Love Is Blind (Episode 33)

TU why do u hate me so much? I submit my ff as episode 33 but u post it as episode 32? Kyun, kyun kyun! Anyways, if this posts as episode 33 then the next episode I will title it as episode 34 and 35, but it will really be episode 35.
Anyways, thank u so much to everyone who supported me and advised me to continue my ff. It warms my heart knowing how much u guys love me. Keep loving me and my ff. U guys are unbelievable and I love all of u!!!! Anyways, let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Twinj and Yuhi are in jail. They have a flashback on how they ended up in jail. We are still in the flashback. Twinj and Yuhi participate in a couple competition to see which couple is goals. The first round is the paper dance.


Twinkle is in Kunj’s arms and Mahi is in Uv’s arms. They are the only two couples left. Mahi and Uv are in an eye lock. Mahi feels butterflies in her stomach and breaks the eye lock. She gets down from Uv’s arms. Uv looks at her in shock.
Announcer- And we have a winner! Because Mr Yuvraj and Miss Mahi are eliminated, our winners are Mr and Mrs. Sarna!
Twinkle gets down and hugs Kunj in excitement.
Uv- Oye hello attitude queen? What was that? U made us lose!
Mahi- I saw how u were looking at me. Ur intentions didn’t looks right!
Mahi walks away and Uv is stunned.

Uv- Kamal hai. One moment she says ‘Mahi Sarna doesn’t lose’ and the next moment she makes us lose? What kind of girl is this?
Mahi walks out of the room and thinks about the dance with Uv. She feels her arms and remember’s Uv.
Mahi thinks- Oh no what is happening to me? Why do I feel butterflies in my stomach every time Yuvraj comes close to me? Why do I love fighting and arguing with him as if it has become a habit of mine? Leave it Mahi. The second round is about to start and u can’t lose this time.
Announcer- We have our three finalist couples. Together, they will compete in this round to see which to couples will make it to the third round. This round is the sandwich making round. Each couple will have to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but there is a twist……each partner can only use one hand and we will tie their other hands together.
Everyone claps. Each couple’s hands are ties. For example, Twinkle’s left hand is tied to Kunj’s right hand. They are only allowed to use the hands that are free. Twinj, Yuhi, and the third pair go to their designated table and wait for the whistle. The whistle blows and they all hurry to make their sandwich.
Mahi- Yuvraj what are u doing? Get the jelly!
Uv- I’m trying, I’m trying!

Meanwhile, Twinkle and Kunj work gracefully, occasionally smiling at each other (aww love birds ❤️). They spread the jelly on one piece of bread and peanut butter on another piece of bread. Twinkle takes the knife to cut the sandwich in half. She cuts it and Kunj takes the plate to go take it to the judge. Suddenly, the knife hits Twinkle’s arm and she gets cut. Kunj drops the plate and the sandwich falls on the floor.
Kunj- Twinkle! Are u ok? Oh no there’s blood.
Kunj unties the rope and frees their hands. He takes a napkin and carefully wipes the blood while blowing on the cut. Twinkle looks at him lovingly.
Meanwhile, Yuhi finish their sandwich and bring it to the judge.
Announcer- We have a winner!

Twinkle is still adoring Kunj when she feels a drop of water on her arm. She looks at her arm and then lifts Kunj’s face. She is surprised to see Kunj crying.
Twinkle- Kunj what happened? Y are u crying.
Kunj- Oh nothing it’s just….
Twinkle- Kunj….I know u can’t see me in pain but this is just a small cut it will heal.
Kunj nods silently.
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj- Sorry Twinkle.
Twinkle- For?
Kunj- I dropped the sandwich. We lost because of me.
Twinkle- Even if I lost, I won. I got to see how much my husband loves me. And vaise, bhai and Mahi di won, so that means we won also!
Kunj smiles.

