Love Is Blind (Episode 23)

Sorry guys I’m a bit late. Thank you guys for supporting me throughout all these episodes. I feel as though u guys are getting bored by the story. I wanted to get this ff to half a century episodes. Please keep commenting and motivating me to reach my goal. Anyways, let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Kunj’s sister Mahi comes to India from America. She is a renowned neurologist. Twinj and Yuhi (Mahi and Yuvi) decide to go to the zoo. Yuhi are irritated with each other.


Twinj and Yuhi reach the zoo. They walk around and look at the animals. They stop in front of the monkeys.
Mahi- Oh look Uv ur relatives are here.
UV and and Twinkle are shocked. (Funny tune plays).
Uv- Then they are ur relatives also.
Mahi looks confused.
Uv- Oh sorry sorry I forgot that it takes time for u to process information. So let me explain it to u. Twinkle and Kunj is getting married making u my relative. So these monkeys are also ur relatives.
Uv smirks and Mahi becomes quiet. Twinkle and Kunj laugh silently.
Kunj pulls Twinkle away.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing?
Kunj- Come with me.
Twinkle- Where?
Kunj- Just come.
Twinj leave Yuhi while they are busy arguing.

Uv- Hey where’s Twinkle?
Mahi- Where’s Kunj?
Kunj calls Mahi.
Mahi- Kunj where are u and Twinkle?
Kunj- Don’t worry about us di. I brought Twinkle to spend some time with her. But that wasn’t happening with u and bro fighting all the time. So u guys have fun fighting and we will look around the zoo together. Bye di.
Mahi- Kunj wait Kunj!
Kunj hangs up.
Uv- What happened?
Mahi- Twinkle is with Kunj.
Uv (softly)- Oh no that means I am stuck with this attitude queen.
Mahi- Kuch kaha tumne?
Uv- Nahi nahi kisi ko himmat hai to say something to u? Let’s go. Looks like we are stuck with each other.

Twinkle and Kunj are walking side by side. Kunj looks at Twinkle. His hand brushes against her fingers. Twinkle looks at Kunj and blushes. Kunj entangles his fingers with Twinkle. Twinj hold hands and walk. Suddenly Twinkle sees ice cream.
Twinkle- Kunj! I want ice cream
Kunj- Jo hukum my Siyappa Queen.
They go to the ice cream stand.
Twinkle- Bhaiya ek butterscoth please.
Kunj- And one chocolate.
Twinj take their ice creams and start walking. They come to a small bridge on top of a tiny creek. It seems to be empty. Kunj is eating his ice cream when suddenly he drops his. He makes a pouty face. Twinkle looks at her ice cream then at Kunj. She offers him some. Kunj smiles and takes a bite.
Twinkle- That’s all u get. Vaise I don’t share food but u are an exception.
Kunj- U eat so much! Where does it all go?
Kunj looks at Twinkle up and down.
Twinkle- Shut up Kunj!
Twinkle continues to eat her ice cream. Kunj sees there is ice cream stuck to the corner of her lips.
Kunj- Twinkle one more bite please?
Twinkle- No!
Kunj- Then I will get it a different way.
Twinkle- Get it however u want but I won’t give u.
Kunj does his one eyebrow raise.
Kunj- Twinkle u have something there.
He points to her face.
Twinkle- Where?
She wipes her face but the ice cream does not go. Kunj leans towards Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing someone will see.
Kunj tucks Twinkle’s hair behind her ear and cups her face. Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj leans in. Twinkle then feels soft lips on her own. Kunj sucks the ice cream off her lips then gives a little peck to Twinkle.
Kunj- There, it’s gone.
Twinkle opens her eyes.
Kunj- I told u I will get that bite of ice cream one way or another.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Vaise is this a new lip gloss? Strawberry flavored wow I like it.
Kunj winks at her.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj- Twinkle!
They both laugh and touch their heads together.
Mahi and Uv see them.
Mahi- Omg thank god we found u.
Twinj compose themselves.
Uv- U guys are here eating ice cream and romancing while I had to tolerate this attitude queen?
Mahi glares at Uv.
Kunj- Ok before u two start again let’s go home.

They all go to their respected homes.

(Twinkle’s Room…)

Leela comes in.
Leela- My little princess is getting engaged tomorrow.
She gets teary eyes.
Twinkle- Ma aap phirse emotional hogayi? U no na that I am the drama queen in this family. Don’t take my role.
Leela laughs.
Twinkle- And by the way, ma I’m only moving next door so I will come and visit u whenever I want.
Uv walks in.
Uv- Ha ha when u get to Sarna Mansion u will have Kunj and forget about us. Like how u did today at the zoo.
Leela- What happened today at the zoo?
Uv- Ma u know Kunj and Twinkle were ro…..
Twinkle runs and holds Uv’s mouth.
Twinkle- Ma nothing don’t listen to bhai. I am just worrying about u two. When I leave who will take care of u ma.
Uv- Are what am I here for?
Twinkle- Bhai, we all know that someone needs to take care of u then how will u take care of ma? Vaise mere paas ek idea hai.
Leela- Kya?
Twinkle- Y don’t we bring in a bhabhi?
Uv- No way!
Leela smiles.
Twinkle- Yea we have a girl next door.
Uv looks confused.
Twinkle- Are bhai Mahi di. Y not make her my bhabhi?
Uv- WHAT! That attitude queen and me? NO WAY! Twinkle worry about ur own marriage.
Leela- Twinkle after u leave u won’t forget us right?
Twinkle hugs Leela.
Twinkle- Ma what kind of thought is this? How could u even think this? I thought u were my strong ma.
Uv comes to Twinkle with tears in his eyes. He caresses Twinkle’s hair.
Uv- I carried u when u were this little.
He motions with his hands.
Uv- When u cried in school I always brought home chocolates for u. When u fell and got a small cut, I got hurt. Twinkle u are my life. And now look my little princess grew up so quickly that she’s getting engaged tomorrow.
Twinkle is moved by Uv’s words. She goes and hugs him. (Sun le dua from We Are Family plays in bg).

Tu jo gayi toh soona hoga yeh jahaan
Pheeki pheeki hogi saari yeh daastan
Tumse judi hai har khushi, tere bina kya hai yahaan
Chaahein tumhein hum maange tumhe
Sun le dua yeh aasman.

Leela, Twinkle, and Uv get emotional. They share a group hug. The screen freezes on them.

PRECAP: Twinj’s engagement is finally here……Are you guys excited?

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