Love Is Blind (Episode 17)

Drama, Drama, and Drama…..but then romance so let’s begin. Hope u all like it…..

Recap: A doctor talks to Kunj about his health. Uv invites Kunj for dinner at his house.


A few days pass and Kunj’s hand heals. He has been busy in office and has not seen Twinkle lately. Kunj calls Twinkle.
Twinkle- Hello?
Kunj- Hey Siyappa Queen how are u? I miss u.
Twinkle- Mujhe Siyappa Queen maat bolo. 
Kunj- Ok ok listen I have to leave India for a few days. I have a meeting in London and I’m leaving today. I will be back after two days.
Twinkle- Kunj. U have not been calling me or seeing me for the past few days.
Kunj- I know it’s just my work pressure.
Twinkle- Its ok. I will miss u.
Kunj- I’ll miss u more.
Twinkle- Kunj….
Kunj- Yes Twinkle.
Twinkle- I love u.
Kunj smiles- I love u 2, 3, 4, 28, 27, 26…. (I’m crying ? ).
Twinkle laughs.

Kunj is packing for his trip when suddenly he gets a phone call. He quickly drops everything and rushes out.

The Next Scene…..

Twinkle is in her car going to the mall. She spots Kunj in front of a house with a girl. Twinkle gets out of her car and goes closer.
The girl- Kunj I missed u so much. Y did u leave me?
Kunj- No I didn’t leave u. Look I’m right here.
The girl hugs Kunj.
The girl- Kunj I love u please don’t leave me again.
Kunj- No I’ll never leave u.
Twinkle is shocked seeing this. She runs to her car crying.
Twinkle- Kunj how could u do this to me? So this was ur trip to London? How could u Kunj?
Twinkle sits in front of her car and cries. It gets dark and starts to rain. Kunj leaves the house and sees Twinkle crying.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle? What is she doing here?
He goes to her.
Kunj- Twinkle? Twinkle y are u crying tell me? Twinkle come let’s go it’s raining and u will get a cold.
He holds Twinkle but Twinkle pushes him away. Kunj looks at her in shock.
Twinkle- Don’t u dare touch me Kunj!
Kunj- What happened Twinkle?
Twinkle- Ur asking me what happened?
She pushes Kunj.
Twinkle- How could u do this to me Kunj? How could u?
She pushes him again.
Twinkle- U have been giving me excuses about being busy in ur work when u are here with another girl! How could u!
She goes to push him again but Kunj holds her hands.
Kunj- Twinkle! What the hell are u talking about!
Twinkle- Kunj don’t act so innocent I saw u with that girl.
Kunj- No ur misunderstanding me. It’s not what u think it is…she is….
Twinkle- I know what I saw with my own eyes. Kunj u are a downgraded disgusting person. U don’t know the meaning of love…..U don’t know HOW to love!
He slaps her. Twinkle holds her cheek in shock and looks at him. Kunj looks at his shaking hand and is stunned at what he just did.
Kunj- Twinkle….I….I’m…….
Kunj leaves from there crying. Twinkle stands alone in the rain. (Judaai from Badlapur plays in bg).

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

Kunj is in his car driving. He remembers how he slapped Twinkle and stops the car. He gets out. Kunj looks at his hand. He hits his hand on a rock continuously until it starts to bleed. Kunj sits on the road and cries. (Sorry guys I keep hurting Kunj’s hand 🙁 ).
Kunj- I’m so sorry Twinkle. I’m sorry….

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

Rishi is driving and sees Twinkle. He gets shocked and goes to her.
Rishi- Bhabhi what happened?
Twinkle tells him everything.
Rishi- Oh no all this happened? Bhabhi this is all a misunderstanding. Bhabhi how could u not believe Kunj? He really loves u.
Twinkle looks at him confused.
Twinkle- What do u mean Rishi?
Rishi- Bhabhi don’t worry Kunj only loves u. That girl u saw is Sia. She is has a mental problem.
Twinkle looks shocked.
Rishi- Come I’ll show u.
He takes Twinkle to the house and they look through a window. Twinkle sees Sia playing with toys with other little kids.
Rishi- Sia lives in this NGO that Kunj built for orphaned children. Sia was not like this in the beginning. She even went to the same college as Kunj. One day Sia and her boyfriend were riding on a bike when they crashed into a tree. Kunj saw this and took them to the hospital. Sia’s boyfriend died and Sia woke up and claimed Kunj as her boyfriend. She hit her head and since then she has been crazy. Kunj has to play along with her to protect her health. The doctor said that any serious shock can put her life at risk.
Twinkle is stunned.
Rishi- Bhabhi, Kunj was telling the truth. He did have a meeting in London but Sia was acting too crazy and calling for Kunj that’s why I had to call him and he came over here. U misunderstood Kunj. That u didn’t do right bhabi.
Twinkle- Rishi I was wrong. Please Rishi can u take me to Kunj please?
Rishi- Ok only because I know that u can never hurt Kunj and Kunj can never hurt u.

(Sarna Mansion….)

Kunj walks in his house like a dead person. His eyes blood read from tears and his hand bleeding. Bebe sees this and comes running to Kunj.
Bebe- Kunj puttar what is this?
Kunj does not speak. He leaves to his room.
Bebe- Kunj…this is ur first stage of love….pain.
Kunj goes to his room and looks at Twinkle’s picture.
Kunj- Twinkle u really doubted my love? U didn’t trust me. What kind of relationship is there with no trust? This is no relationship.
He throws Twinkle’s picture.

Rishi brings Twinkle to Kunj’s house.
Bebe- Who is this Rishi?
Rishi- This is Twinkle Taneja.
Bebe- Oh Twinkle!
Twinkle smiles.
Bebe thinks- Kinna pyari hai yeh ladki. I must say my Kunj has a good choice.
Bebe- I’m Kunj’s bebe so ur bebe also.
Twinkle- Bebe Kunj……
Bebe- He’s upstairs. He really broke down. Please go and talk to him I hope everything goes well between u two.
Twinkle goes.
Bebe- Rishi puttar what happened between them?
Rishi sighs.
Rishi- I don’t know Bebe. These two talk like friends, fight like enemies, and flirt like first lovers. They act like a bunch of hormonal teenagers.
Rishi and Bebe laugh.

Precap: Twinkle is on a mission to win back Kunj and Bebe helps out….funny Twinj scenes……..

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