Next Scene…

Twinj are sitting at a table and Yuhi are sitting on another table. Twinkle is sitting opposite Kunj and Mahi opposite Uv.
Announcer- And now for our final round, the noodle challenge. Each couple will take one piece of noodle. One partner will eat from one side and the other eats from the other side. The couple that pulls apart is eliminated and the other pair is our winner!
Twinkle looks tensed.
Kunj- Twinkle what happened?
Twinkle- I don’t want to play this game.
Kunj- But why not?
Twinkle- Kunj, we are in public…a hall full of people.
Kunj- Ya sooooo?
Twinkle- Kunj, as we eat, the noodle will get smaller and eventually when the noodle is finished…..
Kunj- We will kiss?
Twinkle- Kunj!
She blushes.

Kunj- Awwww. But how are u so sure that we will win?
Twinkle- Oh come on Kunj look who the other team is, Mahi di and bhai. U really think they will win this challenge. They can’t even look at each other obviously they are going to pull away.
Kunj- Oh that’s fine with me. I’d love to win and also get that kiss.
He winks and Twinkle blushes. The round begins. Yuhi avoid eye contact while eating the noodle. On the other hand, Twinj are engrossed in a deep eye lock. (Any memories coming back?) They eat and the noodle becomes smaller, bringing them closer and closer to each other. Their lips are now a few inches a way. Yuhi look at the noodle and then at each other. They come closer and closer. Their lips are now centimeters away. Suddenly Yuhi pull back and break the noodle.
Mahi- No I can’t do this.
Uv- Neither can I.
Twinkle looks at them. Kunj closes his eyes and leans in for the kiss. Twinkle pulls back. Kunj’s head falls. He opens his eyes and sees Twinkle is not in front of him.
Announcer- Because Mr Yuvraj and Miss Mahi have been eliminated, our winners are Mr and Mrs Sarna!
“Hold on one second!”
Everyone turns to the door and sees Sia standing with police behind her.
Kunj- U! Y did u come here? I warned u.
Sia- Inspector please arrest Twinkle.
Everyone is shocked.

Uv- What? What did Twinkle do and how did u come out of jail?!!!
Sia- Inspector, this girl threatened to kill me. Please arrest her.
Twinkle- WHAT! When did I say that?
Kunj- Inspector, Sia is lying. She is the one that threatened to kill Twinkle. U should arrest her.
Inspector- Sorry but we have an arrest warrant for Mrs Twinkle Sarna.
Sia- Oh and also arrest Mahi and Yuvraj. They are with Twinkle.
Twinkle- No take me but leave Mahi di and bhai alone.
The police go to Twinkle, Mahi, and Uv. Sia goes to Kunj and whispers to him…
Sia- Now all my troubles are gone and u are alone with me tonight.
Kunj- Wherever Twinkle goes I will go. I will never stay with u.
Sia- Ur Twinkle is going to jail and tonight u are only mine.
Kunj- Inspector arrest me also.
Sia is shocked.

Twinkle- Kunj shut up what are u saying.
Inspector- Sir please stay out of this. U did not commit any crime.
Kunj- Is hitting an on duty police officer a crime?
Inspector- Yes it is.
Twinkle slaps her forehead.
Twinkle thinks- Oh no Kunj please don’t.
Kunj slaps the police officer. (Funny tune plays). The officer holds his cheek and looks at Kunj in disbelief.
Inspector- U slapped me? U SLAPPED ME?! Arrest him!
Kunj gives his hands happily and the inspector puts handcuffs on them.
Sia- No wait u can’t arrest Kunj.
Inspector- Yes I can he hit an on duty officer.
The police take Twinj and Yuhi away.
Sia (shouting)- No Kunj u can’t leave me like this. U can’t!!!

