Love Is Blind (Episode 15)

I’m glad You guys are liking my track. It has been going smoothly for a while now so let’s spice it up. Shall we?

Recap: Priya’s wedding is over. Uv sees Twinkle and Kunj together and finds out about their relationship. He tells Kunj to prove he can handle business and win over Twinkle.


Twinkle- Kunj why did u take bhai’s challenge. Do u even know anything about business? My brother is the CEO of our company. How will u do this Kunj?
Kunj smiles.
Kunj- I forgot to tell u one small thing. I actually completed my MBA at Harvard and u are now talking to the CEO of Sarna Corps.
Twinkles mouth goes wide open. Kunj closes it.
Kunj- Close ur mouth or a fly will go in.
Twinkle- Kunj?
Kunj- Yea that’s my name.
Twinkle- Tum…matlab….u are a CEO?
Kunj- Yes Twinkle. Y are u so amazed. Ur brother is also one right?
Twinkle- Yes but Kunj then y did u tell bhai u don’t have a job?
Kunj- I wanted to prove that I can take care of u and work hard. I didn’t want him to say yes to our relationship because I have money. I wanted him to know my value and see my love for u.
Twinkle- Wow Kunj tum toh bhari smart nikla.
Kunj raises his collar.
Kunj- Anything for my Siyappa Queen.
They laugh.

The Next Day….

Uv- Twinkle come quickly. I’m waiting in the car. I took ur luggage already.
Because the wedding is over, everyone is now leaving Priya’s house. Twinkle comes out of her room and is walking in the hall. Suddenly someone pulls her hand and brings her inside a room.
Twinkle- You!
Kunj- Yes me.
Twinkle- Kunj what do u want tell me quickly bhai is waiting for me in the car.
Kunj- That’s the thing Twinkle. Have u realized that we are going our separate ways now. How will I see u now that Priya’s wedding is over.
Twinkle thinks about that.
Twinkle- Omg Kunj I didn’t even think about that.
Kunj- U know I have to see u everyday Twinkle.
Twinkle smiles. She takes off one of her white pearl earring and hands it to Kunj.
Twinkle- Here. Keep this with u. It will remind u of me.
Kunj smiles.
Twinkle- Ok now Kunj I have to leave.
Kunj- Ok but say goodbye at least.
Twinkle- Bye Kunj.
Kunj- No not like that. Make it a little special.
He moves forward towards Twinkle. Twinkle moves back until she is stopped by a wall.
Twinkle- Kunj someone will come.
Kunj- Then let them come.
Twinkle- Kunj someone will hear.
Kunj- Then let them hear.
Twinkle- Kunj someone will see.
Kunj- Then let them see. Chinki and Rishi already saw so there’s no problem.
Twinkle is shocked. She pushes Kunj.
Twinkle- WHAT!
Kunj- Yea Chinki and Rishi saw when u were giving me ur little dessert.
Twinkle blushes. She runs away.
Kunj- Are! My goodbye….
He makes a sad face. Twinkle turns around and runs back to him. She gives a kiss on his cheek.
Twinkle- Bye Kunj.
She runs away and Kunj holds his cheek and smiles. Twinkle runs to the car.

Uv- Y were u so late?
Twinkle- Oh I was just gathering up my stuff that I left.
Uv- Ok let’s go.
He pauses.
Uv- Twinkle, where is ur earring?.
Twinkle- Oh ummm….it probably dropped somewhere. Let’s go.
They sit in the car and drive away.

(Taneja Corps. Office…)

