Love Is Blind (Episode 27)


Thank u all for loving my ff…keep loving and supporting me. Now let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Mahi does Kunj’s operation. Kunj wants to see Twinkle when he opens his eyes but Twinkle is at the temple. Twinkle is coming to Kunj’s house while Mahi is opening Kunj’s bandages.


Kunj waits with his eyes closed.
Mahi- Kunj, slowly open ur eyes.
Twinkle- Wait!
Twinkle runs inside Kunj’s room.
Kunj smiles- Twinkle, u came.
Twinkle goes over to Kunj. She takes the flower and touches it over Kunj’s eyes.
Twinkle- Now open ur eyes.
Kunj- Twinkle, what was that?
Twinkle- A flower from the temple, God’s blessing.
Kunj- The only strength I need is ur love.
Twinkle understands what he is talking about. Apparently so does Uv and Mahi. Uv goes to Bebe while Mahi goes to Usha. Yuhi make Usha and Bebe turn around.
Bebe- Are Uv puttar what are u doing.
Uv- Bebe, yeh saab hum nahi dekh sakte.
Twinkle kisses Kunj’s closed eyes.
Mahi takes a peak over at Twinj.
Mahi- Ok ok they are done.
Twinkle blushes. Everyone turns back around.
Twinkle- Kunj…open ur eyes.
Kunj slowly opens his eyes. Everyone waits eagerly for his reaction. But what Kunj said shocked everyone.
Kunj- Twinkle where are u?
Twinkle is shocked.
Kunj- Di, y can’t I see anything? Ma, Bebe, what is happening?
Mahi- What do u mean Kunj? Can’t u see?
Kunj- No di, I can’t see!
Mahi- How is this possible? That means my operation was unsuccessful. I’m a failure!
Mahi runs out and Uv follows her.
Usha and Bebe are heartbroken. They go to console Kunj.

(Mahi’s Room…)

Mahi sits and looks at her stethoscope.
Mahi- Doctor Mahi Sarna…Ha ha ha doctor….what kind of doctor are u that u couldn’t even operate on ur own brother successfully. U are a failure Mahi Sarna. A FAILURE!
She throws her stethoscope. It lands in front of someone’s feet. That person picks it up. It is Uv.
Uv- Don’t do this to urself Mahi.
Mahi- No Yuvraj, I had one job, and I failed.
Uv- There must be some side effect or something. I know u can’t fail.
Suddenly Mahi get’s a notification on her phone. She looks at it.
Mahi- It’s an email from Dr. Gupta. He was a co-operator with me.
Uv- What does the email say.
Mahi- This is Kunj’s reports. It says that after the operation it might take Kunj a few days, maybe even weeks to get his sight back. This is the result of the nerve healing.
Uv- See I told u u were not a failure. U are Dr. Mahi Sarna, the best neurologist there is. She can’t fail.
Mahi smiles at Uv. They then go and tell the good news to the rest of the family members.
Twinkle- Kunj I knew u would get better. Only a few days Kunj…then u can see again.
Kunj- I hope so.
Twinkle- I know so. We will postpone our wedding until u get ur sight back. Mummy ji, is it ok if I visit Kunj everyday?
Usha- Is that a question to ask, Twinkle. I have already claimed u as my bahu. This is ur house now.

The next day….

(Taneja mansion…)

Uv- Bye ma I’m going to work.
Uv is about to walk out the door when he stops because someone enters the house. Uv is shocked.
Uv- Tum?
The person walks in while Uv walks backwards. The person’s heels click the floor as she takes steps. She comes and takes a seat on the couch and crosses her legs. Uv is in a daze.
Uv- But u are……
Person- Crazy? It was just acting.
The person is revealed to be Sia. She takes out her phone and is focused on that.
Uv- What do u mean acting? What are u doing here? Answer me!
Leela hears Uv shouting and comes there.
Leela- Uv puttar what happened? Who came?
She sees Sia sitting on the sofa looking at her phone.
Uv- Answer me! What are u doing here?
Sia yawns then holds up her phone so the screen is facing Uv and Leela.
Uv is shocked.
Uv- Twinkle….
Sia’s phone shows a picture of Twinkle tied up to a chair.
Uv- This is fake! This is not a real photo.
Sia- Yea yea…now u will tell me I edited the photo and it’s not real. So here is my proof.
Sia makes a phone call and puts it on speaker.
Man- Hello Sia maam.
Sia- Put that girl on the phone.
Man- Yes maam.
Twinkle- Let me go!
Uv- Twinkle! Twinkle where are u? Are u ok?
Twinkle- Bhai! Please save me! I don’t know where I am bhai…
Suddenly Sia hangs up.
Uv- U better tell me where my sister is or I will not leave u alive.
Sia- Try to act smart Mr. Yuvraj Taneja, and the next time u see ur sister will be at her funeral.
Leela (crying)- Meri bachi. How can u do this to a girl after being a girl urself? Are u even a human?
Sia (angered)- HEY!!! Listen old lady, Twinkle Taneja took my life away and now I will take it back. She ruined my life. I will not leave her!
Uv- What did my sister do?
Sia- Twinkle took my Kunj away from me. I even got into that accident on purpose and acted crazy just to be with Kunj. Now this Twinkle comes out of nowhere and steals him away? I will not tolerate that!
Uv- U will never get Kunj. He loves only Twinkle!
Sia laughs evilly.
Sia- Did u forget Yuvraj, that Kunj is blind? I even went and payed him a little visit at the hospital and he thought I was Twinkle. He will never know who is with him. And none of u will tell him otherwise Twinkle…..
She laughs again then walks out to Sarna Mansion. Uv and Leela follow her there.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Sia- Hey u, come over here.
She points at Mahi. Mahi reluctantly goes over to Sia.
Sia- U will tell Kunj that I have a sore throat and can’t talk for a few days.
Mahi- I will never say that!
Sia- Then say goodbye to ur pyari Twinkle…
Mahi- No no no wait…I’ll say it…
Sia- That’s like a good girl.
Everyone has not option but to listen to Sia. They all are heartbroken.
Bebe- Yeh ladki toh narak mein bhi place nai milengi.
Sia rolls her eyes then goes up to Kunj’s room. Mahi goes with her.

(Kunj’s Room…)

Sia walks in and sits next to Kunj on his bed.
Kunj- Twinkle u came.
He holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj- Y aren’t u saying something? Twinkle?
Mahi holds back her tears and speaks.
Mahi- Twinkle has a sore throat. I told her not to speak for a few days.
Kunj- Oh. It’s ok as long as u are here with me.
Sia hugs Kunj. Kunj hugs her back. Mahi cries silently. Uv comes there and places his hand on Mahi’s shoulder to comfort her. He gives death glares to Sia. Sia smirks at them evilly.
Sia thinks- Finally Kunj, u are mine.
Kunj thinks- Y am I having this weird feeling? Y am I not feeling the same way when I touched Twinkle before? Y does it all seem different and wrong?
The screen splits on Kunj’s confused face and Twinkle tied up in the chair.

Precap: Rishi and Chinki team up once again, this time to save Twinkle…

Credit to: Sara

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  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….nice twist….eagerly waiting for next part……

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  6. Angita

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