Love Is Blind (Episode 12)


Really glad u guys liked the confession. Sorry it was so simple. Hope u still enjoyed it tho. 🙂

Recap: Ranbir kidnaps Twinkle and Kunj. Ranbir threatens to kill Kunj and get Twinkle. In the heat of the moment, Twinj confess their love for each other. Twinkle is mad at Kunj for leaving her alone at the park. Kunj makes a challenge to himself that he’ll pacify Twinkle and get the kiss.


Twinj return home along with Rishi.
Chinki- Twinkle! Thank God u r ok.
She goes and hugs Twinkle. Priya also hugs Twinkle then hugs Kunj.
Priya’s mom- Rab da lakh lakh shukhar hai that u two are ok. What a hectic day this was.
Kunj- Now that all the problems are over we can enjoy my little cousin’s wedding in a happy happy mood right?
Kunj pinches Priya’s cheeks.
Rishi- Ok Kunj and bhabhi u guys go rest. Tomorrow is the mehndi ceremony.
Twinj leave. Priya and Chinki look at Rishi.
Priya and Chinki- Bhabhi?
Rishi nods his head yes. Priya and Chinki scream in excitement.

The next day…

The function is in full swing. Guests are enjoying. Priya is putting on her mehndi. Kunj is waiting for Twinkle to come down. Suddenly he sees Twinkle coming down. She, as usual, is looking drop-dead gorgeous. She is wearing a white and pink lehenga and her hair is in loose curls. Twinkle comes and sits next to one of the workers who is applying mehndi. Twinkle also gives her hand to apply mehndi. Kunj walks over to her and sits next to her.
Kunj- Umm mam please write a K on her hand. K for Kunj.
Twinkle- No mam don’t right K for Kunj.
Kunj- Are!
Twinkle- Write a K but not K for Kunj, but K for Khadoos.
The lady laughs silently.
Kunj thinks- Khadoos hi sahi, at least she is still writing my name on her hand.
Twinkle’s mehndi is finished.
Kunj- Hey Siyappa Queen show me how ur mehndi turned out.
Twinkle doesn’t listen to him and walks away.
Kunj thinks- That attitude just makes u 100 times cuter Twinkle. I love u.
The function ends. Kunj is walking to his room when he passes by Twinkle’s room and sees her standing on a chair trying to reach her luggage on top of the wardrobe. Twinkle is about to fall and she closes her eyes. Twinkle realizes that she didn’t fall and opens her eyes to see herself in Kunj’s arms.
Kunj- Any memories coming back Twinkle?
Twinj remember their first meeting and how Kunj carried Twinkle. Twinkle smiles but hides it from Kunj. She gets herself down.
Kunj- Oh come on Twinkle. How many times do I have to say sorry. Ok look I’m even holding my ears.
Twinkle sees Kunj is holding his ears. She still doesn’t speak. Chinki, Priya, and Rishi come there.
Kunj- Twinkle please I’m sorry. Ok tell me what I have to do to prove my love to u. I’m ready to do anything.
Twinkle- Anything?
Kunj- Anything for u.
Twinkle- Ok wait one minute.
She leaves. Chinki, Priya, Rishi, and Kunj are confused as to what Twinkle is going to doing. Twinkle comes back with a box. She gives it Kunj.
Kunj- What is this Twinkle?
Twinkle- Open it.
Kunj- Omg Twinkle u got me a gift? Let’s see what it is….
He open the box and is surprised.
Kunj- Chili peppers!!!!
Twinkle- Ha. U said u could do anything for me now prove it and eat 10 of these chili peppers.
Chinki, Priya, Rishi- TEN!!!!
Chinki- Twinkle what r u doing? How can u make him eat 10 of those? Twinkle come to ur senses. U can’t give such a big punishment to someone u love.
Kunj- Chinki it’s ok. If this is the way that Twinkle will believe how much I love her then I will prove it.
He picks up one pepper. Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle thinks- What r u doing Kunj? I just bought these as a joke to irritate u. I didn’t think u would actually eat these. Stop Kunj don’t eat them please. I can’t see u hurt.
Kunj takes a bite. Everyone is shocked and speechless. Kunj eats another pepper. A tear falls from his eye but he stays strong in front of Twinkle. By now Kunj had already ate 6 peppers. Twinkle was watching him and tears also fell from her eyes. Kunj picks up pepper number 7 but Rishi stops him.
Rishi- That’s enough Kunj. Stop this right now.
He takes the box away. Kunj leaves to his room.
Chinki- That wasn’t right Twinkle.
They all leave.

