Love Is Blind (Episode 28)


Thank u all for such positive feedback. Sorry for being so late. I was enjoying with my family and we went out for a few days. I found it funny that in my ff Twinkle is kidnapped and I just found out that in the show Twinkle is also kidnapped. What a coincident ? Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Kunj needs more time to heal and get his sight back. Sia is revealed to be madly in love in Kunj and being crazy was just her acting. She has kidnapped Twinkle and blackmailed the family to pose as Twinkle to Kunj.


(Sarna Mansion…)

Uv- Mahi we have to do something. I can’t just sit here doing nothing when my sister’s out there in trouble.
Mahi- I understand. I can’t see my brother getting deceived right in front of my eyes and I can’t do anything about it.
Uv- Well we have to do something!
Mahi- Stay calm Yuvraj. We can’t do something our selves because Sia is watching us. We have to do everything secretly.
Uv- Ur right.
Mahi- I have informed Chinki and Rishi. They are looking for Twinkle on their own. I have told them not to call the police or Sia might find out.
Uv- Ok then let’s do what we have to do.
Sia comes there.

Sia- Hey what are u two doing here?
Mahi- Did u forget? This is my house.
Sia- Oh shut up! Answer my question.
Uv- Mahi I’m going now. I don’t have the time and energy to chase after stray dogs.
Sia’s jaw drops open and Mahi smirks. (Funny tune plays).
Uv and Mahi leave.

On the road…

Rishi- Chinki, how are we going to locate bhabhi?
Chinki- Don’t u have a friend that works at the call center?
Rishi- Yea y?
Chinki- We can track the phone Sia made and find out where Twinkle is.
Rishi- Good idea! Let’s go!

Chinki and Rishi go to the call center. They trace the caller ID and go to an abandoned warehouse. Through a window, Chinki spots Twinkle tied to a chair.
Chinki (whispers)- Rishi look!
Rishi- Omg bhabhi! But there are so many guards, how can we go inside?
Chinki- We have to think of something. First let’s informs Uv and Mahi.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Sia is shouting for a servant but no one listens to her.
Sia- Hello! Does this house not have any workers? Where is my coffee?
A servant walks by.
Sia- Hey u! I have been calling for a coffee for half an hour. Where is my coffee!!!
Servant (with attitude and sarcasm)- On my head! Come and take it.
He walks away. Sia is shocked.
Sia- What the hell! These servants are useless. I can’t stay without my coffee. Looks like I’ll have to make it myself.
She goes to the kitchen and starts looking for the supplies. Mahi, Bebe, and Usha peak from the Kitchen entrance.

Sia- Where is the sugar…
She looks and finds a jar labeled ‘sugar’. Sia makes her coffee.
Sia- Finally, my coffee is ready.
She takes a sip and immediately spits it out. She starts jumping and screaming and the coffee spills on her.
Mahi and bebe and Usha give each other high fives.


Mahi and Bebe put salt in the sugar jar. Usha mixes mirchi powder with the coffee bean powder.


Mahi- Welcome chudail, welcome to Sarna Mansion.
They laugh silently. Kunj calls from upstairs.
Kunj- Ma bebe, what happened? Who is shouting.
Mahi- Oh no Kunj.
She starts to go to Kunj when Sia stops her.
Sia- I will go to him.
Sia leaves and Mahi mimics her.
Mahi- I will go to him! Hmmm!

(Kunj’s Room…)

Sia walks in and sits next to Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle, was that u screaming downstairs? One of the workers told me that u spilled coffee on ur hand. Did it spill on ur bandages? Let me see.
Sia (thinks)- Bandages? What bandages.
Kunj holds Sia’s hands.
Kunj- Twinkle? Where are ur bandages? What happened to ur cuts? Did it heal already?
Sia- Voh ummm…
Kunj- Twinkle, tere awaz ko kya hua?
Sia- Ummm… I have a sore throat iss liye.
Kunj- Oh. Where are ur bandages?

