Love Is Blind (Episode 30) MAHA-VIVAAH

Sorry for making u guys wait soooooo long. Leave all ur anger in the comments. SO apparently to post ff episodes u have to be registered so I went to register and they said my name was taken ?(Kyun mere naam chin rahe ho mujhse? lol jk). Henceforth, I will be known as Sara28 (such a big difference right?) Hope u guys know that’s me. Now let’s get on with the episode.

Recap: Twinj’s mehndhi and sangeet ceremony.


Today is the big day. The morning has finally come and everyone is getting ready for the haldi. Kunj’s haldi already finished at Sarna Mansion. Now Twinkle’s haldi is going on at Taneja Mansion. Twinkle is looking beautiful with flower jewelry on her hands and head. She is wearing a white ghagra outfit with a red blouse and red dupatta. She is sitting with a radiant smile on her face. Everyone is preparing for the haldi ceremony to begin. Suddenly Twinkle’s smile vanishes. She feels the back of her blouse and feels a rip. She excuses herself and goes to her room.
Twinkle- Oh Babaji what happened? My blouse ripped. What do I do now? I can’t go out like this.
Suddenly she feels two strong arms wrap around her.
Twinkle- Kunj…

She looks up at the mirror and sees Kunj back hugging her. She closes her eyes. Kunj rubs his cheeks on her hair and cheek. Twinkle is lost in the moment. Kunj digs his face into her neck. Twinkle comes back into reality and slightly pushes Kunj back and turns to look at him.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing here? Ur not allowed here. Get out.
Kunj- Aise kaise? My would be wife’s haldi is going on and u want me to leave?
Twinkle- Kunj leave before someone sees.
Kunj- No first I have to put haldi on u.
Twinkle- What! U can’t do that. What if someone asks?
Kunj- Then u say that ur would be husband put it on u.
Twinkle- Yea right! Kunj go!
She pushes Kunj but Kunj holds her arm and twists it behind her back and makes her face him. Kunj has a grip on Twinkle’s arm behind her back while Twinkle looks at him in shock.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing leave me.
Kunj smirks- U said 10 children…so let’s get started…
Kunj kisses her forehead.
Twinkle- K..Kunj go.

He kisses her cheek. He leans towards her lips and loosens his grip on her arm. Twinkle takes this opportunity and moves away from him. Kunj pouts. Twinkle smiles and turns her back towards him. Kunj is shocked to see the tear in her blouse. He touches the tear, his fingers come into contact with her skin. Twinkle shudders to his touch.
Twinkle- Kunj I don’t know how this happened. Y does this always have to happen to me? Always me…what do I do now?
Kunj turns Twinkle around. He leans closer and then takes out a pin from her hair. Her hair falls and covers the tear. Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle- Wow Kunj ur a genius.
Kunj- Then give me my reward.
He leans in for a kiss. Just then Leela calls Twinkle.
Twinkle- Coming Ma!
She starts to leave but then turns back to see Kunj dejected and looking towards the floor with a sad face. She smiles and runs towards him. Twinkle holds the collar of Kunj’s white kurta and gives a peck on his lips.
Twinkle- Thank u.
She blushes and runs away, leaving Kunj both shocked and very happy. Later, Twinkle’s haldi is completed.

(The wedding palace…)

The palace is decorated beautifully. The red and golden themed mandap is surrounded by bright golden lighting and lanterns floating in the sky. Amongst the crowd we see many familiar faces, including the whole TU family. There we see princess chatting with Sidmin. Over here we see Angita, Laddoo, and Rashiverma2199 taking food and laddoos on their plates. Zaku and Chehak are chatting with guests. Kruti, Ria, and Meeta are glancing at the entrance eagerly waiting for the entrance of Kunj Sarna. Purnima.agrawal30, Bhumika, Romaisah, and Amli are comparing their dresses and chatting. Kiara and Baby enter the venue with gifts in their hands. And so on and so forth, guest arrive and fill the palace.

