Love Is Blind (Episode 21)

OMG so sorry guys for giving u all heart attacks. Lol it was so funny seeing u guys react this way to the precap. I didn’t do it intentionally sorry ?
Cutie Pie- Thx I heard that news also but where is Twinkle’s child then? So confused…. but then I saw the episode and my confusion was cleared. I’m heartbroken……
Sohi- Mind reader? hmmmmm…keep reading ?

Recap: Twinj resolve their fight. Chinki, Rishi, Priya, and her husband (Mohit) comes for the anniversary party. Monohar announces Twinkle and Kunj’s wedding.


Twinkle- I’m sorry but I can’t marry Kunj.
Uv- Not again.
Chinki and Priya- Ab kya hua!
They all slap their forehead. Kunj looks at Twinkle confused.
Twinkle- Yea I can’t marry Kunj.
Chinki- But y?
Twinkle (like a baby)- Kunj didn’t propose. How can I marry him?
Everyone lets out a sigh of relieve then they start laughing.
Kunj- Omg Twinkle u scared me. Itni si baat ke liye.
Twinkle- U think this is a small matter? Fine then don’t propose go marry someone else.
She turns to leave. Suddenly someone starts singing and she stops.

Hey ya hiriye sehra bandh ke mai toh aaya re
Hey ya dolee barat bhee sath me mai toh laya re
Abb toh no hota hai ek roj intejar
Sonee aaj nahee toh kal hai tujhko toh bas meree honi re
Tenu leke mai javanga, dil deke mai javanga

Twinkle turns and sees Kunj dancing and singing. She is amazed and her mouth goes wide open. Kunj comes dancing and closes her mouth. He takes her hand and dances with her.

Jan aise naa tadpa ke dekh le madhbhare andaj se
Hey ya… hey ya…
O jan too awaj ko apni aa mila abb meree awaj se
Are han keh de han………

Kunj takes Twinkle to the middle of the room. He kneels down and holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj- Twinkle, will u marry me?
Twinkle nods and makes Kunj stand. She sings.

Kar diya hai tune mujhko yu bekarar
Mahee keh diya duneeya se mai teree mai teree ho gayee re
Tere nal me aavangi, sasural me javangi

Kunj becomes really happy and picks Twinkle up bridal style. Twinkle blushes.

Hey tenu leke mai javanga, dil deke mai javanga.

Everyone dances.

The Next Day….

Everyone leaves from the resort to their respected houses.

(Taneja Mansion…)

Uv- Ma I have to go to the airport to pick up a client coming from America. Bye.
Leela- Bye be safe.
She sees Twinkle skipping down the stairs.
Leela- Twinkle sambhal ke. Look u are even getting married now stop acting so childish.
Twinkle goes and hugs Leela from the back, putting her arms around Leela’s neck.
Twinkle- Relax ma.
Leela- Ok we have to go to the Sarna house this afternoon.
Twinkle- Y ma?
Leela- Tu bhool gaye? We have to discuss a date for your engagement.
Twinkle blushes.
Leela- Awww meri khudi bhari ho gaye. She blushes upon mentioning anything about Kunj.
Twinkle- Ma!
Twinkle runs away and Leela laughs.

(The airport…)

Uv is walking really quickly through the airport.
Uv- Oh no I’m late. The flight already landed.
He is walking and bumps into a lady. The lady was holding a Starbucks coffee and it spill on her. Her jacket also falls.
Lady- Hey!
Uv- Oh I’m sorry.
The lady takes off her sunglasses. She is wearing a knee length blue dress.
Lady- Excuse me mister but u just ruined my dress.
Uv- I said I’m sorry now excuse me I have to go.
He tries to leave but the lady stops him.
Lady-Hey how can u leave so early. The least u can do is pick up my jacket.
Uv- I said I’m in a hurry so please let me go.
He pushes her and leaves. The lady stands there stunned.
Lady- This is why I didn’t want to leave America and come to India.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Usha- Bebe did u call pandit ji?
Bebe- Yes I did he is on his way.
Kunj- Why do we need a pandit, just fix a day and I’m ready.
Leela- Aise kaise Kunj puttar. We have to pick an auspicious day. Just being ready won’t be enough.
Usha- Oh Leela ji come inside. We just waiting for u.
Kunj’s eyes search for someone.
Leela- *cough cough* Twinkle didn’t come.
Kunj (not in his senses)- What? U must have so much fun annoying me right Siyappa Queen. Y didn’t u come?
Everyone laughs. Kunj comes back to his senses.
Leela- Don’t worry. She is coming.
Twinkle arrives.
Usha- Twinkle please come here. I have some bangles please pick out the one u want o wear for the engagement.
Twinkle goes to look at the bangles. Kunj tries talking to her but can’t because the whole family is there. He takes out his phone and pretends to make a phone call. Twinkle picks up a bangle.
Kunj- No Mr. Khan that deal is not good. How about the other deal.
Twinkle picks up another bangle.
Kunj- No not that deal either.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and picks up another bangle.
Kunj- Kya Mr. Khan aap ke ek bhi deal acha nahi hai. Pick another deal.
Twinkle thinks something.
Twinkle- Kunj are u talking to me? Then talk directly na.
Everyone looks at Kunj.
Kunj- No I’m speaking to a client. Not everything is about u Twinkle.
Suddenly Kunj’s phone rings and Twinkle laughs. Everyone holds in their laughter. Kunj looks embarrassed and picks up his phone. It’s Rishi.
Rishi- Sorry bro did I call at the wrong time?
Kunj (softly)- Nahi Nahi u called at exactly the right time. They should give u the Noble Peace Prize for such a a mind blowing timing. Saale couldn’t u have called two minutes later? I haven’t even gotten married yet and you came meri izaat ka dhajiya ura ne ke liye.
He hangs up the phone and smiles.
Twinkle- Kunj are u so shy u couldn’t talk to me directly in front of everyone?
Kunj- Oh really? I can’t do anything in front of anyone?
Kunj does his famous eye brow raise. He walks to Twinkle. Twinkle is sitting on the couch. Kunj leans down.
Twinkle- K….Kunj what are u doing. Everyone is looking.
Kunj leans down more. Twinkle leans back and closes her eyes.
Kunj- So what if everyone is looking.
Twinkle- No Kunj stop.
Kunj leans down more and picks up a bangle box that is next to Twinkle. He puts it in Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj- This one.
Twinkle opens her eyes.
Kunj- What did u think I was going to do?
He turns to Leela.
Kunj- Leela ma ur daughter has such a dirty mind.
Twinkle gives a death glare to Kunj.

Precap: Have not thought about it yet.

Comment if u guys were relieved about the precap for the last episode. Were u guys scared? How many of u liked todays episode and are excited for Twinj’s MAHA VIVAAH? Please let me know.

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    It was amazing Sara.. loved it so much. I smiled and laughed throughout the episode. Please post the next one soon. Eagerly waiting for it.
    Oh and lastly, that last dialogue of Kunj’s. “Leela maa, your daughter is very dirty minded” was amazing.. and the call idea for making Twinkle select bangles of Kunj’s choice was also amazing.

  6. Kruti

    Superb epi Sara..just loved it
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