Love Is Blind (Episode 16)

Recap: Kunj works in Uv’s office cleaning. He helps Uv from getting conned by a false contract. Because of that Kunj gets hurt and Uv takes him to the hospital.



Doctor- Mr. Sarna u have a few fractures in your hand. You have to let ur hand rest for a few days. I will put a cast on but please do not move it too much. By the way Mr. Sarna. How did u get this much pain and u seem to feel no pain at all with all these fractures.
Kunj smiles- Doctor there’s this eternal medicine that heals everything. It’s name is pyar…love.
Uv looks at Kunj speechless. They leave the doctor’s cabin.
Uv- Kunj.
Kunj- Yes sir.
Uv- Not sir…….bhai.
Uv hugs Kunj.
Uv- I’m sorry. I realized how much u love Twinkle and I know that only u can keep her happy.
Kunj smiles.
Uv- Kunj u are crazy. Sirf a pagal hi ek pagli ke saath reh sakta.
They laugh.
Uv- U wait here I’ll pick up ur medicine.
Uv leaves. a doctor sees Kunj and comes to him.
Doctor- Are Kunj u here and what happened?
Kunj- Oh hi doctor uncle.
Doctor- Itna chot kaise laga?
Kunj- Oh it’s nothing doctor uncle.
Doctor- Kunj please be careful. U know u have to take care of ur health.
Kunj- Relax uncle. I’m totally fine now and besides u also said that I’m cured and absolutely fine.
Doctor- Yes but Kunj u have to take care of urself.
Kunj- Please doctor uncle. I’m very happy now please don’t bring up the past now. I want to live a happy life.
Doctor- You will Kunj but please just take care.
He leaves and Uv comes back.
Uv- Who was that?
Kunj- Oh just our family doctor.
Uv- Oh ok let’s go.
Kunj- Go where?
Uv- To my house of course.
Kunj- No Uv bhai. I have to get home. Ma and bebe must be worrying.
Uv- Then call them and say u will be having dinner at a friend’s house.
Kunj- But….
Uv- This is an order from ur saale sahaba.
Kunj- Haha ok ok.
Kunj calls home.
Bebe- Kunj puttar where are u.
Kunj- Hi bebe. I’ll come home late because I’m having dinner at a friend’s house.
bebe- Oh is it that same friend u told me about? What’s her name………Fiona….no…Crazy…no….Sara…….Sayeeda…no.
Kunj- Bebe Twinkle!
Bebe- Haha me toh bas mazak karha ta. How can I forget my daughter-in-law’s name. Kar kar…jitne dinner karna hai kar.
Kunj- Thanks Bebe ur the best.

(Taneja Mansion….)

Uv and Kunj walk in.
Uv- Kunj can u go upstairs and call Twinkle. I’m sure she’s still awake. Her room is the first on the right.
Kunj goes.
Uv- Oh and Kunj…stay in ur limits ok? Behen hai meri.
Kunj- Bhai…..
Uv laughs.
Uv- I’m just joking yaar. I trust u. now go.
Kunj goes.
Leela- Uv puttar who is that.
Uv- Ma that’s Kunj Sarna. He really a very nice boy. His family is well known and is extremely nice. He is perfect for Twinkle.
Leela- Yea I saw him at Priya’s wedding. He is her cousin right? I also thought about him for Twinkle. U read my mind beta.
Uv- Ok ma please prepare dinner. I’m starving!

(Twinkle’s Room…)

Twinkle- Babaji today is Kunj’s last day for his test. I wonder what bhai said to him. Please make bhai accept Kunj please. I love him and I can’t live without him.
Kunj- I love you too.
Twinkle looks at the door.
Twinkle- Kunj? Am I dreaming?
She rubs her eyes then walks to Kunj. She touches his cheek.
Twinkle- Omg Kunj it’s really u. But how are u in my room? How did u find my house?
Uv- I brought him here.
Twinkle- Bhai that means u accepted Kunj?
Uv- Yes Twinkle I realized that even if I searched the entire world, I won’t find a boy better than Kunj for u. (And there will be no one better than Sidhant to play the role of Kunj for Jasmin).
Twinkle- Thank you bhai!!!
She hugs Uv. Then she went and hugged Kunj.
Kunj tries to lift her arms to hug her back but is unable to due to pain. Uv sees this.
Twinkle- Kunj? Are you mad at me?
Kunj- No why would u say that?
Twinkle- I hugged u but u didn’t hug me back.
Kunj hides his hand behind his back. He gets sad. Uv notices this.
Twinkle- Kunj what happened to your hand let me see.
She takes his hand and sees it bandaged. Twinkle has tears in her eyes.
Uv takes Twinkle and puts her next to Kunj. Uv takes Twinkle arms and wraps it around Kunj making her hug him. Twinj look at him confused. Uv helps Kunj raise his arm and puts it around Twinkle, making Kunj also hug Twinkle back.
Kunj whispers- Thank you.
Twinj hug.
Uv- Ok ok now if u guys are done can we go eat before I die of starvation. Then tomorrow’s newspaper headline will say, “Death of Yuvraj Luthra because his sister can’t stop romancing”.
They all laugh and go down to eat.

