Love Is Blind (Episode 31)


Sorry I wrote episode 31 as episode 30. So this is officially episode 32.

Recap: Twinkle and Kunj get married.


(Kunj’s Room…)

Kunj walks up to his room and sees Chinki, Priya, and Mahi standing outside his door.
Chinki smiles- U can go inside now jiju. Twinkle is waiting for u.
Kunj walks in the room and locks the door. He looks at the bed and sees Twinkle sitting on the bed with a veil on her head.
Kunj- Omg Twinkle y are u sitting there like a 1820’s bride? This is 2016.
He goes to her and back hugs her.
Kunj- Twinkle? Did u gain some muscle? Y are ur soft arms so rock hard?
He feels her stomach with his hand.
Kunj- Twinkle, where is ur stomach? Why does this feel like a sherwani?
Kunj lifts the veil off of Twinkle’s face and screams.

He falls off the bed.
Kunj- TU!!!
Rishi- Namaste patidev.
Everyone comes in the room laughing their heads off. Kunj is still sitting on the floor shocked.
Uv (laughing)- Bro, so how was ur suhag raat?
Kunj- Yea yea laugh all u want, when ur turn comes then watch what I do.
Rishi gets off the bed and acts like a girl. He walks over to Twinkle.
Rishi- Bhabhi, according to Kunj u have really soft arms. What moisturizer do u use? Zaara mujhe bhi bata dijiye.
They all start laughing again.

Kunj- Ok everybody out.
He pushes everyone out the door. Twinkle starts leaving with them. Kunj pulls her arm and pulls her into the room. He closes the door and pushes her against the door. Kunj locks the door.
Kunj- Tu kaha jaa ra hai.
Twinkle- U said everybody out.
Kunj- Ohhh…so u really want to leave me?
He takes his finger and runs it on Twinkle’s face. Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj unpins the dupatta from her head and let’s it fall. He removes her earrings and kisses her ears. He cups her face and leans in towards her lips. Twinkle parts her lips and the two lips finally meet. Kunj’s hand goes to her waist and Twinkle’s hand moves to Kunj’s hair. After a few minutes, Twinkle moves back, breathing heavily.
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj lifts Twinkle and takes her to the bed.
He leans on top of her.
Twinkle- Kunj my head…..
Kunj holds his forehead.
Kunj- Ahh my head…y am I feeling sleepy……..
He falls asleep on Twinkle’s stomach. Twinkle also falls asleep.

The next morning…

Twinkle wakes up holding her head.
Twinkle- Oww my head is hurting so badly.
She looks down and sees Kunj sleeping with his head on her stomach. She looks at him and smiles. She caresses his hair.
Twinkle- Kunj wake up.
Kunj (sleepy)- Let me sleep a little.
He wraps his arms around her waist and holds her tighter. Twinkle is surprised by his sudden action. She holds his head and tries to get him off her stomach.
Twinkle- Kunj please get up.
Kunj- Twinkle stop…just five more min.
Twinkle- Kunj everyone will call us now. Mummy ji is probably waiting for me.
Kunj- No one will disturb us. They know that last night was our suhag raat.
Suddenly he widens his eyes and sits up. Twinkle looks at him weirdly.
Kunj- Twinkle….yesterday was our suhag raat.

Twinkle sits up.
Twinkle- Yeah it was.
Kunj- But Twinkle, it wasn’t.
Twinkle- What are u saying Kunj. Yesterday was our suhag raat.
Kunj- But nothing happened. We went to sleep all of a sudden. Why?
Twinkle- Yeah Kunj something is wrong.
Kunj thinks- Something is definitely wrong. I’ll have to think about this later.
He suddenly jumps on top of Twinkle, causing his sudden action to make her lay down with Kunj on top of her.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing?
Kunj- Well Twinkle, our sleep distracted us last night, but there are no distractions now.
He leans closer down to Twinkle. Their lips touch for half a second when….

Twinkle is startled and pushes Kunj off of her.
Kunj (rubs his face and hair)- Wow babaji u couldn’t have waited one more minute?
Twinkle smiles at him then goes to open the door.
Twinkle- Oh hi Mahi di.
Mahi- Hello, hello. Did u have a good night’s sleep?
Twinkle nods yes.
Mahi- Where is my brother? Is he still sleeping?

Kunj- I’m here di.
Mahi comes inside. She looks around the room and sees Twinkle’s dupatta and jewelry lying around the floor. She holds in her laughter.
Mahi- Ok come down quickly for breakfast. Oh and….u might want to clean this floor and pick up ur stuff.
Twinkle looks at her stuff and bites her lower lip in embarrassment. Kunj looks the other way. (Awww poor twinj, they’re so cute). Mahi leaves and Twinkle closes the door.
Twinkle (as she picks up her jewelry)- This is all ur fault.
She throws her dupatta at Kunj. It hits Kunj’s face.
Kunj- My fault?
Twinkle- Yes!
She storms into the bathroom, leaving Kunj baffled.

(Breakfast Table…)

Twinkle and Kunj come down for breakfast. Chinki and Rishi stayed the night while Uv went back home. Twinkle goes and sits next to Chinki. Kunj looks at her and pouts. There was only one seat next to Rishi.
Rishi- Aja bhai. Sit next to me.
Kunj sits next to Rishi.
Rishi- So, u look tired. Didn’t get enough sleep?
Chinki and Twinkle were close to them so they heard their conversation. The rest of the people could not hear.
Rishi- Tell me tell me. How was last night?
Kunj- That’s all we did.
Chinki- Kya?
Kunj- Sleep!
Twinkle chokes on her water.
Rishi- What?
Kunj- Ha. Night is for sleeping isn’t it?
Rishi- But not yesterday night…..

Kunj- What was so special about yesterday night?
Twinkle looks around embarrassed.
Rishi- Bro what are u saying? Yesterday was ur first night.
Kunj- Ohhhh so u wanted me to tell u the details….
Rishi claps his hands once.
Rishi- Exactly!
Chinki- Shut up Rishi.
Kunj- Besharm!
Kunj’s phone rings so he excuses himself and leaves to pick up the call.
Kunj- Hello.
Person- Hello darling. How was last night?

Kunj- Sia! Why are u calling me?
Sia- Y? I can’t call my love? So I heard yesterday was ur first night with Twinkle. How was it? Did u like the sleep?
Kunj- It was u! U did something.
Sia- I didn’t do anything. It’s not like I mixed sleeping pills in both of ur juices or anything. Y would u day that?
Kunj is shocked.
Sia- Today it’s just sleeping pills, but if any other girl tries to even touch u, then I will not leave them.
Kunj- Sia, I’m going to kill u if u do anything to Twinkle. Mark my words!
Sia laughs then hangs up.
“Kunj, who was that?”
Kunj turns and sees Twinkle.

Precap: Uv, Mahi, Twinkle, Kunj in jail!!!

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi ……loved it….funny….bt sia….kuch aur naa kre bs…..

  2. Fan

    Super epi..

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    Amazing …..awesome …
    fab episode Sara …
    loved it …

  5. Ria

    Sara, it was amazing. I really loved it. The Suhaag raat was legit funny but, Sia is again back.? Anyways, excited to know why these 4 are going to be stuck up in the jail. Please post soon.?

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    Paka paka funny at first….I want to kill this sia.!?!?
    Why are yuhi and twinj at jail???

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