Love Is Blind (Episode 25)


GUYS this is Episode 25!!!!!!! Party time! ? Now that I have reached half of half century then there has to be a twist right? Hope u guys don’t start hating me after this episode but keep ur trust in me it will get better….just wait and watch… Now let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Twinkle and Kunj get engaged.


Twinkle and Kunj exchange rings. Everyone claps for them. They greet guests and enjoy. Uv was walking when he passes by Mahi and his watch gets stuck to her dupatta.
Mahi- Hey wait!
Uv- Oh I’m so sorry.
Mahi- U can’t even walk properly? Look what u did.
Uv- Are I said I was sorry. I thought u were from America, u don’t understand English?
Mahi takes her dupatta out from Uv’s watch.
Mahi- Idiot!
She walks away leaving Uv baffled. A little boy comes up to Uv and tugs on his leg. Uv looks at him. The boy signs him to come down. Uv kneels down to reach the boy.
Boy- Uncle are u upset?
Uv- Why?
Boy- Because that aunty just yelled at u.
Uv- Oh yea…that aunty is a bad aunty. She is so mean she always yells at me.
Boy- Pata hai uncle, whenever my mom yells at me I become upset. Then she tells me that yells at me because she loves me. That aunty also yelled at u because she loves u, so don’t get upset uncle.
The little boy kisses Uv’s cheek then runs away. Uv stands there thinking about what the boy said.
Uv- Love me? That attitude queen? NO WAY!
The guests start leaving and the place starts getting empty. Pretty soon all the guests leave.
Monohar- Ok Leela Ji please give us the permission to leave.
Leela- Y don’t the whole family stay with us tonight. It is very late now. U can leave in the morning.
Monohar- No no Leela Ji we are fine.
Kunj thinks- Are papa what are you doing? Stay please.
Kunj goes to Twinkle.
Kunj (softly)- I was thinking that I will stay tonight.
Twinkle- Y u don’t have ur own house?
Kunj- I do but this house has something that my house doesn’t.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- My heart. U stole it so now I don’t have it with me anymore.
Twinkle blushes.
Monohar- Kunj let’s go.
Kunj makes a sad face at Twinkle. Twinkle smiles. He starts going but suddenly feels a pain in his head. Kunj starts stumbling then he faints.
Twinkle- KUNJ!!!

The Next Scene…

Kunj is taken to a bed. The doctor comes and checks him.
Doctor- He is fine now but…
Mahi- But what doctor?
Doctor- U are Doctor Sarna right?
Mahi- Yes.
Doctor- Can I speak to you outside?
The doctor and Mahi leave the room to talk. Everyone is concerned about Kunj. Twinkle is standing in the back of the room worried. Kunj gains conscious and looks at Twinkle. The whole family looks at them.
Bebe- Usha, Leela let’s go. Uv u also come.
Everyone leaves the room. Twinkle stays back. She goes and sits next to Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle I’m ok look.
Twinkle- Kunj y do u have to give me so much stress and worry?
Kunj- What to do Twinkle…I told u I was going to stay tonight.
Twinkle- Hawwww u did this acting to stay? I hate u!
She starts hitting Kunj. Kunj catches her wrist and pulls her towards him and hugs her tightly. Twinkle tries to free herself but Kunj hugs her tighter. Twinkle eventually gives in and hugs Kunj back.
Kunj thinks- How do I tell u Twinkle that this was not my acting and I actually did faint. If I told u then u would worry. It’s better to not tell u. I’m sure it’s just a minor headache.
Mahi walks in and sees Twinj hugging. She wipes away a tear. Mahi coughs. Twinj separate and Twinkle stands up. Mahi goes to Kunj.
Mahi- Are u ok Kunj?
Kunj- I’m absolutely perfect. Stop crying.
Twinkle- Ya di u know what ur brother did? This is all his acting.
Mahi looks at Kunj shocked. Kunj holds his ears.
Kunj- Sorry di. Hey di I’m feeling very tired and my vision is blurring up. Can I go to sleep now?
Mahi- What Kunj are u ok?
Kunj- Yea I’m just a little tired.
He goes to sleep. Mahi caresses his hair and cries silently.

The Next Morning….

