Love Is Blind (Episode 34 and 35)

So, TU did it again ?. They titled episode 34 as episode 33. So I am titling this as episode 34 and 35. But this is actually episode 35.

Recap: Twinj and Yuhi are in jail.


Kunj looks at Uv’s care for Mahi.
Kunj- I’m so happy that I found the person who will love my di as much as I do.
Mahi looks at Uv. Uv is silent.
Twinkle- Bhai u didn’t tell me earlier? I’d love to have Mahi di as my bhabhi!
Uv- No what are u talking about. I don’t love this attitude queen.
Twinkle- Bhai we saw it in ur eyes. Every time u and Mahi di fight, we see in ur eyes there is love for each other despite the argument.
Uv is silent.
Kunj- And the way u took care of di today, I don’t think I could have found a better partner for di.
Uv- Oh come on, u guys are misunderstanding. Stop all this drama and think of a way out of here.
Twinkle- Idea!
Twinkle tells her plan to everyone.
Uv- Twinkle one of ur childish plans will not work this time.
Kunj- Actually bro it can.
Uv- Kunj I knew her from when she was in diapers such plans come to her head all the time.
Kunj- But one of her stupid plans got us out of jail the last time. Remember that time we were stuck in jail, it was Twinkle’s plan to get us out.
Twinkle- Wow Mr. Husband. Thank u for standing up for ur wife. Now time to start the plan……
The plan starts. Twinkle calls one of the policemen. Every other police was sleeping.
Twinkle- Hey u with the cute mustache. Come over here!
The policeman comes.
Twinkle- Wow u have such a nice and handsome mustache. It’s so hot!
The policeman blushes and closes his eyes. Twinkle gags. Twinkle keeps flirting with the policeman. Meanwhile, Kunj reaches into his pocket and takes out the keys to the cell. He unlocks the cell and quietly Mahi and Uv sneak out. Kunj signs to Twinkle to come out.
Twinkle- Ok u close ur eyes. I’ll give u a surprise.
The policeman closes his eyes. Twinkle makes a disgusted face. She makes that motion like she’s throwing something. She runs away with Kunj.

The Next Scene….

Yuhi are laughing their heads off while Twinj look annoyed.
Mahi- Ur mustache is soooo hot! Wow Twinkle how do u do it?
Uv- Kunj, I think u have to grow a mustache now.
Kunj- Twinkle, do u actually like mustaches?
Twinkle- Eww no I hate mustaches. U know Kunj I’m glad u don’t have a mustache because they tickle when u kiss….
Twinkle bites her tongue. Kunj smiles. Yuhi coughs.
Mahi- We will walk ahead. U guys come. Let’s go Uv.
Yuhi walk ahead. Kunj grabs Twinkle’s waist and Twinkle wraps her arms around Kunj’s neck.
Kunj- So u that police officer was hot right?
Twinkle- Yeah, hotter than u.
Kunj- Oh really, hotter than my six pack abs?
Twinkle- U have six packs?!
Kunj- Yes my dear Siyappa Queen. Offo u didn’t get to see them because our honeymoon was ruined.
Twinkle- Honeymoon?
Kunj- Yes this was our honeymoon.
Twinkle- Kunj how is this our honeymoon when Mahi di and bhai are here?
Kunj- Well, in the day time, we are with them but at night, it’s just me and my honey under the moon….honeymoon!
Twinkle laughs. Suddenly they hear Uv shouting. They go running to Uv.
Kunj- Bro what happened to di? Where is she?
Uv (panicking)- Idk my phone rang and I was on a call. When the call ended, Mahi wasn’t next to me! I don’t know where she is!
Twinkle- Bhai calm down we will find her.
They all shout her name and look around. Suddenly Uv sees a girl at a street store. He runs to her and turns her around. It’s Mahi. Uv slaps her. The water bottle from Mahi’s hand falls on the floor and Mahi holds her cheek in shock. Then she gets an even bigger shock when Uv suddenly hugs her. Twinj see Yuhi and run to them but doesn’t interrupt.
Uv breaks the hug.
Uv- What the hell! Where were u? U couldn’t tell me anything before leaving? Do u know what kind of thoughts and ideas were running through my head? If something happened to u what would have happened to me?
He holds her shoulders.
Uv- Do u even understand what I’m saying?
Mahi pushed Uv’s hands off.
Mahi- Excuse me Mr. Yuvraj Taneja. I came here to buy water. U were too busy on ur phone so I didn’t want to bother u. I am a responsible adult and can look after myself. Who are u to tell me what to do! Who do u think u are! What right do u have over me!
Uv- Of course I have a right over u!
Mahi- WHY?
Mahi is shocked. Twinkle and Kunj smile so big, it seems as if their faces will break. Uv realizes what he said and becomes silent. Suddenly…
Mahi slaps him. Twinj jump in surprise
Uv- Mahi I’m sorry. I didn’t want to say that. I’m……
Mahi hugs Uv. Twinj look at each other confused.
Kunj- Twinkle, these two are confusing me. One moment they slap each other, the next moment they hug. What is happening?
Mahi breaks the hug.
Uv is elated.
Uv- But why did u slap me?
Mahi- Because u slapped me! Now we are even!
Uv- You!
Mahi closes her eyes in fear. Uv hugs her.
Kunj to Twinkle- U girls are so confusing. U should come with an instruction manual…so when u need to understand something, turn to pg 23 and there u go, problem solved!
Yuhi are still hugging when Twinj go to them and cough. They still don’t break the hug. Twinj look at each other and smile. Suddenly Twinkle and Kunj also hug Mahi and Uv.
Twinkle- Group Hug!
They break the hug and go home.

