Love Is Blind (Episode 2)

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(Amritsar Plaza Mall…..)

Twinkle- Oh my God Chinki I’m so excited. Kaha se shuru karu mujhe bhi nahi pata.
Chinki and Twinkle both laugh.
They enter various stores and do their shopping.
Twinkle- Wait Chinki I need one more thing.
Chinki- What?

Twinkle- Are Chinki my watch broke the other day and I have been wanting to get another one. Now that we are at the mall I’ll just buy one as a birthday present for myself.
Chinki- Ok let’s go.
They enter a watch store. It is filled with watches of different colors and designs. Twinkle and Chinki walk up to the counter.
Twinkle- Bhaiya please show me some of ur best watches. I will only buy the best of the best.
Chink- Ha bhaiya my friend Twinkle is very picky so please show only the best.
Twinkle playfully slaps Chinki’s shoulder.
(Let’s call the man working at the store as Man)

Man- Look at this mam this is a a new collection that just released.
Twinkle- No this is too fancy.
Man- Ok madam look at this one.
Twinkle- No this is too simple.
Chinki Yawns.
Chinki to herself- This Twinkle bhi na. She’s acting like she is not choosing a watch but her life partner. Ha ha ha leave it. That’s my Twinkle.
Twinkle- Bhaiya aap se ek kaam bhi nahi ho sakta. What kind of watches are you showing me. I want something classy but simple.
Man- Ok madam I have a perfect one for you. This is our only model as they have stopped making such designs.

He shows Twinkle a beautiful watch. It is silver chained with a heart shaped face.
Twinkle- Wow I love it. Finally bhaiya thank you so much!
She pays for the watch.

Twinkle- Ok Chinki let’s go.
She looks around but does not find her. Then she looks down and sees Chinki sitting on the floor sleeping.
Twinkle- Chinki! What are you doing get up.
Chinki jumps up.
Chinki- Oh you finished Twinkle? I thought that I would have to spend the night in the store itself.
They both laugh. They both start walking out of the store.
A man is talking on his phone.

Man- Ha ma I’m looking for the perfect gift to buy. No ma I have not bought anything yet.
Twinkle is talking and laughing with Chinki and does not see the man. The man does not see her either as he is looking around. They both bump into each other and Twinkle drops all of her 10 bags. The man drops his phone and it goes on speaker.
Man- Oh I’m so sorry.

He bends down to help her and Twinkle also bends down. Because of which her hair covers her face and the man cannot see her.
Twinkle- Omg people nowadays. You can’t see where u are going?
She quickly picks everything up and leaves. She does not see the man’s face and the man does not see her.
The phone is on speaker and someone is speaking: “Kunj, Kunj are you alright beta?”
So the man is Kunj.
He picks up the phone.
Kunj- Ha ma i’ll call u later.
Kunj sees the watch box on the floor and picks it up. He sees the back of Twinkle leaving and runs after her.

Kunj- Hey! Excuse me listen!
But Twinkle and Chinki had already left.

(Outside the Mall…)
Twinkle- Hey Chinki do u have my watch?
Chinki- No why?
Twinkle- oh no that means I dropped it when I bumped into that man. Ok u wait here I’ll go get it.
Chinki- Ok but be quick.
Twinkle runs back inside the mall. She looks everywhere but does not find the watch. Then she enters the watch store and goes to the counter.
Twinkle- Bhaiya do u have any more of the watch I just bought?
Man- No sorry mam we only had that one.

Twinkle- Please check I really like that one.
Man- Sorry mam u bought our last one.
Twinkle- Ok thank you.
She leaves the store slowly with her head down. At the same time Kunj enters the store. They pass each other. Twinkle feels a breeze and stops and looks up. (Sajna Ve plays in Bg). She then continues to walk out again.
Kunj goes to the counter.

Kunj- Bhaiya do u know who bought this watch? That person dropped it.
Man- Yes sir. It was a young lady and it is her birthday today that’s y she bought that watch. She’s right over there leaving.

He points towards Twinkle.
Kunj runs after her all the way outside the mall.
Twinkle- Let’s go Chinki I couldn’t find it.
They start leaving. Kunj runs but falls in a puddle. Everyone laughs. He loses Twinkle.

(Sarna Mansion…)
Kunj walks in all drenched.
Bebe- Kunj puttar did you come after taking a bath in the mud?
Kunj- No Bebe long story now I’ll go freshen up.
He leaves and Bebe and Usha laugh.

Kunj takes a shower and comes out. Usha comes to his room.
Usha- Kunj did u buy a gift? You know ki the wedding is in a few weeks and we still don’t have a gift for ur cousin.
Kunj- Oh no ma I forgot to get a gift!
Usha- Kunj what did u do at the mall then?
Kunj thinks about his encounter with the unknown girl (who is actually Twinkle but unkown to him).
Kunj- sorry ma I’ll buy a gift later after all it’s my choti cousin Priya’s marriage. It has to be special.

Usha leaves.
Kunj takes out the watch from his jacket pocket and lays on his bed.
Kunj- What an interesting girl. So sad that I didn’t get to see her face. On her birthday she lost a gift the day she bought it. Happy Birthday Miss Siyappa Queen. I’ll find you one day.
He looks at the watch and smiles.

Precap: Twinkle’s Birthday Party.

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