Love Is Blind (Episode 10)

Im so happy that u guys are enjoying the ff. Can’t wait to see Sidmin’s performance in the Gold Awards. I saw their dance rehearsal segment and got emotional. It felt as though I’m seeing them together after ages. Anyways, much excitement is coming in the plot so stay tuned and let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: The Sangeet ceremony takes place. Twinj dance together and the bride’s side wins. To celebrate, the whole family decides to go on a picnic. Ranbir Malhotra finds out about Twinkle and Kunj and decides to get revenge.


Everyone is packing blankets and baskets into the bus. Everyone boards the bus and take their seats. Twinj are the last ones on the bus. Twinkle comes and sees Chinki sitting with Priya.
Twinkle- Wow guys u left me all alone. Now I have to sit by myself.
Chinki- Sorry yaar but I wanted to spend as much time as I could before Priya gets married.
Twinkle goes and sits by herself. Kunj comes and sits next to her.
Twinkle- Kunj what are u doing here? Y are you not sitting next to Rishi?
Kunj- Actually Rishi is driving and I didn’t want to sit alone so I came and sat with u. Y, any problem?
Twinkle- Yes a huge problem. It’s name is Khadoos Sarna.
Kunj- Ha ha very funny.
They were secretly happy sitting next to each other but did not show it.
Priya- Good job Chinki our plan worked.
Chinki gives a thumbs up to Priya and Rishi looks back and smiles.
Priya- Chinki do notice anything odd about Twinkle and Kunj bhai?
Chinki- Yea I do. They seem weird.
Rishi comes there.
Rishi- Are u guys talking about Twinkle and Kunj.
Chinki- Yea.
Rishi- U know what I think? I think they have a thing going on.
Priya- Yea I have noticed that. Have u seen the way they look at each other and care for each other.
Chinki- GUYS! They both love each other!
Priya- Omg ur right Chinki. But u know our Twinkle, she won’t accept it that easily.
Rishi- Kunj also won’t accept it that easily.
Chinki- We have to make them confess. They are made for each other.
Rishi- Right. Twinkle is perfect for Kunj.
Priya- Ok here’s the plan……Chinki u sit next to me and Rishi u will drive so Twinkle and Kunj bhai sit with each other then on the picnic……
Flashback ends and now back to present….
Twinkle is sitting near the window and Kunj is sitting next to her. Twinkle feels thirsty and looks for water. Kunj finds a water bottle and gives it to her. Twinkle starts to drink from it then Kunj gets an idea. He hits the bottle and water falls on Twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj!!!
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Look what u did. I won’t leave u!!!
She makes a fist and goes to punch Kunj but Kunj holds her hands and they struggle like that. Somehow while struggling Twinj switch seats and Kunj ends up by the window. Twinkle is still fighting with Kunj. The bus suddenly hits a bump and jumps. The jump moves Twinkle closer to Kunj’s face. Twinj stop fighting when they realize their position. Kunj feels soft lips on his cheeks. Twinkle had accidentally kissed him. Chinki and Priya are sitting on the seats behind Twinj. They stand up and look over at Twinj and sees Twinkle kissing Kunj. They sit back down and smile and give each other a high five. Twinj are still in the same position. Twinkle comes back to reality and moves back from Kunj and sits up.
Twinkle thinks- Omg what did I just do? Did I just kiss Kunj? Babaji I don’t even know if he loves me or not. Babaji please help me.
Kunj thinks- OH….MY…..GOD. Thank you Babaji for putting that bump on the road. Kudos to u. I can’t keep it in any longer. I have to tell Twinkle how I feel about her.
They awkwardly sit there the rest of the ride.

The picnic spot…

Kunj is unloading all their stuff from the bus. Priya comes there.
Priya- Kunj bhai? What is that on ur cheek?
Kunj touches his cheek.
Priya- No no the other one.
Kunj touches his other cheek and remembers Twinkle’s kiss.
Priya- Is that lipstick? Omg Kunj bhai that is a lipstick mark!
Kunj rubs his cheek in embarrassment.
Kunj- No it’s not. U are seeing things. Looks like u need glasses Priya.
He leaves from there and Priya laughs.

