Love Is Blind (Episode 3)


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Recap: It’s Twinkle’s birthday and she bought a watch for herself. She accidentally bumps into Kunj and neither sees each other’s faces. Twinkle drops her watch and Kunj picks it up and keeps it with him.


Chinki drops Twinkle home. Twinkle enters her house with a sad face. Leela sees this.
Leela- Twinkle puttar, what happened y r u looking so sad?
Twinkle- nothing ma.
Leela- Cheer up it’s ur birthday and get ready quickly the guests will be here soon.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle- Ok ma.
She runs to her room.

(Twinkle’s Room…)

Twinkle stands in front of her mirror with her hands on her hips.
Twinkle- Babaji what kind of people are there in this world. That man saw that I dropped my watch and yet he didn’t return it to me. What a thief, Mr. Khadoos.

(Taneja Mansion…)

Leela is greeting all her guests. The whole house is decorated with pink and white balloons and curtains.
Lady- Leela ji where is Twinkle? I don’t see her anywhere.
Leela- U know kids nowadays. She’ll be right here. I’ll Tell Chinki to go get her.
Just then Chinki walks down the stairs with Twinkle. Twinkle is wearing a pink lehenga and her hair is in loose curls. Chinki is wearing a lavender lehenga. Everyone looks toward the stairs and the spotlight fall on Twinkle.
Leela- Wow Twinkle u are looking so beautiful.
She has tears in her eyes.
Twinkle- Ma now don’t start crying because if u cry then I’ll cry and if I cry then my mascara will be ruined and it will take me another hour to put makeup on again and by that time my birthday will be over.
Twinkle and Leela laugh.
Leela- Ok now let’s go cut the cake.
Twinkle- Wait ma bhai still didn’t come. He’s late even to his own sister’s birthday. He’ll probably be late to his own wedding.
Just then the lights go off and a spotlight falls on Uv who is wearing a silver kurta with a black neck lining and black scarf. He takes a mic and starts singing.

Bholi si soorat aankhon mein masti door khadi sharmaaye
Ay hay
Ek jhalak dikhlaaye kabhi kabhi aanchal mein chhup jaaye
Ay hay
Meri nazar se tum dekho to yaar nazar vo aaye
Bholi si soorat aankhon mein masti
Ay hay

He starts dancing with Twinkle and everyone watches and smiles and claps. They finish dancing.
Twinkle- Bhai y were u so late. I’m not speaking to u.
She crosses her arm and turns her back towards Uv.
Uv- Sorry Twinkle.
He holds his ears and makes a pouting face.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle- It’s ok. Now let’s go cut the cake.
They have the cake cutting ceremony and everyone is enjoying the party. Just then someone puts their hands on Twinkle’s eyes.
Twinkle- Oh my God! Priya!!!!!
Twinkle turns around and starts spinning Priya around.
Priya- What yaar Twinkle and Chinki you guys forgot about me?
Chinki- How can we forget u Priya? They don’t call us the Three Musketeers for no apparent reason u know.
All three friends share a group hug.
Priya- Ok listen I’m coming to pick u guys up tomorrow.
Twinkle- Wait y?
Priya- Guys I’m getting married in one month.
All three girls start screaming.
Twinkle- omg Priya that’s great news. But when were u planning on telling us? After u got married and had ur first child?
Chinki- Priya don’t listen to her. Now tell us who is the lucky guy?
Priya- Rahul.
She blushes.
Twinkle- I knew u two had a thing since college. Now I’m confirmed because of the way ur face turned into a tomato when u said his name.
Chinki- Oh no I can’t go tomorrow. I have to leave India for a week. I’ll come one week later.
Priya makes a sad face.
Twinkle- Leave her Priya. U have me, the great Twinkle Taneja.
All of them smile.

The Next Day….

Priya goes to pick up Twinkle from her house. She is struggling with Twinkle’s luggage.
Priya- Omg Twinkle did u pack ur whole house or something. Y do u need so many things. We are going shopping anyway. Unless u were planning on finding yourself a husband and getting married there and leaving with him.
Twinkle- Shut up Priya. Let’s go.
They drive away.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Usha- Kunj puttar u have to go to Priya’s house.
Kunj- But y mom her wedding is one month later.
Usha- Kunj! It’s ur cousin’s wedding. U are seeing her after like 15 years. Last time u saw her u guys were still children. U need to go and help out with the wedding. I will go later as I need to look after the house.
Kunj- Ok mom. Your wish is my command.
He bows down. Usha laughs.

(Priya’s Mansion…)

Twinkle- U have a nice house Priya!
Priya- Thank u. Let me show u to ur room.
They are walking and Priya’s dad sees them. (Let’s call him…Pritam Uncle)
Pritam Uncle- Are Twinkle u came. Good to see u.
Twinkle- Hello uncle.
She touches his feet.
Priya takes Twinkle to her room.
Priya- I hope u like the room Twinkle.
Twinkle- I love it!
Priya- Ok now I have to water the plants on the terrace call me if u need something.
Twinkle- Ok.
Priya leaves.

Kunj enter’s Priya’s home with sunglasses and earphones on. He dances and comes in.
Pritam Uncle- Excuse me! Who are you and what are u doing in my house?
Kunj loks at Pritam Uncle up and down.
Kunj- Mamu!!! It’s Kunj!
Pritam Uncle- Kunj! Look how much u have grown. From that little child who always wet his bed to the handsome gentleman u r now. By the way, where is Usha?
Kunj- Oh mom will come later. Now tell me where is the bride? Where is Priya?
Pritam Uncle points upstairs.
Kunj- shhh I’ll go and surprise her.
He quietly sneaks up the stairs and stops in front of Twinkle’s room. He sees the back of a girl. Kunj runs up and carries Twinkle bridal style and twirls her around.
Kunj- Priyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
Twinkle is screaming and Priya hears this and runs to Twinkle and sees her in Kunj’s arms.
Priya- Kunj bhai?
Kunj stops spinning and looks at Priya.
Kunj- Priya?
He looks at Twinkle who is still in his arms.
Kunj- Then who is this?
Twinkle- LET ME GO!!
She yells and Kunj drops her and covers his ears.
Twinkle- Ouch. I said to let me go not drop me and break my back.
Kunj- oh sorry.
He forwards his hand, but Twinkle does not grab it.
Priya- (laughing and speaking in between breaths) Ok Kunj bhai this is Twinkle Taneja my best friend and Twinkle, this is Kunj Sarna my cousin.
Twinkle- Whoever he is keep him away from me.
She leaves the room.
Priya- U heard her na Kunj bhai. Stay away from her.
She laughs and leaves.
Kunj- Ms. Twinkle Taneja. Nice name.

Precap: The whole family goes shopping. Twinkle and Kunj becomes friends.

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Credit to: Sara

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