Love Is Blind (Episode 24)

Recap: Twinj and Yuhi go to the zoo and have fun time there. Twinj’s engagement is today.


(Sarna Mansion…)

Usha- Mahi where is Kunj?
Mahi- Oh maa ur prince is still in his beauty sleep.
Usha- What do I do with this boy? He is getting engaged today and he’s still sleeping. Go wake him up.
Mahi goes to Kunj’s room and sees him sleeping peacefully.
Mahi- Oh there everyone is dying of the workload because of the wedding and here our prince aram se soh raha hai.
She goes closer to Kunj.
Mahi- Kunj utt ja!
She shakes him.
Mahi- Kunj wake up.
Kunj turns to the other side.
Kunj- Di stop buzzing near my ear. Let me sleep na.
Mahi- Kya! Buzzing? I’ll show u now.
Kunj is still sleeping.
Mahi (sweetly)- Kunj u are getting married today?
Kunj (talking in his sleep)- Yea to the love of my life.
Mahi- And u are still sleeping?
Kunj nods his head in his sleep.
Mahi- Then another dilwale will come aur teri dulhania lejayenga. Tu soh te re. Ok bye.
Kunj wakes up suddenly.
Kunj- NO NO I’m awake. Let’s go I’m ready to get engaged. Where’s the ring?
Mahi starts laughing.
Mahi- Idiot the engagement is in the evening.
Kunj feels embarrassed.
Kunj- Yea I knew that.
Mahi- Yea yea now come down or ma will come up.
Mahi leaves laughing. Kunj touches his heart and sighs. He lays on his bed and looks up at the ceiling.
Kunj- Twinkle…..

(Taneja Mansion…)

After much intezaar from both Twinkle and Kunj, the evening has finally come. A classy white BMW rolls up in front of Taneja Mansion. Our handsome Kunj steps out of the car. He is wearing a pale cream almost white sherwani and red patiala style pants with red sherwani shoes. Around his neck is a red scarf with one side draped over one shoulder. Leela leads him inside along with the rest of the Sarna family.

Uv- Wow Kunj someone is looking handsome.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj- Ur looking nothing less.
Uv is wearing a royal blue sherwani with white patiala style pants.
Uv- Wow if the groom looks this good then…..
Uv stops mid sentence because he loses his breath in the sight he sees…Mahi. She is wearing a beautiful orange lehenga with pink embroidery along with matching jewelry.
Kunj looks at Uv then follows his gaze and sees Mahi.
Kunj- Di is looking beautiful na?
Uv- Yes…. Ummm who?
Uv feels awkward then leaves. Kunj laughs. Suddenly he feels the presence of his love and turns towards the stairs. There, waiting for him, was his Siyappa Queen. Kunj’s face lights up and he stares at her with love and awe. Twinkle is wearing a cream colored lehenga with a red blouse with cream net sleeves and red dupatta. (Ajab Si plays).

Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain

Kunj gets flashbacks of Twinkle coming down like this at Priya’s wedding.

Aayi aisi raat hai jo
Bohat khush-naseeb hai
Chaahe jisse door se duniya
Vo mere kareeb hai
Kitna kuch kehna hai
Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kaheen
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai
wo phir se kahun Ya nahee

Twinkle comes down the stairs every so gracefully. She comes and stands next to Kunj. Kunj does the same thing he did at Priya’s wedding. He pretends to shoot his heart and fall. Twinkle gets flashbacks of this and laughs.

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain

The song ends.
Twinkle- Kunj u are so boring.
Kunj- Kyu?
Twinkle- U are doing the same thing u did at Priya’s wedding. The same song is also probably playing in ur head.
Kunj sighs- What to do Twinkle, every time I see u time stops and goes on instant replay. U look that breathtaking gorgeous.
Twinkle blushes. Twinj sit on their thrones and guests come and meet them. This lady comes and complements Twinj.
Lady- Wow u two look like u were a match made in heaven.
Twinj smile.
Lady- Vaise u two remind me of another couple. I am a huge fan of them…Sidmin or in other words Sidharth and Jasmin. But so sad that Sidharth had to leave Jasmin.
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj- But Kunj will never leave Twinkle. Jab tak Kunj hai, Twinkle sirf aur sirf uska hi rehengi.
Twinkle smiles lovingly at Kunj.
Leela- Ladies and Gentlemen we would like ur attention for the special moment of the evening… Twinkle and Kunj’s ring ceremony.
Everyone claps. Twinkle and Kunj get up to wear the rings.
Mahi- One minute…..this ceremony can not take place.
Kunj- But y di?
Mahi- Are hold on keep patience. U will get engaged….but in a different way.
Kunj- Matlab?
Mahi- Matlab….u have to prove ur love for Twinkle. We will play a little game. Kunj will be blindfolded and we will have three ladies in a line, one of which will be Twinkle. Kunj has to find the hand that belongs to Twinkle and then put the ring on.
Kunj- But di….
Uv- No for once this attitude queen is right. Kunj only this way will u be able to put a ring on my sister’s finger.
Kunj looks at Twinkle for some hope of support. Twinkle smiles at him and goes and stands next to Mahi.
Mahi- Yes! So now lets begin.
Mahi blindfolds Kunj. Chinki, Mahi, and Twinkle stand in a line next to each other. Priya brings a perfume and sprays it on Chinki.
Chinki- Are this is Twinkle’s perfume.
Priya- Exactly let’s see if Kunj bhai can recognize Twinkle by touch and not through her perfume.
Uv brings Kunj on the stage. Twinkle is standing first then Chinki and then Mahi. Kunj starts walking. He approaches Twinkle and Twinkle gets happy. Suddenly he passes her and stops at Chinki. Twinkle’s smile fades away.
Twinkle thinks- Kunj u couldn’t recognize me?
Kunj takes Chinki’s hand. Then he let’s go of her hand. Kunj walks to Mahi and holds her hand. Then he let’s go. He turns around and start walking towards Twinkle. Everyone is surprised. Kunj takes Twinkle’s hand and puts the ring on her finger. (Sajna Ve plays). Twinkle is speechless. Kunj opens his blindfold and smiles at Twinkle.
Chinki- WOW jiju but how did u do this?
Kunj- Chinki u tried to fool me by putting on Twinkle’s perfume. But when I touched ur hand I knew that it wasn’t Twinkles. U see Chinki….every time I touch Twinkle I feel a spark. So as soon as I touched Twinkle’s hand I knew right away that this was the hand of my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle looks at Kunj lovingly.
Mahi- Ok ok we lose u win Kunj. Now Twinkle put the ring on Kunj’s finger.
Twinkle makes Kunj wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Precap: Kunj wakes up and is puzzled.
Kunj- Ma! Di!!! No this can’t be happening!

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