Finally that moment arrives when the groom makes his entrance. Kunj walks down the red carpet towards the mandap and sits near the priest. (Twinj are wearing their original wedding outfit because I loved their outfit and they both looked so cute together). After saying some mantras and completing some rituals, Kunj waits for the love of his life. The whole venue becomes silent as all eyes fall on the beautiful bride walking down the red carpet towards the mandap. Kunj looks up and is spellbound with Twinkle’s beauty. (Sajna Ve plays). He stands up. Chinki and Priya take Twinkle to the mandap. They hand her a bar-mala (flower garland). Twinkle puts the mala around Kunj’s neck first. Kunj then proceed to put it around Twinkle’s neck when suddenly Uv lifts Twinkle up. Everyone starts laughing including Twinkle.
Kunj- Bro what are u doing? Put her down.
Uv- Aise Kaise? Let’s see how much u love my sister.
Rishi- Hey don’t doubt Kunj’s love. Let’s go Kunj, never fear when Rishi is here.
Rishi then lifts Kunj by his legs. Now Kunj is able to reach Twinkle and puts the garland on her. Rishi and Uv set Twinkle and Kunj down. Twinj sit down and continue the wedding rituals.
Pandit- Ab aap dono kare ho jaye. It’s time for the seven pheras.
Twinkle and Kunj both stand up.
Kunj- One second.
Everyone is shocked.
Mahi- What happened Kunj?
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj- I promised Twinkle that I will always be by her side. I will not walk in front of her nor behind her. We will walk together.
Mahi- But how is that going to happen?
Kunj (one eyebrow raise)- Like this.
He picks Twinkle up bridal style. Twinkle is shocked. Everyone smiles. The pandit sighs (this is the first wedding he has seen like this ?). Twinj have an eyelock as Kunj carries Twinkle around the fire seven times. Finally the last phera is completed. Twinj are still in their eye lock. Mahi coughs.
Pandit- Ab app dono 7 janam saath rehenge.
Mahi- Ahem! Kunj u can put Twinkle down now.
Twinj break their eyelock and feel embarrassed.
Kunj- No problem! Kyun na saath janam aur bara de!

Everyone laughs. Kunj puts Twinkle down. He puts the mangulsutra on her and finally the sindoor. Twinkle and Kunj are married. (celebration ?)
Kunj- Finally……Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Smile!
He takes a picture and Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing?
Kunj- Saving the memory of the best day of my life. Smile!
Twinkle poses as Kunj takes a picture.

Next it is time for the emotional scene. Leela does Twinkle’s bidaai with a heavy heart and tears in her eyes. Kunj promises to always take care of Twinkle. Kunj and Twinkle take Leela’s blessings and head towards Sarna Mansion.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Twinkle completes all the rasams a new bride does. (Won’t go into detail for all of these). Later, all the elders leave to take rest. Twinkle, Kunj, Mahi, Uv, Chinki, Rishi, and Priya are left. They are all hanging out together. Kunj is feeling a little agitated (afterall it is his suhag raat ?).
Kunj yawns- Ok guys I’m tired. Let’s go to bed.
Chinki- Ok Kunj jiju u go. We will stay with Twinkle.
Kunj- No!…I mean…Twinkle must be tired also right?
Mahi, Chinki, and Priya look at each other.
Mahi- No bhai I’m going to stay and talk with Twinkle all night.
Kunj- All night?
Rishi- Yea Kunj we are going to enjoy the whole night.
Kunj whispers- Abbe saale. Y don’t u understand. I just got married today.
Rishi- So?
Kunj- U know…
Rishi- What?
Kunj- Idiot! It’s my suhag raat today!
Everyone looks at Kunj and holds in their laughter. Twinkle blushes. Kunj realizes how loud he was and feels embarrassed. Everyone bursts out laughing.
Mahi- Kunj we were just teasing u. Go! Take ur wife and go.
Kunj- Finally.
He takes Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle is shocked.
Chinki- Wait. have these juices. U guys didn’t eat anything today.
Rishi- Plus it will give u extra energy.
He winks and Twinkle blushes again. They drink the juices.
Mahi- We will take Twinkle upstairs and get her ready. U come later.
They take Twinkle and Kunj stands there dejected.

Precap: Twinkle Kunj’s Suhag Raat……

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