank you.
Twinkle smiles- No problem.

Twinkle is working in the kitchen. Kunj comes there and sits on the counter.
Twinkle- Excuse me what are u doing?
Kunj- Who me?
He looks around.
Twinkle- Do u see anyone else here?
Kunj- Oh right. Ummm I came to say hi.
Twinkle- Ok u said it na now leave.
She turns to leave but Kunj holds her hand. Twinkle looks back in surprise. Kunj realizes what he did and lets her hand go.
Kunj- Oh sorry. Actually that was the real reason for coming here?
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- I wanted to say sorry for this morning. I mistook u for Priya and I…..
He pauses and both Twinkle and Kunj remember how Twinkle was in Kunj’s arms.
Twinkle- Because u r Priya’s cousin I forgive u.
Kunj- ok cool. Friends?
He forwards his hand. Twinkle shakes it.
Twinkle- Friends.
Kunj leaves with a smile on his face.
Twinkle thinks- Maybe he’s not that bad.

A Few days pass and Twinj become closer friends…

Everyone is chilling in the living room. The older people are sitting on the couch. Twinkle and Priya are sitting on the floor and Kunj is laying sideways on the floor.
Priya’s mom- Ok everyone up we all need to go shopping.
Everyone gets up and goes to the cars. There are two cars. Priya’s family members are in one car. Priya and her two little cousins (I’ll introduce later) are in the backseat, Twinkle in the front seat and Kunj is driving. All reach the mall and do their shopping.
Twinkle and Priya are looking at dresses. Twinkle picks a dress and Kunj makes a disgusted face. He does this with many dresses. Twinkle picks up another dress and looks around for Kunj. Someone hands her a royal blue lehenga. It’s none other than Kunj.
Kunj- U’ll look nice in this one.
Twinkle smiles and takes it.
Twinkle- But I don’t like this one.
Kunj gets hurt and walks away. Twinkle smiles and tells the man to pack that dress and pays for it. Kunj sees this and smiles.
Priya’s mom- Kunj I want u to pick Priya’s wedding dress.
Kunj picks a beautiful red and golden lehenga. They pay and everyone heads to the cars. Twinkle looks at the wedding dress and sees a hole in it.
Twinkle- KUNJ!!
Kunj- What happened?
Twinkle- I never knew u were this mean. I mean it’s ur cousin’s wedding and u couldn’t even pick out a decent dress for her?
Kunj- What happened?!
Twinkle- Look at this hole!
Kunj is looking but can’t see the hole.
Kunj- Where?
Twinkle- Kunj r u blind or what?
Kunj is hurt and walks away with tears in his eyes.
Priya- Twinkle, Kunj bhai probably didn’t see the hole. U yelled at him unnecessarily.
Twinkle feels guilty and looks at Kunj who is walking away.
Twinkle- Ok u guys go home I’ll go with Kunj to exchange the dress.
They exchange the dress and head to the car. Kunj doesn’t speak a word. Twinkle now feels really bad that she yelled at him.
Twinkle thinks- I should apologize to Kunj. But before that, I have to make him laugh.
Twinkle clears her throat. Kunj keeps on driving.
Twinkle- By the way, it’s so peaceful when u don’t talk. I mean u talk soooo much.
Kunj gives a death glare to Twinkle.
Twinkle- Don’t keep looking at me like that say something. Kunj. KUNJ! Kunj stop the car NOW!
Kunj stops the car. They are in the middle of a jungle.
Twinkle- Kunj please look at me.
Kunj is still looking straight. Twinkle holds Kunj’s cheek and turns his face to face her.
Twinkle- Kunj I’m genuinely sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. Please forgive me. Ok look I promise I won’t yell at u again.
She hold’s her ears. Kunj laughs and Twinkle looks confused.
Kunj- U actually thought I was mad at u. I was just seeing how far u could go. HAHAHA blind and me? Nice joke. Kunj turns and wipes a tear from his eye. Twinkle’s mouth is wide open as she is shocked.
Kunj- Twinkle close ur mouth or a horse might go inside.
Twinkle closes her mouth and looks at Kunj who is laughing. She smiles (Sajna ve plays).
Kunj- Ok let’s go.
He tries to start the car but it doesn’t start.
Twinkle- What happened Kunj? Sab teek hai?
Kunj- The car is not starting Twinkle. Wait I’ll go check.
He goes and checks the car.
Kunj- The battery is dead.
Twinkle- Now what?
Kunj- we have to get a ride I guess. Let’s go.
The start walking on the road. (They leave the car cause that’s what bollywood always does and the car magically comes back to them).
Twinkle- Wait let me get us a ride.
She tries stopping the cars but none stop. Kunj starts laughing.
Kunj- Ok now learn from the master.
He also goes to stop a car but they honk the horn at him and leave.
Twinkle while laughing- What happened Mr. Master? Class is over?
Kunj rolls his eyes and calls Priya.
Kunj- Hello Priya? Yeah we are stuck but we’ll find a place to stay overnight so don’t worry about us.
Just then his phone dies.
Twinkle- What do u mean we are staying overnight?
Kunj thinks- Now this will be fun.
He starts taking steps to Twinkle.
Kunj- Yea Twinkle we are going to spend the night. Look the moon is out and the weather is also nice.
Twinkle gets scared. She starts moving back but is stopped by a tree. Kunj walks closer to her. Now they are just inches away.
Kunj- Yea Twinkle just u and me…alone.
He leans towards her ear and whispers- Why Twinkle? Were u planning on getting eaten by a tiger in the jungle or coming with me to find a hotel?
He smiles and taps Twinkle’s nose and walks away.
Twinkle is shocked but then sees Kunj leaving and thinks of the tigers.
Twinkle- Kunj wait!
She runs after him.

Precap: Kunj and Twinkle go to jail…

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