Love Is Blind (Episode 32)


Are u guys not liking the ff? ? Should I end it? I wanted to go to at least 50 episodes but I don’t want to bore u guys……

Recap: It was Kunj and Twinkle’s suhag raat…but Sia had to ruin it by mixing sleeping pills in their drinks. She calls Kunj and tells him that she will kill any girl that tries to touch him. Kunj warns Sia not to hurt Twinkle.


Twinkle, Kunj, Mahi, and Uv all hold the bars of the jail cell and make a pout.
Kunj (still staring out the cell)- Twinkle, how did we end up here?
Twinkle (also staring out the cell)- It happened so fast.


Kunj hangs up Sia’s call and turns to find Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj, who’s call was that?
Kunj is tensed. Should he tell Twinkle?
Kunj thinks- I don’t want to stress Twinkle out. It’s better if I don’t tell her.
Kunj- Oh just a business call.
Twinkle- Are u sure?
Kunj- Wow ur being possessive already? How cute!
He pulls Twinkle’s cheeks. Twinkle rubs her cheeks.

(Twinj’s Room…)

Kunj- Twinkle I have some good news.
Twinkle- What Kunj. Tell me quickly I’m busy.
Twinkle is folding clothes. Kunj comes and back hugs her and rests his chin on her shoulder.
Kunj- U don’t have time for me?
Twinkle leaves the clothes and turns to face Kunj.
Twinkle- Kunj hurry up and tell me.
Kunj- Ok so this weekend there is this huge party at Plaza Resort. The event lasts for two days and both nights have rocking parties. It’s for youths. We have to go Twinkle.
Twinkle- No I’m not going.
Kunj- Come on Twinkle please.
Twinkle- Ok but we are also taking Mahi di. She came to India after so many years and has not been to any places. She needs to come with us.
Kunj- Twinkle, if di comes it will be awkward. I don’t want her to be third-wheeling with us.
Twinkle puts her arms around Kunj’s neck.
Twinkle- Awww my dear husband, ur soooooo sweet. Don’t worry Mahi di won’t feel lonely.
Kunj- How?
Twinkle- Because bhai is also coming with us, simple!
Kunj- Oh that’s a great idea. Let’s go tell them.

Next Scene…

Yuhi- NO NO NO!
Mahi- I’m not going with that boy.
Uv- And I’m not going with that attitude queen!
Twinkle- Oh come on bhai it will be fun.
Kunj- Please di….for me?
Twinj give Yuhi a pout and pretend to be sad.
Yuhi- FINE!
Uv- Stop emotionally blackmailing us. We will go!
Twinj high five each other.

(The Next Morning at Plaza Resort…)

Twinj and Yuhi go to the reception desk to check in.
Kunj- Three rooms please.
Man- Sorry sir but we only have two rooms. Because of the party, all the rooms have been booked.
Twinkle- It’s ok Kunj, me and bhai will have one room while Mahi di and u take the other room.
Kunj’s smile drops listening to Twinkle’s words.
Kunj- But T…Twinkle……
Twinkle- Ok give us the two rooms.
They take the keys and go to their rooms which are right next to each other. Before the go inside, Kunj stops everyone.
Kunj- STOP! This is a crime.
Mahi- What happened Kunj.
Kunj- U all are committing a crime.
Uv- Bro what happened?
Kunj (like a crying child)- U are separating me from me wife one day after my wedding. What did I ever do to deserve this? Kyun meri dushman ban raha ho?
Yuhi laugh.
Kunj- Twinkle is coming with me. Sorry di.
Mahi- Wait but what about me and Yuvraj……
Kunj pulls Twinkle inside a room and closes the door. Mahi and Uv are left stuck in the other room together.

(Yuhi’s room…)

Uv thinks- Oh no now I have to tolerate this attitude queen all night?
He looks around the room. Mahi also looks around the room.
Yuhi- OH NO!
Uv- There’s one bed!
Mahi- Thank u Captain Obvious. I can see that.
Uv- I’m sleeping on the bed. U can sleep on the couch.
Mahi claps her hand.
Mahi (sarcastically)- Wow Mr. Yuvraj Taneja. U should get the awards for being the biggest gentleman ever. Sleeping on the bed while stranding a girl on a little sofa. Koi itna chivalry toh aap se sike. Bravo!

Uv rolls his eyes.
Uv- Fine go on the bed. Take this as a little token of sympathy from the great Yuvraj Taneja.
Mahi smiles and goes to the bed.

(Twinj’s room…)
Twinkle- Kunj what was that?
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- U just embarrassed me in front of bhai.
Kunj- What did I do?
Twinkle- Oh what did u do?
She imitates him.
Twinkle (mimicking Kunj)- Nahiii!
She puts her arm to her forehead in a dramatic way.
Twinkle- I want to stay with my wife!
Kunj- Yea so what’s wrong with that?
Twinkle- Unbelievable!
She turns to leave when Kunj catches her arm and pulls her towards him. His hands rest on her waist and her hands rest on Kunj’s chest.
Kunj- Last night…u were free from me, but who will save u tonight?
Twinkle blushes.

Kunj- When I come close to u tonight, ur rosy cheeks will become more pink. Tera dil bhi zhor zhor se dhadhkenge. Dhak dhak…dhak dhak….
(Oh the memories of the old TEI and Twinj ?)
Twinkle pushes Kunj away and runs to the bathroom.

Next Scene…

Yuhi and Twinj walk around the resort looking around. They stop at a huge hall where a crowd is gathered. There is a guy with a mic announcing something.
Announcer- Ladies and Gentlemen this is the last call for any couples out there. We need two more couples. Anyone up for the challenge?

