Love Is Blind (Episode 37)


Recap: After much intezaar, Twinj consummate their marriage. Kunj had to leave to London for two weeks. Twinkle gets sick and visits the doctor. The doctor calls her to tell her about her check up reports.


Twinkle listened as the doctor spoke. A tear fell from her eyes and she was left speechless. Twinkle hung up and sat on the bed dazed. Suddenly she smiles and picks up a photo of Kunj.
Twinkle- Kunj come back home quickly. There is a small surprise waiting for u.

A Few days later…

Kunj walks in with a suitcase and his coat hanging on his arm.
Kunj- Ma bebe I’m back.
Bebe- Puttar ur here!
Kunj goes and touches their feet.
Kunj looks around the house, his eyes searching for someone. Bebe sees him and smiles.
Bebe- Twinkle’s in her room.
Kunj smiles and runs to his room. He quietly walks in the room and sees no one there. Then he hears the shower from the bathroom. He enters the room and locks the door. Then he sits on the bed with his legs crossed. Twinkle comes out of the bathroom with a pink bathrobe on. She comes out and sees Kunj.
Twinkle- Twinkle, Kunj was right. Tu puri ke puri pagaal hain. Kunj is supposed to come tomorrow and u are missing him so much that u start seeing him everywhere.
She waves at Kunj.
Twinkle- Hi Kunj.
Kunj waves back. Twinkle goes to the mirror then stops in her tracks. She turns around and walks slowly to Kunj. She slowly forwards her finger and touches his chest. As soon as she touches him, she jumps.
Twinkle- U are here for real?
Kunj- Yes Twinkle for real.
Twinkle jumps and hugs him tightly. Kunj hugs her back and lifts her and spins around. They break the hug.
Twinkle- But Kunj u were supposed to come tomorrow.
Kunj- I couldn’t stay away from u anymore so I came.
Twinkle stares at him.
Kunj- Ok fine, my last meeting was cancelled so I took the earliest flight back.
Kunj- U missed me?
Twinkle nods innocently.
Twinkle- U didn’t miss me?
Kunj- Nope, there were so many hot girls in Europe. Oof, if only u could see them. Matlab kamal hai.
Twinkle- KYA!
She starts chasing him around the room. She catches him and they both fall on the bed.
Kunj- I’m just joking yaar. With such a beautiful wife at home, how can I look at other girls?
Twinkle sits up.
Twinkle- Yea yea make excuses to cover up ur bad deeds.
She starts tearing up.
Kunj- No no Twinkle please don’t cry. Ok fine, I won’t tease u like that. Ok I won’t look at any other girls. Ok fine I won’t joke about other girls. Ok fine I won’t joke at all. Look I’m even holding my ears.
He holds his ears and goes up down up down up down….
Twinkle laughs seeing him. Kunj looks at her laughing. (Sajna Ve plays…I miss Sajna ve…?) Twinkle stops laughing and looks at him.
Twinkle- What? Ka jayenga kya?
Kunj snaps back to his senses.
Kunj- I mean if u comes in front of me in this state then what can I do?
Twinkle looks at herself and realizes she’s still in her bathrobe.
Twinkle- Kunj go I have to change.
Kunj- No why should I leave this is my room.
Twinkle pulls Kunj’s arm.
Twinkle- Kunj go!
Kunj- What’s the problem? U can change. I won’t be seeing anything new.
He winks. Twinkle pushes Kunj out of the room and locks the door. She leans her back against the door and smiles.
Twinkle- I love you Kunj.
Kunj (from the other side of the door) – Love you too!
Twinkle- Hawww. He heard me?

(At Night…)

Everyone is sitting together enjoying.
Twinkle thinks- Kunj, when will I get to tell u? I can’t hold it in anymore.
Kunj sees Twinkle zoned out and nudges her with his shoulder. Twinkle jumps.
Kunj- Twinkle, where are u lost? Are u ok?
Twinkle- Yea I’m fine.
Mahi- Ma, bebe, Kunj!
Everyone turns to see Mahi and Yuvi.
Twinkle- Bhai!!
Twinkle runs to Uv and hugs him then she hugs Mahi.
Mahi- Me and Yuvraj thought y don’t we come over for dinner. I hope u don’t mind.
Usha- What are u saying beta. This is ur house. But where is Leela ji?
Uv- Actually ma had to go to a meeting so she couldn’t come.
Everyone eats their dinner. Twinj and Yuhi go out for ice cream. They have a fun time in the streets of Amritsar in the cool wind of the night. After much time outside, Twinj come back home.

