Love Is Blind (Episode 26)


Thank you all so much for all ur wonderful comments. Now that u took ur time to comment then I should also take my time and individually thank you all, so bear with me. Thank you Sayeeda (u comment on almost all my episodes thank u so much!!!! and yea i hope u will like the upcoming storyline),zayb_zikra (thanks for trusting me 🙂 ), Kruti (so there is such a disease hmm…), Purnima, Ria, Laddoo (love the name btw), Ami, Ruchi, Rashiverma2199, Ayesha Khanum, Saby (OMG I’m freaking out that u like my ff. I LOVE ur ff I’m a Devil of my Angel…when is the next episode coming can’t wait anymore!), Dreamer…arundhati (100 episodes!), twijfan-(tamanna), zaku, Angita, Lovely, Loveleen, Lama, Sidmin, Romaisah, Shatakshi, Fan, Sameera, Shreya098, Apoorwa. THANK YOU ALL and also the silent readers! ? Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Kunj’s past and his illness is revealed. Kunj wakes up and is blind. He tells Twinkle to forget him and move on. Twinkle says that she won’t leave him. Mahi says Kunj can be fixed after an operation but she is scared to operate on her own brother.


Mahi runs away crying. She goes to her room and puts her face in her hands and cries. She suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks up and sees Uv standing there. Uv sits down next to her.
Uv- I know I call u attitude queen and say u don’t know anything but I also trust u. I believe in u. I know that u can do it. U are the best Neurologist in both India and the US. U have done so many of these operations so this is not new.
Mahi- But Yuvraj, this time my own brother’s life is in my hand. This operation is very risky. One wrong move and…
Uv Puts his hand on Mahi’s hand.
Uv- I believe in u. U can do it.
Mahi looks at him.

Mahi and Uv return to Kunj’s room.
Mahi- I’m ready to do Kunj’s operation.
Everyone becomes happy.
Mahi- I just have to get all the paperwork and approvals completed.
Twinkle- I knew Mahi di that u could do it.
Mahi looks nervously at Uv. Uv gives her a reassuring and comforting nod.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Kunj is back in his home. Mahi went to the hospital to get all the approvals. Monohar went to the office and Usha went to the temple to pray for Kunj. Kunj was resting in his room. Suddenly he sits up to drink water. He moves his hand around the table next to the bad to find the water jug. Suddenly his hand hits the glass and it falls and breaks.
Kunj- Shit!
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room and sees Kunj struggling. She goes to help him but stops.
Kunj- Today I will do this all by myself. This is my challenge. If I can’t get myself a glass of water then I am not worthy enough for Twinkle.
Twinkle thinks- I won’t help Kunj. I know he can do it.
Twinkle suddenly sees the glass pieces on the floor and Kunj walking towards it.
Twinkle thinks- Oh no what do I do now?
Kunj keeps walks forward. His foot is right above the glass pieces. He is about to step on the glass. He lifts his foot and takes a step. Suddenly he feels a soft hand under his foot. It is Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle put her hand on top of the glass so Kunj won’t get hurt. Twinkle holds back her tears.
Kunj- Who?
Twinkle cries silently and looks at her bleeding hand.
Kunj- Twinkle!
Twinkle- Kunj come sit.
Kunj- NO! Give me ur hand NOW!.
Twinkle doesn’t give her hand so Kunj finds her hand. He feels it is wet.
Kunj- Twinkle is this blood?
Twinkle doesn’t answer.
Kunj- Damn it Twinkle tell me is this blood?
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj- This is why I wanted u to forget me. I can’t hurt u!
Twinkle- No Kunj u didn’t hurt me.
Kunj- Twinkle u won’t listen. There is a first aid box in the cupboard go get it.
Twinkle- It’s fine Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle get it now!
Twinkle goes and get’s the box. Twinkle and Kunj sits on the bed. Kunj instructs her to do her first aid. He hold her hand while she puts on the rubbing alcohol, the ointment, then bandages it. Kunj kisses her hand.
Kunj- Twinkle, I want to see…I want to see u.
Twinkle- U will see Kunj. I will be ur eyes. My love will be ur eyes. Kunj u don’t need to see with love, u only need to feel it.
Kunj- But I miss ur adhi neend mein doobe aankhe, tere pyari dimple, tere hont.
Twinkle takes her hand and puts it over Kunj’s eyes. Kunj closes his eyes. Twinkle takes his hand and puts it on her face. Kunj feels Twinkles face…her eyes, her nose, her lips. Twinkle’s face flashes in front of Kunj’s eyes.
Twinkle- U see me now?
Kunj nods his head yes.
Twinkle- There u go problem solved. U don’t have to be so senti.
Kunj- Excuse me Miss Drama Queen. I’m not senti.
Twinkle- Oh sorry not senti. U are too Khadoos to be emotional.
Kunj- Kya! Then u are also a Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle- Mujhe Siyappa Queen maat bolo.
Twinj laugh. Mahi comes to Kunj’s room.
Mahi- Good new Kunj. The operation was approved. Tomorrow is ur operation.
Twinkle becomes happy.
Twinkle- Really?
She spins Mahi around.
Twinkle- Thank you di!!! Let me go tell this news to ma and bhai.
She leaves.