Now back to the present…in jail.
Twinkle- Kunj u are such an idiot.
Kunj- What did I do?
Twinkle- If u had not followed me into jail then u could have bailed us all out. Now we all are stuck inside.
Kunj- Oh….sorry.
Night time comes and the four of them are still stuck inside. A woman comes and gives them their food.
Woman- Here eat this. She slides two plates under the cell.
Mahi- We are not hungry take it away. Don’t u dare give us this trash. We are innocent and yet u locked us in here.
Woman- HEY! Keep ur attitude to urself. U are a criminal and that’s why ur in here.
She throws the water glass and it hits Mahi’s head.
Kunj starts to go to Mahi but then stops.
He runs to Mahi.
Uv- Mahi are u ok? Did it hurt?
He sees blood on her forehead and takes out his handkerchief and wipes it. Mahi looks at him lovingly. Kunj is about to go to Mahi when Twinkle holds his arm and stops him.
Twinkle- Kunj look.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj- Finally, I found someone who after me, will care for and love di this much.
Twinj smile looking at Yuhi.

Precap: Punjabi Wedding Song…..Maybe u guys didn’t understand but guess what could be next ?

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  1. Haiii amazinggg episode i was literally laughing di ???? thanks alot for posting and i enjoyed it too much i even let me brother read to know y i was laughing..kunj slapping the inspector ?????? love u .. Post soon waiting

    1. Sara28

      Aww thank u and yes I did get ur comment. Lol I wonder what ur brother’s reaction was ?

  2. Romaisha

    Heyy ssara that was my comment before idk if u got the comment

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….SRA lovely episode….amazing…

  4. Angita

    So funny and amazing……can’t stop loving it

  5. Shatakshi

    Sara that was sooooo cute
    Loved it to the core
    N that slap wala scene was funny….I imagined sid n he was looking damn cute❤❤❤??

  6. Oh oh oh…see see who is here…my fav Sara di…I love uh shoooooo much…really…how can u write shooo goooood? Aww I love u I love u and I love uh forever…plzz continue asap…

    1. Sara28

      Thank you! Love u too!

  7. Superb…loved kunj’s concern for twinkle and the way he slapped to go to to jail was nice

  8. Sameera

    Amazing sara just loved it hahaha kunj slapping inspector ??

  9. Sayeeda

    Wah …wah …Sara dear u nailed it .
    Amazing episode…
    Twinj nd Yuhi scenes were superb …the way they care for their partners were so cute nd loving ….
    Kunj slapped Police officer ….hhhaahhaa ….so good..I was laughing like a maniac imagining kunj doing this …loved it …awesome…. super se bhi uper wala episode …
    love u

  10. dreamer... arundhati

    Sara dear darlo maafi plz bcoz i didn’t commented on ladt epi… Fabulous… Old memories taaza hogayi… Fandu… Luv u

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  11. Kruti

    Superb Sara loved it
    And that slap which kunj gave……I just couldn’t stop laughing
    Amazing epi

  12. Shreya098

    Amazing episode…
    Loved yuhi and twinj
    And ya that noodle game brought so many memories back…..????…

  13. Ria

    Sara, the episode was amazing. Really loved it. Esp that slapping the officer scene was really the best. Just loved it. Will Yuvraj/Mahi realise their love for the other one. I mean may be it’ll happen only for one of them and that’s why the Punjabi wedding song. Anyways, the episode was brilliant. Do continue soon. Will be eagerly waiting for it.?

  14. Love the episode to the core and you too.waiting for next one post soon.
    A:adorable creation by God.
    Sorry for not commenting from last few episode.

    1. And about old memories i would like to tell that its true that old is goldgold.

  15. Baby

    hey sara i m soo sry fr being soooooo late bt u no d prblm of serving netwrk on dis site sooo…. bt d episode ws epic amazing luvd it sooooo mch srsly rckd yr kunj slapd d inspector very funny mein toh has has ke paga l hi ho gyi n also wen kunj ws gonaa kiss twinkle bt she puld bck n his head hit d tabble hahahahhahahahhahahaa yr u r brilliant fab fabtastico marvalleous n wt nt

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