The Next Scene…

Kunj struggle’s to eat. Leela sees this. She goes to feed Kunj. Kunj looks at her.
Leela- Won’t u eat by my hand?
Kunj opens his mouth. Leela feeds him.
Twinkle- Ma did u forget about me?
Uv- Ha I’m also ur son.
They go and open their mouth. Leela laughs and feeds them also. Leela feeds all three of them.

The Next Scene….

Kunj- Thank you aunty. The food was exceptional.
Leela- No problem. Come and eat whenever u want.
Kunj goes to Twinkle and Uv.
Kunj- Thanks Uv bhai….for everything.
Uv- I should be thanking u. U saved me from Mr. Kapoor.
Twinkle- Ok if ur thank u session is over can I speak? I have one problem.
Kunj and Uv- What?
Twinkle- Kunj u can’t call him bhai.
Uv- Why not.
Twinkle- Bhai! Only I have the right to call u bhai.
Uv- Oh yea that’s true sorry bro.
Kunj- Then what do I call u?
Twinkle- That’s it. U can call him bro.
Kunj- Bro…..I like it…cool bro it is. Ok I have to leave now. Bye bro.
Uv- Bye.
Kunj- Uhh…
Uv- Ur still here Kunj go. It’s very late now.
Kunj- Voh ummm.
He looks at Twinkle. Twinkle understands and smiles. Uv also understands.
Uv thinks- Oh Kunj babu u want to say bye to my sister alone. Ok let’s see how far u will go.
Uv- Come on Kunj go I’m very sleepy and I have to go to the office tomorrow morning.
Kunj- Yea bro u go sleep.
Uv- Aise kaise. I have to drop my guest off at the door.
Kunj- But I’m not a guest na so u can go.
Uv- No come.
He pulls Kunj towards the door. Kunj looks at Twinkle with a sad face. Uv laughs.
Uv- Twinkle drop Kunj off to his car.
Kunj’s face lights up. Twinkle blushes and goes with Kunj.
Uv- Aur sun, come quickly.
Twinkle goes with Kunj. She walks him to the car silently.
Twinkle- Ok bye Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle.
Twinkle- Yea Kunj.
Kunj looks at her lovingly.
Kunj- Nahi kuch nahi bas aise.

Precap: Twinkle sees Kunj hugging a girl……Twinj fight

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  1. Joonakanksha

    Loved it….ur ff is awesome yr…great work

  2. Lovely Sara….just short of words. This ff is so simple. Just another love story. But always I feel a sudden urge that I shouldn’t stop reading this ff. There’s something special in this that I just get attracted towards it. Well, today’s episode, I loved it to the core. Looking upto tomorrow’s episode. I guess i should call u Sara di….hope u dnt mind. Loved it and good job!

  3. Omggggggggggggggggg Sara wht a epi yaar superbbbbbbb do cont asap n precap seems interesting n scary luv u n ur ff

  4. OMG!!! Sara….darling …love u …love u sooooooooo much u made my day ….muaahhhhh… name in ur ff nd that too Kunj’s gf part….uffff kahi main khushi se pagal nai hojaun…
    Episode was a blast ….Kunj nd Uvi scenes ….twinj scene ….Yuvi’s dialouge ….everything was wah wah…precap seems to be bit scary ..can’t wait for next…

  5. Awesome episode…bt i think there is something happened in kunj’s past…twinj fight ??

  6. Ria

    The episode was amazing.. the precap is interesting.

  7. Kruti

    Nice epi sara

  8. Krystal_Krysiee

    Hey sara know what m in a habit of this gf my frst frnd satakshi aka sattu made me his gf hahaha uh made my day yaar livr uh baby n plssss if u r on fb give me ur account plsssss lov uh stay blessed

  9. Sidhantian (isabella)

    What to comment…?
    Your ff is more dan what i aspect..
    Its superb ?
    & ya truely said no one can replace our sidhant to play as a role of kunj.. he is the best..

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..what an episode…… Mind blowing…..

  11. nice episode Sara

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..scary precap…

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sara exceptional osum
    ctd soon

  14. hi sara no dout i jst luv ur ff yr i find really fnny romantic luvly beautiful pretty i m cmnting fr d 1st time actually till now i was busy in reading all dose wr left fr me 2 read u no i hv 2 read almostr 50 pages of dis TU it was quite n challenging task bt yippie fnally i hv read all n yah i m boring u i no dat bt actually went 2 my nanis place so hd stop cmnting bt now i ll cmnt n yah it was necessary fr me 2 read all i jst luv sidmin n d show hv givn a big shock 2 alll of us n merko toh bhaut jyada shock laga infct sbko lga bt leave it i jst luv ur ff nps post asap

  15. love you darling
    what a surprise
    epi was perfect dear
    sorry can’t able to comment on previous episodes due to weather problem
    do cont soon

    1. id changed

  16. awesome loved it post soon

  17. fantastic work
    loved the epi fully
    loved the treat
    sorry can’t able to comment in previous episodes

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