Love Is Blind (Episode 22)


Recap: Kunj sings Tenu Leke and proposes to Twinkle. Uv argues with a woman in the airport. Twinkle and Leela goes to Sarna Mansion. Kunj teases Twinkle.


Kunj- Leela ma ur daughter has such a dirty mind.
Twinkle- Hawww ma did u see what he did?
Kunj raises his arms in a way of surrender.
Kunj- I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent.
Someone comes and holds Kunj’s ear from behind.
Person- Innocent ki bachi. Chote, tu inta bhara ho gaya that u forgot to invite ur own sister to ur wedding?
Kunj turns around and is surprised.
Usha- Mahi!
Mahi smiles. (Welcome Mahi, to my little ff world 🙂 )
Kunj- Di! U here? But u were supposed to come tomorrow.
Mahi- Surprise my brother.
Mahi goes and hugs Usha and Bebe.
Usha- What happened to ur dress beta?
Mahi- Oh ma this idiot bumped into me at the airport and dropped my coffee on me.
Mahi looks at Twinkle.
Mahi- And u must be Twinkle.
Twinkle smiles. Mahi goes and hugs her.
Mahi- I’m Mahi, Kunj’s older sister. Wow u are beautiful. Right Kunj.
Kunj- Of course she is.
Twinkle blushes.
Twinkle- Kunj never told me he had a sister.
Kunj (softly)- Mar gaye.
Mahi- Kunj u forgot about me so easily!
Kunj- No di ur my life how can I forget about u.
Mahi- Yea yea u can stop ur drama now. Actually Twinkle I live in America. I am a neurologist there. We went for Kunj’s treatment and I stayed back.
Twinkle- Treatment?
Kunj- Voh….ummm she meant treat not treatment. Remember I told u I graduated from Harvard which is in the US. So my whole family went to visit me as a treat then we came back and di stayed. Kya di u are still in ur doctor stage u said treatment instead of treat.
Kunj smiles nervously and Mahi looks at him with concern.
Mahi thinks- So Kunj didn’t tell her.
Suddenly the pandit comes. The pandit looks at Twinj’s kundlis.
Pandit- These two are bound together by God.
Twinj smile.
Pandit- But there is a problem.
Everyone is shocked.
Bebe- What happened please tell us. Is everything ok?
Pandit- A big toofan is coming but don’t worry this marriage is bound to happen. This girl is very lucky. She will solve all the problems and tackle the toofan and save ur son.
Bebe- Pandit ji what do we do now?
Pandit- U can start the marriage. What God has written is bound to happen. This problem will come.
He looks at Twinj.
Pandit- Just take this as a test of ur love by God.
He leaves and everyone is tensed.
Twinkle- Kunj I’m scared.
Kunj holds her hand.
Kunj- Y are u scared Twinkle? Pandit ji said that everything will be fine.
Twinkle- But he also said that u will be in trouble. But don’t worry Kunj, chahe hazaroon toofan aye mein tumhe kuch nehi hone doonga.
Mahi hears this.
Kunj- I know Twinkle. Meri Siyappa Queen will always protect me even if it means doing 100 siyappas.
Twinkle lightly punches Kunj’s shoulder. Kunj laughs and side hugs Twinkle.
Mahi thinks- Twinkle is perfect for Kunj. I know even if she knows Kunj’s past and something happens to Kunj she will save him. Now I am happy knowing that there is someone out there who will love my brother endlessly.

At night…..

Mahi- Kunj y did u hide such a big past from Twinkle?
Kunj- Di like u said that was my past. This is my present and my future is only with Twinkle. I don’t want her to be tensed knowing my past. And besides u also said that I’m perfectly fine and ur the most renowned neurologist in the Unites States.
Kunj leaves.
Mahi thinks- How do I tell u Kunj that my real reason of coming here is to do get the reports for one last test to see if ur perfectly cured. But I’m sure that Twinkle will love u no matter what and besides, the reports will turn out good why am I being so negative. Come on Mahi it’s ur brother’s wedding go enjoy!

The Next Day…..

Kunj calls Twinkle.
Twinkle- Hi Kunj.
Kunj- Hello Mrs. would be Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Hey listen the new zoo just opened and I was thinking why don’t we go? Di is also coming u bring bro. It will be fun.
Twinkle- Wow the zoo! Ok I’ll bring bhai.
Kunj- Come out in an hour. I’ll come and pick u guys up.
Twinkle- Ok.

Kunj and Mahi wait in front of Taneja Mansion.
Mahi- Kunj it’s so hot outside I’ll go sit inside the car.
Mahi goes and sits in the backset.
Twinkle and Uv come out.
Kunj goes to the drivers seat and Twinkle sits next to him. Uv goes to the backseat and sits. He puts on his seatbelt and looks at Mahi.
Uv- Tum!
Mahi- Tum!
They point at each other.
Kunj- What happened di?
Mahi- Are this is that idiot that spilled my coffee on me.
Uv- What u called me an idiot? Twinkle this is that girl with the attitude from the airport.
Mahi- Me and attitude! Never!
Twinj look at each other.
Twinkle- Oh no.
Kunj- Di please. Bro please calm down. Di this is Yuvraj Taneja, Twinkle’s older brother and bro this is Mahi Sarna my di.
Mahi- What! How can a brother and sister be so different? Twinkle is so nice and sweet and u are a rude and selfish guy.
Uv- What! U are even more self centered than me.
Kunj- Bro don’t say that about di.
Twinkle- Y not? Ur di also said that about bhai.
Kunj- Twinkle see ur true colors are coming out now.
Twinkle- What true colors! U were always Khadoos.
Twinj and Mavi fight in the car. After a while of fighting…
Kunj- Wait wait wait Twinkle. Y are we fighting? We are supposed to stop their fight.
Twinkle- Oh yea. STOP IT!
Mavi stop arguing.
Kunj- Thank u now can we go? Wait I have to make one stop first.
Kuj stops in front of his NGO.
Twinkle- Kunj why did u stop here?
Kunj- Twinkle these kids are part of my life. I have to give them a treat on such a big occasion… wedding.
They go inside. The NGO caretaker comes (Let’s call him Sunny).
Sunny- Kunj bhai u are here and with Twinkle di? Do u two know each other?
Kunj- Yes we do. We are getting married.
Sunny- What really? Last time u two were in here u were fighting and now u are getting married? Congrads!
Kunj- Here give these sweets out to all the children.
Sia comes there.
Sia- Kunj Kunj who’s getting married? U are getting married?
Kunj- Yes Sia I am getting married.
Sia- Yay I’m so happy finally Kunj we are getting married. I’m marrying Kunj yay!
She jumps up and down and claps her hands.
Kunj- No Sia….
Twinkle stops him.
Twinkle- Don’t hurt her. She has the heart and mind of a child let her be.
Kunj- Y are u so nice Twinkle? I love u.
Uv and Mahi cough.
Mahi- Shall we go now?
They drive to the zoo.

Precap: Fun at the zoo…

Please comment any scenes u would like to see at the zoo whether it be of Twinj or Mavi. I will incorporate ur ideas. I want the next episode to be from ur ideas…a little tribute of thx from me.

Credit to: Sara

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