The next day, the two families discuss about Uv and Mahi’s marriage. The pandit says that the next wedding date is in a week. After that, there isn’t a date until two years later. They decide to take the earliest date.
Twinkle- Until the wedding, I will stay with bhai at my house.
Kunj hears this and gets sad. He pulls Twinkle to a corner.
Kunj- What do u mean u are staying with bro?
Twinkle- Obviously Kunj. Ma needs my help.
Kunj- Then what about me?
Twinkle- Kunj…u are a grown man I don’t think u need my help.
Kunj- But I need u…
Twinkle smiles- It’s only a week Kunj.
Kunj- But it will feel like years.
Twinkle- Fine I’ll call u every night.
Kunj- But u know I can’t sleep without u!
Twinkle- Kunj! Stop acting childish.
Kunj pretends to be angry.
Kunj- Fine then go!
He folds his arms and turns around. Twinkle smiles at him and tries to turn him but Kunj doesn’t move.
Twinkle- Kunj…
He still doesn’t move.
Twinkle- Kunj…..
He still doesn’t turn.
Twinkle- Fine I’m going.
Kunj gets surprised and turns around and sees Twinkle standing with her arms folded. She raises her eyebrows.
Kunj- Fine before u go at least give me a goodbye hug.
He opens his arms and Twinkle hugs him. She breaks the hug and gives a kiss in his cheek before running away. Kunj holds his cheek and smiles.
Kunj- I love you my Siyappa Queen.

I’m going to just skip past some of the wedding rituals if u guys don’t mind. Let’s go straight to the wedding day. The Sarna Mansion is beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. Mahi and Uv’s haldi is going on at the same time at Sarna Mansion. Everyone is enjoying. Suddenly music starts and a girl starts dancing. It’s Twinkle. (Punjabi wedding song from Hasee toh Phasee plays).

I like dandiya, I like garba
But if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up and twist ’em around
Do the bhangra everybody
C’mon do the bhangra everybody (x2)

She walks around dancing and singing with everyone.

Nothing like my Jatt mahiya
Nothing like my mutiyaara
Nothing like some kangna-shangna
And loung da lashkara
Buggi te wuggi main gidda gholna
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song
Dholon ke beaton pe main to dolna
Kunj joins her and they both dance together.

Haay sharam chhadd ke lage jhatke
Hai ismein nothing wrong
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song

Twinkle and Kunj pull Mahi and Uv onto the dance floor. Everyone joins in and they have lots of fun. In the evening, the time finally comes and Uv and Mahi get married, both looking handsome and beautiful. After the emotional bidaai, Mahi comes to the Taneja Mansion and does her grehapravesh.
Kunj- So bro, now it’s ur turn. Where should I start teasing u? Remember my suhaag raat?
Uv- Bro I’m sorry about that please forgive me.
Kunj- Ohhhh so when u do it its alright, but when I do it, it’s a crime?
Uv- No nothing like that, trying to understand na.
He leans closer to Kunj and whispers…
Uv- Come one man try to understand. It’s my first night. U also had ur first night na? Then understand a brother’s emotion.
Kunj thinks- Bhai how do i tell u, meri toh kismate karap hai. I still didn’t get to have my first night.
Kunj- Fine I’ll let u go this time.
Uv- Thanks bro.
Uv runs inside the room and locks the door. Twinkle laughs.
Kunj- What are u laughing at. Let’s go.
He carries Twinkle suddenly and Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle- But where?
Kunj- Surprise.

Precap: Kunj’s surprise….

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  1. Omg sara !! Amazing…I am a silent reader but i always read ur ff and i always love it…. Keep writing……Eagerly waiting for the next update!!

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  3. Fan

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  5. Angita

    Oh no. Awesomeness exploded
    What an episode!!!!
    Too good
    So funny
    Love Kunj’s dialogue

    Love you till death episode

  6. Ria

    Sara, the episode was awesome. Aww..the confession was so cute. Dialogues?? During the confession when Kunj says what are they doing slapping each other and then the next moment hugging each other. Really it was amazing. I guess the surprise is honeymoon surprise. Really excited. Do post soon. Love you loads.?

  7. Kruti

    Awesome epi Sara loved the twinj moments and yuhi confession
    And my fav dialogue of tei ……’turn to page 28and u know what to do’ ……sacchi missing our kunj and his sooooooo funny one liners

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    I was laughing AF.
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    Yuvi ki excitement.
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