The whole family spreads a large blanket on the grass and sits on it. They are at a big park. Priya looks at Rishi and winks at him (she signals him to execute their plan). Rishi understands and starts their plan.
Rishi- Guys are u even humans?
Everyone looks at him wierdly.
Rishi- I don’t know about u but if I don’t get food right now I’ll have to eat one of u and I don’t want to do that because I love u all.
Everyone laughs.
Priya’s mom- Ok ok come let’s eat. Everyone grab a plate.
Everyone goes to grab a plate.
Chinki whispers to Rishi- Rishi, go distract Kunj so I can remove one plate so he doesn’t get a plate.
Rishi goes and talks to Kunj. After that, Kunj comes to take a plate but sees there is no more left.
Kunj- Hey am I not getting any food?
He pouts. Twinkle looks at her plate then back at Kunj’s sad face.
Twinkle thinks- Awww he looks so cute with that face. But I don’t want him to starve. I’ll have to do something.
Twinkle- It’s ok Kunj u can eat on my plate. I’m not hungry anyways.
Kunj laughs.
Kunj- U and not hungry? That’s impossible. Come we’ll share the plate.
Chinki gives a thumbs up to Priya and Rishi.
Twinj are eating on the same plate. Their hands collide and they have an eyelock. (Sajna ve plays). Rishi, Chinki, and Priya are watching the whole show and smiling endlessly. Like this, everyone finishes eating. They are just sitting there bored.
Kunj- What yaar, we came to a picnic and we r sitting here sleeping?
Priya- Ha Kunj bhai it’s very boring. Let’s play a game.
Rishi- What game?
Chinki- Oh I have an idea. Twinkle remember that game we used to play when we were little?
Twinkle- Oh that game. Yeah I love that game let’s play.
Kunj- Are what game. Mujhe bhi bata.
Twinkle- It’s a simple game. Ok listen. One person is blindfolded and has to try to catch someone. When they catch someone they have to guess who it is.
Rishi- Sounds fun. Let’s play.
Pritam uncle- U children go. We’ll just stay here.
Rishi, Chinki, Priya, and Twinkle go to play the game. First it is Chinki’s turn. She catches Priya. Then Priya goes and catches Rishi. Rishi goes and catches Kunj. Now it’s Kunj’s turn. He is blindfolded while everyone is running quietly around him. Kunj tries to catch someone but can’t catch anyone. Suddenly he feels someone’s presence and holds their hand. Kunj takes his hand and touches the person’s forehead…then eyes….then cheeks…and finally their soft lips.
Kunj- Twinkle.
He opens his blindfold and sees Twinkle smiling. They have an eyelock. (Sajna ve plays).
Rishi, Chinki, and Priya slowly come to Twinj to see them in an eyelock. Their mouths go wide open. They give each other high fives. Then Chinki coughs. Twinj come back to reality.
Rishi- Wow Kunj. U know Twinkle so well.
Kunj- I knew it was her because of her soft lips……
He realizes what he just said. Twinkle is shocked.
Chinki- WHAT? Did I hear u right Kunj? How do u know what Twinkle’s lips feel like?
Kunj remembers about the kiss.
Kunj- Uhhh I don’t…they…they…they just look soft bas. Ok ok now it’s Twinkle’s turn.
They blindfold Twinkle. Kunj plays a prank on Twinkle and tells Rishi, Chinki, and Priya to leave. They leave Twinkle alone.
Twinkle- Chinki? Kunj? Where are you guys? Guys?
She takes off her blindfold and sees no one there.
Twinkle- Hawwww. This must be Kunj’s plan. Kunj u are dead.
Suddenly someone holds Twinkle’s mouth and takes her from there.

Next scene…

Twinkle gains consciousness and wakes up and sees that her hands and feet are tied. Twinkle looks around and sees she is in a dark room. Suddenly she hears someone coming and pretends to be unconscious.

Precap: MahaEpisode….Twinj Confession.

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