Love Is Blind (Episode 11) MAHA-EPISODE

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Recap: The whole family go on a picnic. Twinkle accidentally kisses on Kunj’s cheeks when the bus jumps. Chinki, Priya, and Rishi team up to make Twinj confess. Twinkle is kidnapped.


Twinkle hears someone coming and closes her eyes and pretends to be unconscious. Two men come in and drop a person next to Twinkle.
Man 1- The girl is still unconscious and so is the guy. So we can go eat our dinner now. We don’t have to look after them.
Man 2- But what if Ranbir sir gets to know?
Man 1- He won’t get to know. Come on let’s go.
They leave. Twinkle opens her eyes and is shocked to see an unconscious Kunj in front of her.
Twinkle- Kunj. Kunj! Wake up.
She moves her body over to Kunj and uses her cheek to rub against Kunj’s cheek as her hands were tied.
Twinkle- Kunj please…please uto.
She starts crying. A tear drops from Twinkle’s eye and falls on Kunj’s closed eye. Kunj feels the tear and opens his eyes. He sees Twinkle sitting and crying in front of him. Kunj struggles but manages to sit up.
Kunj- Twinkle?
Twinkle looks at Kunj and becomes happy. Kunj also gets teary eyes.
Kunj- Twinkle r u ok?
Twinkle nods.
Twinkle- Kunj how are u here? What happened?
Kunj tells Twinkle how he arrived there.
Kunj- Ye Twinkle intni late kyu hai? She should have known by now that we left her there.
Chinki- Yea Kunj ur right. I hope she’s ok and nothing bad happened to her.
Kunj- Chinki shut up! Nothing will happen to Twinkle. I WON’T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO MY TWINKLE (it echoes).
Kunj goes to look for Twinkle and suddenly someone puts a cloth over his mouth and makes him unconscious.
Kunj (on the verge of crying)- I’m so sorry Twinkle. I should not have left u alone. I’m so sorry.
Twinkle- Kunj please don’t cry. I can’t see u like this. Kunj we have to escape.
Kunj- Ok Twinkle u turn ur back and I’ll turn mine and u use ur hands to open my rope and i’ll open urs.
They turn their backs towards each other and open each other’s ropes. After being untied Twinj stand up. Kunj look at Twinkle and cups her face. Twinkle suddenly hugs Kunj tightly. Kunj hugs her back tightly. Twinkle cries while hugging Kunj.
Twinkle (still hugging)- Kunj do u know how scared I was?
Kunj- Shhhhhh. As long as I’m here nothing will happen to u. Come let’s leave this place.
They break the hug and continue to leave.
Ranbir- Where do u think ur going?
Twinj look to see that Ranbir is at the doorway pointing a gun at them. Kunj takes Twinkle’s hand and puts her behind him. Twinkle clutches Kunj’s shirt.
Kunj- You again! U didn’t learn ur lesson the first time that u came for a second round?
Ranbir laughs.
Ranbir- Good joke Mr. Sarna. U don’t know who u have messed with. My name is Ranbir Malhotra. That day u did u did wrong by hitting me. Now u will get punished. But u Twinkle, u are too special. When I saw u at the mall, I fell in love with u. Ur beautiful eyes, those lips, that body.
Kunj clenches his fist hard.
Ranbir- After I get rid of him, then u will be all mine Twinkle.
Kunj gets furious and punches Ranbir. The gun falls out of his hand and Ranbir falls to the ground. Kunj goes on top of him and starts punching his face.
Kunj- How dare u speak to Twinkle that way. How dare u! Tere himmat kaise hui that u even thought about my Twinkle!
Suddenly five more men come and take Kunj off Ranbir and hold him. Two other men hold back Twinkle. Ranbir stands up and laughs. He wipes blood off his mouth and looks at the blood. Then he punches Kunj in the face.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Ranbir takes a sword and brings it to Kunj. Twinkle looks on shocked.