Kunj wakes up and immediately starts yelling.
Kunj- Ma Di Twinkle!!!!
Everyone comes running.
Twinkle- What happened Kunj is everything ok?
Usha- Kunj puttar what happened?
Kunj (anxiously)- Ma, Twinkle I can’t see anything!
Mahi- Oh no! Please no!
Kunj- Di what is happening y can’t I see anything?
He starts panicking. Mahi goes to him.
Mahi- Kunj calm down please calm down.
Kunj- HOW CAN I CALM DOWN DI??? I can’t see anything! Di please tell me what is happening!
Mahi (crying)- Kunj it came back.
Kunj stops shouting and is shocked. A tear falls from his eye.
Usha- No this can’t be happening!
Twinkle- Kunj what are u talking about? Mahi di, what came back? Mummy ji, someone please answer me!!!


Mahi and the doctor go out to talk.
Doctor- Dr. Sarna if I’m not wrong Kunj had this problem before right?
Mahi- Yes he had this bemaari.
Doctor- Yes I’m sorry to say that it came back.
Mahi- No doctor u must be mistaken. I did his tests and he was fine.
Docotr- Yes but there are certain rare cases in which it can come back.
Mahi- Doctor please u are joking with me?
Docotr- Dr. Sarna u are also in this profession u should know that joking is not an option.
Mahi breaks down.


Mahi- Actually Twinkle, Kunj…
Kunj- No di please.
Mahi- Don’t stop me today Kunj. Twinkle has the right to know.
Twinkle is both nervous and scared.
Mahi- Twinkle, Kunj had this illness in his brain. (Guys don’t try looking this up I made this disease up from the little brain of mine. I don’t think this actually exists but it might exist.)
Mahi- The part of his brain that controls his senses has been shutting down. He got lucky and not all his senses is affected. Only the nerve that connected to his eyes has been shutting down. Because of this we took him to treatment in America to the best hospital and care. After treatment there, we thought that he was cured. But now it has come back. Because of this Kunj has lost his sense of sight.
Kunj sits and cries silently. Twinkle is shocked and has no emotions. She felt as if the ground shattered from under her feet.
Kunj (crying)- Twinkle I didn’t want to tell u this before. I didn’t want my past to be a factor in our lives. Twinkle I don’t want to be a burden on u please go. Call off this marriage please Twinkle. (Sad Sajna Ve plays).
Twinkle walks over to Kunj and sits on the floor in front of him. Kunj is sitting on the bed. She takes his hand.
Twinkle- Kunj I didn’t hold this hand to let it go.
Kunj- But Twinkle…I can’t see…I’m blind.
Twinkle- Kunj I didn’t love ur eyes I loved ur sight and u saw with ur heart. I loved how u saw the world in a beautiful way. Kunj I love u and if u think that I will leave u then u are wrong Mr. Khadoos Sarna. Now stop crying. Look I’m very strong even I’m not crying.
Twinkle silently wipes away a tear.
Kunj laughs while crying- Twinkle I can’t see but I know u are crying. U can’t hide it from me so don’t even try.
Kunj lifts his hand and finds Twinkle’s face. He wipes away her tears.
Kunj- Twinkle I wan’t to see u.
Twinkle couldn’t hold in her tears anymore and gets up and hugs Kunj. They break their hug.
Twinkle- Mahi di u are such a big neurologist there must be something u can do. I won’t believe u if u say that Kunj won’t be cured.
Mahi- There is something. The is an operation that can be done but it is very risky.
Twinkle- Di I trust u I know u can do it.
Mahi- Twinkle I don’t know if I can do it…I can’t play with my brother’s life with my own hands.
She runs away crying.
Kunj- I trust di. She can do it.

Precap: Kunj is walking and Twinkle sees there is glass on the floor in front of him….

Don’t kill me guys. I hate doing this to Kunj also but the story had to go on…

Credit to: Sara

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  1. Sayeeda

    Big ; big congrats for ur silver jubilee ….episode was sooo emotional nd the way u expressed the emotions were so fab ….
    I really liked the way Twinkie supported kunj …u showed the power of true love …
    Though I’m sad for Kunj’s condition but I’m damm sure it will have a very good storyline as this is ur ff ….awesome

  2. Yup Sara Sara Sara …..
    Amaizinggggggg epi dea….
    Loved it…
    N feeling bad for kunj…?????
    Bt I trust u ……
    Awww twinkis n mahi’s breakdown…..
    N kunjs emotional talks omggg…
    U jus nailed it yaar..???
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz…,❤❤❤❤

    1. N ya congratulations for ur silver jubilee….????❤❤

  3. Kruti

    Awesome epi Sara indeed an emotional one
    And ya there is a disease wherein a person can’t see due to the blockage of nerves that connect to retina so its not a disease created by u….don’t worry
    Eagerly waiting for the next one

  4. Amazing….Emotional epi….& congo fo half of half century…..

  5. Ria

    The story is amazing..loving this twist.?

