Love Is Blind (Episode 1)

Sorry guys in my intro I forgot to mention all my fav writers that I love to read. Hats off to Krystal, Sanam, Ritzi, Crazy, and many more (sorry if i forgot to mention ur name). Ok so my first episode………


Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabaka kehana hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Saari, umar, hamen sang rehana hai
Phoolon …

The back of a person is shown. He is wearing a dark blue leather jacket, white V-neck, and white washed jeans. There is a flower bouquet in his hand that covers his face. He is singing.

Jab se merii aankhon se ho gayi tu door
Tab se sare jeevan ke sapane hain choor
Ankho me neendna man me chaina na hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Saari, umar, hamen sang rehana hai…

A bedroom is shown decorated with balloons and flowers. There are gifts everywhere (imagine what Twinkle did for Kunj’s Bday). A girl is shown sleeping.

Dekho hum tum dono hain ek Daalii ke phool
Main na bhuulaa tuu kaise mujhako gayi bhool
Aa mere paas aa, keh jo kehanaa hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Saari, umar, hamen sang rehana hai…

The man enters the room and sets the flowers down and kisses the forehead of the girl. She wakes up and smiles. He takes her hand and leads her off the bed and starts dancing with her.

Jeevan ke dukhon se, yuun Darate nahiin hain
Aise bachake sach se guzarate nahiin hain
Sukh kii hai chaah to, dukh bhii sehanaa hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Saari, umar, hamen sang rehana hai
Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabaka kehana hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Ye .. la la la
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai…
Man: Happy Birthday meri pyari si Twinkle.
So the Girl is Twinkle.
Twinkle: Thank You Bhai!
So the man is none other than Uv.
They share a cute hug just as Leela enters.
Leela: So my princess finally woke up. Idhar aah meri bachi.
Twinkle goes and touches her mother’s feet then hugs her.
Leela: Many many happy returns of the day!
Twinkle: Thank You so much ma!
Leela: Ok now go get ready quickly we have to go shopping for your party tonight.
Twinkle: Ok ma.
Uv and Leela Leave. Twinkle takes her phone and dials Chinki’s number (Chinki is Twinkle’s bff).

Chinki: Hello? (in a sleepy voice)
Twinkle: Chinki ki bachi, it’s my bday and ur still sleeping?
Twinkle almost drops her phone.
Twinkle: ok ok now stop yelling and quickly get ready we have to go shopping.
Chinki: I’ll be right there.
Twinkle hangs up and smiles.

Twinkle is shown skipping down the stairs with her radiant, stress-reducing smile on her face. She is wearing a green long skirt and white top with black stripes.

Leela- are Twinkle puttar! Be careful or u will fall.
Twinkle comes there.
Twinkle- nothing will happen to me ma. Take a chill pill!
Leela- sometimes u scare me with ur childish behaviors. Rab na kare that u get srsly injured.
Uv- nothing will happen to her ma. After all she is my sister, Miss Twinkle Taneja.
He is wearing a dark gray suit with a white shirt and a royal blue tie. He has a bag in his hand. He is the CEO of Taneja Corps.
Twinkle- Wow bhai looking good. Do u have a new PA or what.
Uv- shut up Twinkle. Ma I’m going bye!
Leela- Ok go safely. Twinkle Chinki still didn’t come yet?
Chinki- I’m here. (in a singing voice)
Twinkle- Chinki!!!!!!
They both run towards each other a hug.
Leela- lo now u won’t be able to seperate these two.
Twinkle- ok bye ma we are leaving.
She runs out with Chinki.
Leela- Be careful!
She laughs looking at them leave.

Precap: Entry of our handsome hero, Mr. Kunj Sarna!!!!!

I hope you guys like it so far. Please comment if you did!

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  1. Yea seems interesting n epi ws amazing do cont asap

  2. it was awesome dear
    loved it
    post next soon
    i am fist to comment in your ff and intro
    will u be able to remember me?
    anyways keep smiling and post next epi soon and i love your name ,sara. 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥♥ ♥ ☻☻☻☺☺☺☺☺☺ and please give a small intro of your like age class etc

    1. it was first not fist

    2. Lol of course I’ll remember u!

  3. wowww sara jst awesome…… nd m srsly glad tht u like my ff too

  4. Nic strt but give more longer episodes plzzzzzzz but this ws really nic ?

  5. Ahhhh!! The starting was very nice.. I loved was very unique and, too excited for kunj’s entry.

  6. perfect ?
    It will be nice if u could write in english..
    No hindi plz..

  7. vry interesting

  8. Sara first of all welcome to tu….sorry 4 late comment….superb start.i m looking forward to the next episode….do continue soon dear and if possible do read my ft “thank u…dear destiny ” ….u r good writer…pls continue asap…if possible pls reply…again good episode.

  9. Good going

  10. Sara…..a warm welcome to our tei family…. so happy to see a silent reader turning to a ff writer that to so good one …..
    Good beginning….. looking forward for upcoming episodes and yah who told u r lacking in Hindi infact u using Hindi very appropriately…
    All d best…

    1. Lol Thank You!

  11. Awesome fantastic fabulous outstanding mind blowing it was very good. Silent reader is turning into writer.
    Please post the next epi soooooooon
    Love u

    1. Thank You!!!

  12. Heyy yaar im loving ur start!! ???
    Can’t wait for kunj’s entry n yes im in love with ur name Sara ❤❤

  13. Wow… interesting start.. do cont…

  14. Awesome and interesting

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