Uv is sitting in his cabin. Someone knocks on the door.
Uv- Come in.
Kunj walks in.
Uv- So u actually showed up.
Kunj- Of course.
Uv- Ok here’s a file that has all the instructions on what u have to do. I want all this work to be done by tomorrow.
Kunj opens the file and is shocked.
Kunj- What is this?
Uv- Read what it says.
Kunj- Wash the windows, sweep the floor, make coffee for everyone in the office, and clean my cabin.
Uv- What did u think ur work was Mr. Sarna? Or should I say CEO of Sarna Corps.
Kunj looks at him in surprise.
Uv- Kunj Sarna, I am one of the biggest businessmen in India. When I heard that ur name was Kunj Sarna I knew right away that u were THE KUNJ SARNA, CEO of Sarna Corps and MBA graduate from Harvard.
Kunj is speechless.
Uv- If I gave u business work then it would not matter because I know u are excellent in business. But I am testing u to see if u are good enough for my sister. Y would I need business for that. U have to prove that u are able to complete these tasks. Only this way I will realize that u can take care of my sister because she can be a handful.
Kunj stands there still in shock.
Uv- Now go complete ur tasks.
Kunj leaves.
Kunj thinks- This Taneja family is puri ki puri pagal. To prove myself worthy enough for Twinkle, I have to work like a housewife? Babaji look at my situation. The CEO of a multi-million dollar company is now washing windows. It’s ok Kunj remember ur doing this for Twinkle. Chal beta shuru ho ja.
Kunj starts washing all the windows. He slips on a puddle of water. Later he is coughing while dusting. Everyone in the office stares at him.
Lady- Isn’t that Kunj Sarna, the CEO of Sarna Corps.
Man- Yea but what is he doing here and that too washing windows?
Lady 2- I heard he came to prove his love for Twinkle mam.
Man- This is true love I must say otherwise which millionaire leaves their luxury and works like this.
Uv hears all this.
Uv- Everyone back to work NOW!
Everyone goes back to work. Kunj stands on a chair and dusts the top of a shelf. Suddenly he jumps down and starts screaming.
Kunj- Bachao!! Help Save me!
Uv comes running.
Uv- What’s all this noise about.
He sees Kunj hiding under a desk.
Kunj- Voh…….sir please save me…….that cockroach.
Uv slaps his forehead.
Uv thinks- Babaji u already sent one in my life who I have to scare cockroaches away from. Was Twinkle not enough that u had to send another one?
Kunj works like this for the whole week. It is now the seventh day and the last day of Kunj’s test. Kunj walks into the office. He sees many people in suits talking to Uv.
Uv- Thank you Mr. Kapoor. So the deal is finalized.
Mr. Kapoor- Yes Mr. Taneja.
They shake hands.
Kunj thinks- This is that same Mr. Kapoor who tried to trick dad and take money by finalizing a fake deal. I have to warn Uv bhai.
Mr. Kapoor leaves. Kunj goes to Uv.
Kunj- Uv bhai…
Uv- I’m not ur bhai!
Kunj- Ok sorry sir. U can’t finalize a deal with Mr.Kapoor he is a fake. He tried to con my dad but I found out about his tricks. This is a loss for ur company and I can’t let that happen.
Uv- What nonsense are u talking about.
Kunj- No this is not nonsense. Did u hand him any money?
Uv- Yes I gave him 5 lakhs for the contract.
Kunj- Oh no 5 lakhs….
He runs out of the office. Uv follows him. Kunj catches Mr. Kapoor in his car. He tries to stop him but Mr. Kapoor’s men start hitting Kunj. Uv comes there and sees all this.
Uv- So Kunj was saying the truth. Uv goes to help them. They both are fighting the goons. suddenly a goon punches Kunj and he falls to the ground. Twinkle’s earring falls out of his pocket. Kunj reaches to grab it but one of the men step on his hand. Kunj screams in pain.
Kunj- Ahhhhhhhhh.
Kunj still struggles to get the earring. Uv sees all this. He sees the earring and remembers that it is Twinkle’s missing earring. Uv goes and helps Kunj. All the bad guys run away. Uv turns to look at Kunj. Kunj picks up Twinkle’s earring and kisses it. He puts it back in his pocket.
Uv- Is he crazy? He was getting killed and still he tried to protect Twinkle’s earring.
Kunj picks up Uv’s bag of money and hands it to him.
Kunj- Sir ur money.
Uv takes the bag and notices Kunj’s hand shaking.
Uv- Ur hand….let me take u to the hospital.
Kunj- No it’s ok I can go myself. U go home. It’s pretty late and Twinkle probably didn’t eat waiting for u and I know she can’t stay hungry.
Uv thinks- Even in this pain he worries about Twinkle.
Uv- I’ll call her and tell her to eat. But I’m still taking u to the hospital.
Kunj thinks- Kya Taneja family ka sab log itni ziddi hai?
Uv takes Kunj to the hospital.

Precap: Something happened in Kunj’s past?…….

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