(Kunj’s room…)

Kunj runs into his room crying and screaming. He runs to the bathroom and splashes water on his face. He comes back to his room and falls to the floor and cries because of the spice from the peppers. Twinkle walks to his room and sees Kunj crying on the floor. She walks up to him and puts her hand on his shoulder. Kunj looks back and stands up. Kunj tries to hide his face but Twinkle holds his face in her hands. She wipes the tears from his cheeks. Twinkle leans closer to Kunj. Suddenly Kunj feels soft lips on his own lips. Kunj forgets about the pain he was getting from the pepper’s spiciness and instead gets lost in Twinkle’s loving kiss. Chinki and Rishi come to check on Kunj. They walk into his room and stop abruptly. Their mouths fall open. Chinki quickly closes her eyes and puts her hand over Rishi’s eyes. They slowly back out of Kunj’s room.
Twinkle breaks the kiss and touches her forehead on Kunj’s forehead.
Twinkle whispers- I’m sorry Kunj.
Kunj immediately hugs Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle never doubt my love again. I love u more than myself and I won’t be able to live without u.
Twinkle- I love u too Kunj. Please never leave me again.
Kunj- Never.
Kunj breaks the hug.
Kunj- Vaise, if I get such a nice dessert then I won’t mind eating 100 of those peppers.
Twinkle- Kunj!
She shies and runs out the door. Kunj smiles.
Twinkle runs out of Kunj’s room smiling and bumps into Rishi and Chinki.
Rishi (quickly)- We didn’t see anything!
Chinki steps on Rishi’s foot.
Rishi- Ouch.
Twinkle- What didn’t u see Rishi?
Chinki- Oh nothing Twinkle. Don’t listen to him. Tell us…how is Kunj now? Is his pain gone?
Twinkle- He is ok now.
Chinki- Really? What medicine have u used that the pain went away so quickly?
Twinkle- Voh…ummm…that medicine…u know the one….the one that relieves pain.
Chinki- It’s a very special medicine, right Twinkle? A medicine that makes u lose half of ur lipstick?
Twinkle touches her lips and runs away to her room. Chinki and Rishi laugh.

(Twinkle’s Room…)

Twinkle is laying on her bed blushing endlessly thinking about the kiss. Suddenly her phone rings and she picks it up.
Twinkle- Hello?
Kunj- Itna blush maat kar. Otherwise u’ll look like a tomato.
Twinkle is surprised and looks around her room.
Kunj- I’m not in ur room don’t worry.
Twinkle- Kunj?
Kunj- It’s just that I can feel u. U are a part of me now and I know what u are doing.
Twinkle blushed.
Kunj- I told u not to blush Twinkle. And by the way, I won the challenge.
Twinkle- What challenge?
Kunj- The challenge I made that I’ll get my kiss.
Twinkle- U didn’t win.
Kunj- Now that’s not fair.
Twinkle is surprised and looks to see Kunj standing in front of her.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing here? Leave!
Kunj- How can I leave? I won that challenge.
Twinkle- No u didn’t. U made the challenge that u will get that kiss. But u didn’t. I gave it to u.
Kunj starts walking towards Twinkle.
Kunj- Ok then I’ll complete my challenge now.
Twinkle starts walking back.
Twinkle- K…K…Kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle…..

Precap: Haldi funtion ensues. Uv comes finally.

Credit to: Sara

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