Sia- Ummm…I was just going to put new ones on.
Kunj- Bring the first aid kit, I’ll do it for u.
Sia goes and brings the first aid kit and gives it to Kunj. Sia keeps on looking at Kunj. Kunj picks up a foot-fungus cream and rubs it on Sia’s hand. Sia smells something weird.
Sia- What is that smell.
Sia looks at the tube of cream in Kunj’s hand.
Sia- Kunj!
Kunj- What happened Twinkle?
Sia- U put foot-fungus cream on my hand!!

Kunj- I did?
He starts laughing.
Sia (angered)- Shut up Kunj! This is not funny!
Kunj- Y are u reacting like this Twinkle? U know I didn’t do it on purpose. I can’t see.
Sia thinks- Oh God! When will he get his sight back.
Sia- Ok its fine.
Kunj- Here let me put the bandages on.
He takes her hand. Sia yells.
Sia- Ow Kunj! Y are u holding my hand so tightly?
Kunj- Oh sorry.
Sia- I’ll do it myself. U leave it.
Sia leaves and Kunj laughs.

(Kunj’s Room…)

Kunj is sleeping in his room when someone enters. It is Sia. She goes near Kunj’s bed and leans down close to Kunj. Kunj opens his eyes. Sia touches Kunj’s cheeks.
Kunj- Who is it?
Sia- It’s me, Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle, what are u doing here and that too this late at night.
Sia- Ur so unromantic Kunj. I’m ur would be wife, I can’t come to ur room?
Kunj sits up. Sia gets closer to him and touches his face sensually.
Kunj- Twinkle what are you doing!
Sia- Oh come on Kunj.

Kunj- Twinkle stop!
Sia leans closer to Kunj’s face. Kunj moves his face back but Sia leans closer.
Sia- I know Kunj that u can’t see…but u can still feel me.
Sia takes Kunj’s hands and places them on her waist. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his head closer to her. Kunj feels uncomfortable and tries to move but Sia doesn’t let him go.
Kunj- Twinkle stop!
Sia doesn’t listen. She leans closer to Kunj. She is a few centimeters away from Kunj’s lips.
Kunj pushes Sia and stands up and looks at her. Sia looks at him in shock.

Precap: Sia and Kunj’s wedding….

Credit to: Sara

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  1. Angita

    What sia and kunj wedding!!!! Anyways nice episode no actually fabulous episode

    1. Thank u!

  2. hey.. i was a silent reader from the first episode.. pls post soon.. i love your ff alot.. so just thought to comment…

    1. Thank u nikita for commenting. One little comment can serve as great motivation. I hope u will cont to love my ff.

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…bt sia & kunj’s wedding….?????

  4. SidMin

    Sia and Kunj’s wedding ????????
    Loved the episode the way the servants treated Sia and her coffee was awesome Waiting for the next one pls post asap

  5. Lama

    Awesomeness ki height…

  6. yr sara amazing cnt w8 fr d nxt episode pls post asap

  7. Don’t do this di….aap aisa nhi kr skte ho di….Sia aur Kunj ki shadi nhi ho skti….pleajjjj

    1. Twinkle has to come…doesn’t she? lol

  8. Fan

    Wow awesome epi..waiting 4 kunj to get his sight back..

  9. Ria

    The episode was so good but the precap is so frightening..I know Twinkle will come at the end moment but, scares me??

  10. Shreya098

    superb episode…
    but precap..??

  11. O.o Yaar i love this story line its amazing n interesting but precap is scary :v
    Umm if u have time plzz it wud be An honour if u read my ff ‘My heart beats for only you ‘ n tell me wat u think im following in ur footsteps :3 u need yr support 2 plzz 🙂 sry for posting this here

    1. Thank u so much…believe it or not I actually did read ur ff and sounds really good and emotional so far…can’t wait for Kunj to meet Twinkle…do cont.

  12. Loveleen

    hey hey hey……wats dis sia n kunj wedding… bring bck twinkle at d nick of tym…..nyways loving it…

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sara wonderful epi
    Precap is a shock.
    Ctd soon

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Sara….awesome episode…..lovely….

    1. Thank u

  15. Amazing epi
    But PRECAP??????
    Post soooon

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