    1. Ria

      Also, I forgot. Congrats for your silver jubilee.?

  6. 25th episode mein dhamaka socha tha par itna bada? Bechara kunj….huh….use meri trf se get well soon….
    Pr di…..PARTY KAB MIL RAHI HAI??? 25th epi….wohoooooooooooooo!!!!
    Congratulations and Celebrations……party time!!!

  7. So heart touching sequence,and good storyline

  8. Ruchi

    Congrats for ur silver jubilee…
    Hope u also reach to golden jubilee
    Ur ff is awsum…
    I hope kunj will be cured soon…
    None of his fan can see him like this not even in ff…
    U r also his fan so m sure in ur ff he will be fine soon…

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Sara….Congo for ur silver jubilee…..the episode was awesome……


    oh so sad sara

  11. Saby

    congratulation…. and now i need celebration…
    ohhh sara, i dont have any idea whether i have commented before or not
    but uh need to know i love ur ff…
    love is really blind and i had sumwer a hint from the starting that the diesese will b blindness
    the epi was really so so so emotional…. but ur story needs this…
    so keep going…. uh going amazing…. love uh dear

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sara a big was worth it
    Teist was just like OMG
    Too gud
    Ctd soon
    May u reach more then 100 epi.
    Luv u loads

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    very emotional. …I had some clue by seeing ur title that the disease of kunj maybe blindness. …yesterday too I thought about it…kya karu yaar mere dimaak me hamesha hi twinj sidmin or ffs hi chalte rehte hai….n todays episode tho …mindblowing…plz make kunj fit soon…plz post next episode asap…

    1. twinjfan-(tamanna)

      congrats karna tho bhul hi gai…kya haina wo tumhare ff me itna khogai ke ye baat bhulgai..congrats fir ur 25th episode-silver jublee…love u n ur ff from moon n back…

  14. Congrats for ur silver jubilee
    Kunj blind wow

    1. Epi was amazing

      1. The disease u made??
        Gud enough !!!

  15. Angita

    We are not going to kill you just when I read it it suited the title don’t you think.hope mahi can do the operation

  16. Jiya_Ani

    Nice epi…Congo for SJ…itna puchne pe bhi u didn’t told the reason behind this title… But now I get it….

  17. Loveleen

    emotional tha…..par i liked d twist…its really different..

  18. Lama

    Congratulations for the Silver Jubilee ????
    Today’s episode was sooooo emotional ???
    Feeling very bad for kunj….
    Bt the twist was Fabulous…
    Eagerly waiting for the next part…
    Plz post it asap…
    Love u ???

  19. SidMin

    It was such an emotional episode Twinj love is really true Twinkle Loving Kunj not for looks but for his clean heart how lovely and cute Hope Kunj gets well soon really soon Waiting for the next episode

  20. Congratssss yaar!!
    Let me b honest here i actually like the twist senti n mixed emotions yaar i love it ??❤??
    Imma fan of more sad epis but it doesnttmatter cuz u will surprise us luv u n come back here quickly plzz :v
    Aur haa party kaha hai? ?

  21. Shatakshi

    Congratulations Sara
    Wow yaar…it was damn emotional
    I literally felt kunjs emotions…the way u expressed them was just Awesome
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤

  22. Fan

    Congratulations on completing 25 epi???..awesome twist…iam feeling bad 4 kunj?…keep writing…

  23. Sameera

    Congo for ur silver jubliee epi was too awesome n that disease????do cont very emotional epi

  24. Shreya098

    congrats for ur silver jubliee..
    feeling so sad for kunj..the way twinkle stood with kunj..just loved it??

  25. Apoorwa

    it was emotional
    and congo for silver jubliee

  26. hey sara dear congrax fr silver jublie scndly luvd d episode yah d twist is vry painful bt as said i trs u n i no tum hamare sidhant ko aise jyada der nhi rkho gi n he ll b f9 soon n luvd ur episode as jasmin ws wid sidhant aftr noing d truth srsly amazing n yaah a vry big wala sry fr being sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late 2 cmnt

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