The Next Day….

Kunj is taken to the hospital. He is in a room waiting to be taken to the operation theatre. Kunj is laying on the bed. He feels a hand caressing his hair. Kunj smiles.
Kunj- Twinkle.
He holds the hand. Suddenly the hand lets go of Kunj.
Kunj- Wait Twinkle where are u going stay please.
Twinkle walks into the room.
Twinkle- Kunj what happened?
Kunj- U didn’t leave Twinkle?
Twinkle- No I just came.
Kunj- How is that possible. Whose hand was that then?
Twinkle thinks something is wrong. Just then Mahi walks in.
Mahi- Kunj. We are ready. Let’s go.
Two hospital workers come with a wheelchair. Kunj sits in it. Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand as he is being taken to the operation theatre. Everyone waits anxiously outside the operation theatre for hours. Finally they see the light go off and Mahi comes out.
Usha- Mahi, how is Kunj?
Mahi- He is not awake now. He will be awake in a few minutes.
Bebe- Mahi puttar can we go inside?
Mahi- Bebe I can understand ur feelings right now but I’m sorry, no one is allowed inside now. Kunj will be released by the end of the day and we can take him home today. Then tomorrow, I will take his bandages off at home.
Twinkle goes to the door of Kunj’s room. She looks through the window at Kunj. (Sajna Ve plays).
Twinkle thinks- Babaji please give me back my old Khadoos Sarna. I want that Kunj back, who argues with me, who calls me Siyappa Queen, and most importantly who loves me with all his heart.

The next day…

Kunj is brought back home. He is sitting on his bed resting against the backboard of the bed.
Mahi- Ok Kunj are you ready to take off ur bandages?
Kunj- Wait di where is Twinkle?
Uv- Twinkle went to the temple to do a pooja for u. She has been fasting the whole day.
Kunj- Di I want to open my eyes and see Twinkle first.
Mahi- Kunj I have to open the bandages now otherwise ur eyes will get affected.
Kunj sighs and becomes sad.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle, where are u?

At the temple…

Twinkle is praying with all her heart. A priest comes and sees her.
Priest- Beta whatever u are praying for will surely be fulfilled.
The priest gives her flowers.
Priest- Here take these flowers. These flowers will solve ur problems. Take them as a blessing from God.
Twinkle takes the flowers and starts coming to Kunj’s house.
Meanwhile, Mahi starts taking off the bandages from Kunj’s head. Twinkle gets in her car. Mahi takes Kunj’s head bandages off. She starts taking off the bandages from Kunj’s eyes. Twinkle is driving. Mahi takes off the last layer of the bandage. Twinkle stops in front of Sarna Mansion. The screen splits on Kunj’s closed eyes and Twinkle in front of Sarna Mansion.

Precap: Kunj opens his eyes and………

Credit to: Sara

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  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    was eagerly waiting for your ff….btw awesome epi……can’t wait for next epi….hope kunj sews twinkle first….plzz post next part asap…….

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