LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….Teaser one


Hey guys this is me back again with a teaser of my ff Love is blind…

Shravan and sumo and their class were going on a trekking tour …in the jungle
They are going through a bus to the jungle there they will roam treck be with nature and enjoy…

teams are made of 2 people each sumo and shravan are in one….

One day at night all of them are playing truth and dare near there camp when one of the boys ( abhi nhi bataungi ki kaun hai)….ask sumo to go inside the jungle and get one fruit…
All oppose the idea but the boy starts provoking sumo and she decides to go to the jungle and do the task…

15 mins passed she didn’t come…
Shravan was restless he too went in the jungle in search if sumo…but was unable to find her the natives also were unable to help coz it was late night….

All left and decided to search the next day…but shravan still was searching her…

Just then shravan’s eyes fall on something and he is left shocked….

So what did shravan c??
What happened to sumo??
Will shravan be able to find her???
To know keep reading my ff love is blind…

And guys I wanted to ask a question
Do u guys want me add peekar in the jungle scene… I mean do u guys want pushkar and Preeti to accompany shravan and sumo in the jungle trip….
If yes then I would have to postpone the jungle trip until the prom is over … So think and tell me what do u guys want…
Plz do reply it’s needed…
Love u all❤❤❤

And @pari di where r u ??…m missing u??
Do anyone know where is she??

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  1. Marie

    Wow wow wow!!!!! Khushi yr!! Kya teaser dia hai full of suspense…. 😉
    I love it to d core or ab is teaser ke baad toh m desperately waiting fr d nxt ep…….!!
    Plzzz plzzz jaldi post Karna yr….!!
    N yeah abt preekar yr Mai chahtiiii toh hooon ke tu add karde pr mujhe jungle scene Bhi jald se jald DEKHNA hai !! Jo tujhe theek LAGE yr mujhe PTA hai Jo tune Sochna hai wo dhamakedaar hi ho ga :D. 😀

    1. Khushi

      Aww thanks alot Maria…..haye m blushing like mad. Itni tareef handle nhi ho rhi…
      Thanks alot dear and yes I will try to post asap OK will c what can I do for the track….thanks for ur valuable suggestion dear…. Love u infinity yr tu best hai

  2. Prettypreeti

    Khushi mai chahti ho ki preekar bhi ho lekin jungle trip postpone won nhi chahti and waiting for preekar prom also CHLO tumhari marji Jo marji kr mujhe Sab pasand haihai and coming to ur ques might sumo ko chot lg gyi ho

    1. Khushi

      Hi Preeto how r u …why r u not commenting on edkv daily update page???
      Thanks alot yr ur comments r a breather… Love u so much and thanks for ur valuable suggestions I will c what I can do thanks alot love u sooo much

  3. Nice teaser.. Waiting for it…

    1. Khushi

      Thanks lily

  4. No ,let it be of shraman

    1. Khushi

      Thanks sanjoyti I will c what I can do

  5. wowwww?….amazing?…..mujhse to wait hi nhi hoga plssss jaldi se upload krna my talented girl??….I think preeti aur pushkar KO bhi jungle me chhod Dena chahiye…????

    1. Khushi

      Haha thanks alot ankita di…love u soon much I will try to post soon….and thanks for ur valuable suggestion also….haha chod dungi jungle mein??
      Love u di

  6. Angel_pari

    Ohhhhhhh itna suspense bhara treaser ab mn songi kese jaldi post karo……

    And abt preekar i just loved the preeti u can add her every where post soon na plzzz

    1. I,m here my sweeto itni jaldi pecha nh chorongi tmhara

      thora sa busy hn but i,ll be back soon i miss u all alot

    2. Khushi

      Thanks pari di…it’s such a relief to c ur comment here ….how r u??

      I also love Preeti thanks for ur suggestion di… Love u loads…..and if u r having exams then all the best di

  7. pari kaha gayabh ho gayee..tum kuch bathayegi..tho mujhey bhi bhatana..Im missing her too.. don’t think its their schools are different..??
    And the teaser..was amazing..I’m excited about..may I think..sumo will b caught in bad condition to shravu.may b fainted..☺???

    1. Aryyyy meru sweeto sona di mjhe kahan jana h apko chor k i,m here onlyyyy

      actually aj kal schedule esa hogaya h k sara din classes or library mn rehne ke bad jan e nahi bachti k yhn aa skun…. Aj library nh gai islye apke pass 🙂
      i,ll be back soon
      i miss u too and i love u soo much

      but its same pari han just login nh kiya

      1. And @khushi

      2. Khushi

        No problem di…bas aap apna dhyaan rakho….I understand this studies and all are so damn boring but it’s necessary also…..u come when u get free love u di

    2. Khushi

      She is here sona di…I also missed her….
      Thanks alot sona di…love u alot and about peekar being there or not that I will decide after seeing majority….
      Thank u for ur suggestion di love u

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Superb teaser ?? … waiting eagerly for the next part? .. please please post soon? .. nd no need to add preekar in jungle?

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a ton Fatima u r so sweet dear
      And thanks for ur suggestion also I will go with the majority….

  9. Such a thirilling teaser….i am just waiting to read it…n yaar add preekar to d trip…agar preeti hongi ham pagalonki tharah hasenge??(n really wanna laugh like dat)…thoda fun…thoda emotion…thoda romance…agar trip aise ho tho dhoom machengi

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot shiny u r such a stress buster…. Love u yr…thanks for giving ur valuable suggestion dear….I will go with the majority dear…. And don’t fear I will try to add all the emotions… Thriller suspense romance humour everything love u dear

  10. WeirdSister

    So such suspense khushi….eagerly waiting… soon!!!

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot WS will post asap

  11. Khushi

    So guys thanks for liking and giving suggestions I will go with the majority and till now…votes for preekar being in jungle are 4 and no preekar in jungle are 3 I will c all comments then will decide what to do…love u all

  12. Wow awesome teaser….. I just loved it…. N I want preekar they r too cute just like our shraman….but whatever may be the storyline will read till end…love u Khushi….

    1. Khushi

      Aww thank u so much roshini…u r a sweetheart did u post the next part of ur ff??
      Thanks for ur valuable suggestion dear…as I said I will go with the majority…. Till now majority wants preekar…
      Love u too my rosh

  13. Eagerly waiting for the episode. And yes even i want preekar in the jungle. It will be cute. Keep writing. And yes forgot to mention i loved the teaser:)
    Lots of love,
    Nandini aka Nandu

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot nandu … u dear…and thanks for ur valuable suggestion also….. I said that I will go with majority and it seems most of u want preekar so I will include them also….

  14. Nishu

    Oye meri suspense queen……. I loved this teaser…… Ua fab swt hrt……… Abt ur question adding preekar or not…… Ammm…. Actually I love this Preeti, I want her everywhere, preeti is ttly fun loving character n preekar is full of mast…… But how ll u add them as shaman & preekar schools r diff…….. I’m even exicted abt prom nyt too….. Update soon kushi I’m waiting

    1. Khushi

      Hah suspense queen….thanks alot di….u r so sweet….no problem di I will add them…after all this is my ff so I can do anything???…
      Thank u for ur valuable suggestion di… as the majority is with preekar I will include them also….
      Love u di
      P.S I will try to post soon??

      1. Nishu

        PS????? Love u diii……..

      2. Khushi

        Di PS means when u r writing something and u miss to write a thing then u write it at the end… But before writing u write P.S

      3. Nishu

        Ohhhh love u too kushi

      4. Khushi

        When r u going to post the next part of ur ff??

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