(Twinj’s room…)

Kunj is working on his laptop and Twinkle is pacing back and forth nervously.
Twinkle thinks- Ok Twinkle, it’s time.
She walks up to Kunj.
Twinkle- Kunj.
Kunj- Hmmm….
His eyes don’t leave the computer screen.
Twinkle- Kunj listen to me.
Kunj- Twinkle if it’s not that important can it wait? I’m completing an important presentation.
Twinkle- Kunj it’s important.
Kunj- Ok I’m listening.
He still doesn’t leave the laptop.
Twinkle- KUNJ!
Kunj- Ok ok.
He closes the laptop and looks at Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle quickly tell me. I have a lot of work.
Twinkle looks down at the ground and softly says…
Twinkle- Tum papa bane wale ho.
Kunj- Really Twinkle, for such a small matter u disturbed me.
He picks up his laptop then freezes.
Kunj- What?
He puts the laptop down and looks at Twinkle who is blushing.
Kunj- Say that again.
Twinkle- Ur gonna be a father Kunj.
Kunj jumps up and is in a loss of words.
Kunj- Mein….papa….
He holds his head and looks at Twinkle with a huge smile on his face.
Kunj- Mein papa…aur tu mama……aur ma dadi…..aur bebe grand bebe aur bro….bro kya?
Twinkle- Chachu.
Kunj- Yes! Chachu!
He carries Twinkle bridal style and spins her around.
Kunj- Twinkle I’m soooo happy. THANK YOU!!!
He puts Twinkle down and gives her a bone crushing hug.
Twinkle- Ahh Kunj…..sambhal ke. Not so tightly.
Kunj let’s go of Twinkle.
Kunj- Oh sorry sorry.
He sits Twinkle down on the bed and kneels on the floor and touches Twinkle’s stomach.
Kunj- Hey champ. Sorry if I hurt u. Actually papa got very excited na.
Twinkle smiles. Kunj gets on the bed and lays on Twinkle’s lap.
Kunj- Do u know champ, we are going to have so much fun. I’ll teach u football, basketball, everything. U will be my little prince.
Twinkle- Kunj, how do u know it’s a boy?
Kunj- Boy ya girl, Jr. Siyappa queen or siyappa king toh zaroor hai.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj laughs and still laying on Twinkle’s lap, wraps his arms around her stomach, in a hugging way. Twinkle caresses his hair.
Kunj- U know Twinkle, now our family is complete. Chota sa, but cute sa.
Twinkle smiles. Making plans about the future, Kunj falls asleep on Twinkle’s lap.

Precap: The next episode will be very…..whats the word……different….hope u like the next plot…

And now….

Promo: A man in a long, black raincoat is standing in the middle of a deserted street. It is raining very heavily outside. The man’s hands are dripping blood. A girl, about 4 years old comes to the guy with an umbrella.
Girl- Papa, are u not going to come inside.
She looks at the guy’s hands.
Girl- Were u painting papa? Is this red paint?
She holds the guy’s finger and leads him inside. As the guy walks, he puts a locket inside his pocket.

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  1. Kruti

    Sara u always remind me of Kunj me one liners that girls ka dialogue is somewhat like that soup wala dialogue…….. Ur gonna make me cry someday
    Amazing…..awesome….fantastic epi
    Promo ke baad nxt epi ka wait nahi ho raha

    1. Sara28

      It’s ok…I cry when I write these lines…it’s so emotional…….? I’m such a drama queen ?

  2. Angita

    Scary precap
    But awesome episode

  3. Shatakshi

    Wow Sara
    I m loving

    1. Shatakshi

      *I m loving it
      N the promo is ????
      Eagerly waiting for the next episode
      Love u❤❤

    2. Sara28

      Thank u! Hope u keep loving it!

  4. SidMin

    Loved the episode and waiting to know what happens in the next Loved it 🙂

  5. Shreya098

    Lovely epi…???

  6. Srija

    tooo sweet & cute

    1. Sara28

      aww thanks 🙂

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Hey Sara…amazing I am somewhere getting what you are up to..keep going..
    Just I hope Twinkle is alive and that’s clear that either Twinj had a baby girl or Twins!!

    1. Sara28

      Let’s see what happens…

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  9. OMG…..what is this? Ye kya hai? Sara di m gonna touch ur feet the day I meet u…pkka…
    For now….love u and tata bye bye hope to see u soon??❤

    1. Sara28

      Are nahi nahi…don’t touch my feet mein toh kudh bachi hoon…instead give me a hug 🙂

  10. Awesome!!!!!!
    Promo was very interesting waiting for it!!!

  11. Loveleen

    oook tht ws such an awsm wala episd……by reading ur ur promo m scared….watevr happens plz dnt separate twinj……its my request…..u knw urs ff is one among of my fav list…

    1. Sara28

      Thank u so much! I don’t like to separate them…but let’s see what happens….

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Episode was awesome… exciting….

  13. dreamer..arundhati

    Sara the epi was fabulous as ever…but promo is enticing..,.my gosh darlo I can’t wait to read…,

    1. Sara28

      Thakn u! Hope u love the upcoming plot equally or maybe more…

  14. Nice epi.. But i guess in u’r ff uv is going to be baby’s mama not chachu… I hope i’m correct…he he he… funny question i know… Btw very nice episode..

    1. Sara28

      Lol good catch! Actually, it should be mamu but u know I was so tired I forgot the family tree and ended up writing chachu ?

  15. Ria

    Woww Sara it was amazing. Loved it. Really excited for the upcoming plot.?

    1. Sara28

      Thank u!

  16. Baby

    sara soooooooo cute oh god now wt ll hpn eager 2 no post asap dear naya sadasya aane wala hai inke ghar mein haha osm episode post nxt asap

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