He looks at Twinj and points towards them.
Announcer- U two over there! The lovely couple, please step up on stage.
Twinj look surprised but then go to the stage together and stand next to the other couples. Yuhi and everyone clap and cheer for them.
Announcer- One more couple! Let’s go guys, bring ur significant other and prove ur love to them.
He looks around and then points at Yuhi.
Announce- U two. Come on up.
Mahi and Uv are surprised.

Uv- Oh no no we are not playing.
The announcer comes to them and pulls them on the stage.
Announcer- No no u have to play. Prove to ur girlfriend that u love her a lot.
Uv- What…my girl….
Announcer- Ok ladies and gentlemen, we have got all our couples. Welcome to the famous game of the Plaza Hotel, Love Goals, where we host a series of events to see which couple will be named “#goals”
Everyone claps.
Announcer- We have three challenges today. The first challenge is the paper dance. The second challenge is the sandwich making challenge. And the last challenge….our most exciting challenge will be the noodle challenge!!!! Now we can start our first challenge. Each couple please take ur positions on a piece of paper.
Twinkle and Kunj stand on a piece of paper. Uv and Mahi also go on a paper. They roll their eyes at each other.

Announcer- The rules are very simple my friends. Both partners will have to stay on the paper at all times. When a couple steps out of the paper, they will be eliminated. Then the paper will be folded in half. Let’s see which couple wins this round!
The music starts. Everyone starts dancing. One couple steps outside of the paper and they are eliminated. Soon only three couples are left: Twinj, Yuhi, and another couple. They fold their paper once more. Kunj gets on the paper. Twinkle then also gets on and because the paper is so small, she had to stand close to Kunj, their bodies coming into contact. Kunj puts his hands on her waist while Twinkle rests her hands on Kunj’s chest. Uv gets on his paper. Mahi sees there is no room for her to stand.
Uv- Put ur feet on top of mine.
Mahi looks at him weirdly.
Uv- Don’t worry, I’m decent enough to respect women. I’m Yuvraj Taneja, and Yuvraj Taneja is a winner. I’m going to win this competition so u better do what I say.
Mahi- Well, I, Mahi Sarna is also a winner.

Mahi stands on Uv’s feet. The sudden action makes her imbalanced but Uv holds her. They share an eye lock. The other couple is out and only Yuhi and Twinj are left. Their paper is folded once again. Kunj carries Twinkle in his arms. Yuhi looks at them. Uv forwards his arms. Mahi goes to him awkwardly and Uv carries her. The announcer plays the music. (Tumhe Apna Banane plays in the bg.) Twinj and Yuhi have an eye-lock. Uv holds Mahi and turns in circles without breaking their eye contact. Kunj touches his forehead to Twinkle’s forehead. Twinkle wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him.

Precap: The other two rounds of the competition…who wins and why are Twinj and Yuhi in jail?

So I wanted to give some spotlight to Yuhi in this episode. Hope u guys didn’t mind. Huge Twinj romance coming up in a later episode pakka!

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  1. SidMin

    Sara loved it ?you nailed it ?so cute Kunj wants to spend time with Twinkle
    The room scene was so cute ?
    Loved it waiting to know why Twinj and Yuhi are in jail
    Pls post as soon as possible ?

  2. Kruti

    Sara…..this was superb loved it
    Eagerly waiting to know how twinj and Yuhi landed in jail

  3. Aamu


  4. Sara it was awesome…waiting to know how they landed up in the jail

  5. Amazing please don’t stop this ff it’s great and I’m sure u will even be able to go to 100 episodes so don’t stop now ???

  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing …awesome episode Sara …
    loved it …
    Excited to know how twinj land up in jail ….

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…Sara lovely episode??????

  8. Shonaa...

    It was amazing sara nd cute too….. y they r in jail…. waiting for ur nxt update….

  9. Shatakshi

    I m just loving it Sara

  10. Meeta

    Now what shud I say?
    That it was amazing.
    It was more than amazing.
    Don’t think this girl is mad.
    Gave m a Lil heart attack
    Never mind.
    Can’t. Soon
    My 1st soo long comment

  11. Na na na…na na na…U can not do this…u cannot write so well??…..noooo words…love it & love u…sorry for short comment di???

  12. Angita

    Amazing flashback do continue
    Will be full of fun I’m sure

  13. Baby

    amazing sara osm luvd it n ll b w8ing fr it plsss pst asap pls pls pls luvd it agn both yuhi n sidmin twinj scenes wr amazing

  14. Fan

    Super epi

  15. Ria

    Sara, first of all stop thinking about ending your ff. Even I write a ff and do the same thing but, my readers have always suggested me not to think it that way. There will be many silent readers who would be eagerly waiting for your ff so, please don’t feel low and keep continuing your ff. In fact, I myself wait for your ff.
    Back to the episode, it was fantastico. I legit loved it. Aww.. Kunj wants to spend time with Twinkle. So cute. Looking forward for the next episode. Hope you get to post soon.
    Loads of love.?

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….eagerly waiting to know why twinj & yuhi end up in jail….post next part asap….

  17. Romaisha

    1st line “Are u guys not liking the ff?” What are u saying!! No that hurt me so much tho you’re the writer ?
    How can u say tht we’re not liking it when we’re loving it? Haa? When im loving? Do u no hw long i was waiting for u to post?! Don’t say that again yaar i love u n this ff its one of my fav ? and todays epi was a blast can’t wait to read y they are in jail ? and the pout wala scene in jail was too cute dii ? do post soon im waiting 🙂

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