Ranbir- Any last words?
Kunj looks at Twinkle. He has tears in his eyes. (Sad Sajna ve plays).
Kunj- Twinkle until my last breath I will protect u. I won’t let even a scratch touch u. Please forgive me if I have hurt u. Twinkle I have been wanting to say this……….I love you Twinkle……and I always will.
A tear drops from Twinkle’s eyes upon hearing Kunj’s words.
Ranbir swings the sword. Kunj closes his eyes.
Suddenly someone kicks the sword out of Ranbir’s hand. No not Kunj. It’s Rishi! (Yes Rishi the hero, u go!). Rishi starts fighting with the men and Kunj helps him. Pretty soon all the men run away except for Ranbir who is lying on the floor unable to get up due to pain. Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Rishi thinks- I should give these two some privacy.
He leaves. Twinkle starts walking towards Kunj. She suddenly goes to Ranbir. Twinkle takes off her sandal and starts hitting Rishi.
Twinkle- Stupid, idiot. Kutte, kamine, saale! You wanted to have me? U wanted to have Twinkle Taneja? On top of that u wanted to kill Kunj? Tere himmat kaise hui?
Kunj is standing there laughing silently. Twinkle walks over to Kunj. She looks at him. SLAP! Kunj holds his cheek after being slapped by Twinkle. Kunj is shocked.
Kunj- Twinkle….
Twinkle- Kunj SHUT UP!
Kunj stands there like a baby with his hand still on his cheek.
Twinkle- Who do u think u are? Huh? Idiot! U were waiting for the last moment to confess ur feelings? What do u think of urself?
Kunj- Twinkle I’m…..
Twinkle- What took u so long idiot?
She hugs Kunj. Kunj is flabbergasted.
Twinkle- I love u too Kunj…with all my heart.
Kunj is so happy that he cries. (Ban Jogan mein nachlu plays in bg). Finally Twinkle breaks the hug. She touches Kunj’s cheek.
Twinkle- It hurts?
Kunj nods. Twinkle kisses his cheek. She gets shy and tries to run away but Kunj hold her hand and pulls her back. He shows his other cheek.
Kunj- Ranbir hit me here.
Twinkle kisses his other cheek. Kunj shows his lips.
Kunj- I also got hurt here.
Twinkle leans towards Kunj and Kunj closes his eyes.
Twinkle whispers- Do u want to go home? If not, then u stay I’m leaving.
Kunj makes a sad face.
Kunj- Kiss toh mein lelunge. Tu dekh lena.
Twinkle sticks her tougue out at Kunj. They leave the place and see Ranbir waiting for Twinj with a car. Kunj goes and hugs Rishi.
Kunj- Thanks yaar u saved my life…literally.
Rishi- No problem. Bhabhi….I mean Twinkle are you ok?
Twinkle- Yea Rishi I’m ok. Thanks to u.
She goes to sit in the car but then stops and turns around.
Twinkle- Oh and Rishi, u can call me bhabhi if u want.
Rishi’s eyes light up.
Rishi- Matlab…tum dono……for real?
Twinj nod their heads.
Rishi- Omg this is great news I’m so happy for you.
In excitement, he goes to hug Twinkle.
Kunj- Oye bhabhi hai teri.
Rishi- Oh sorry.
He hugs Kunj instead. Twinkle laughs. They sit in the car. Rishi drives while Twinj are sitting in the back seat. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand but Twinkle pushes his hand off.
Kunj whispers- Twinkle what happened? Itni gusse mein kyu hai?
Twinkle whispers- U may have forgotten but I didn’t. U left me alone in the park.
Kunj- But I said sorry na?
Twinkle- Ha toh I didn’t forgive u na?
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand again but Twinkle pinches him this time.
Kunj- Ahhhh!
Rishi- What happened Kunj? Everything all right?
Kunj- Yea yea everything’s all good.
Twinkle looks out the window.
Kunj thinks- Kab taak rhootengi, chikengi, chilayenge. Dil kehta hai ek din haseena man jayengi. Twinkle tujhe toh mein manahi lungi. And I’ll get that kiss also. That’s my challenge.

Precap: Mehndi function and mission Twinkle manao…

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